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[whapoosh] Top o’ the mornin’ to ya ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Super Mario Maker! But it’s a bit of a different one this time if you can see right here, I got me little doodads back on. Remember I did the Geometry Dash challenge Where I had the muscle stimulators on? I’m gonna do it for Super Mario this time, because I felt like a lot of the Mario videos were becoming a bit too repetitive. A lot of the same kind of levels were showing up. Well not the same kind of levels, but the same skill level of them, and then the ones that are really, really hard. I’m not one to sit and play a level over and over and over again to try and beat it I don’t have the patience for that, and I don’t think it’s fun to watch so if I can’t beat it then I move on [um] So I thought some of them were getting a bit too repetitive or a bit too samey or the videos are Being a bit too repetitive, SO LET’S SPICE IT UP A LITTLE, shall we? And I’m kind of scared of this thing because the last time it shocked-well, It doesn’t shock you. Ever-everyone Thinks it like electrocutes you It doesn’t, it it stimulates your muscles through Electrodes which sounds like it shocks you but it doesn’t, it just kinda like makes your muscles move on their own So it makes your-it makes your it makes your muscles like tense up on their own which makes me hit the wrong buttons And if anything is time-based, then I’m fucked. Wait. Oh, I touched the screen there for a second I thought I made like one of the UFOs move. [um] Okay, so this isn’t on yet And I can’t remember if it’s on like a high setting or not, already. I can’t remember how to use this thing so I might end up getting shocked straight away, so…[beeping noise] Oh. Did you hear that? Is it on? I don’t know. It’s on “Mode C”, continuous. I don’t know what that is. Oh, there it is Oh, it’s on the “P” mode now. The “P” mode is progressive, I think. I don’t know what-oh, okay it stopped. Okay, so that’s the one I want I want the one that comes on and off all the time, not the one that stays on all the time or the one that’s just like “Wha- AHHH” Whenever you press it, it comes on-oh, it’s weird. Oh, it’s so weird You don’t know what it’s like until you actually feel it. It’s like there’s like little elves inside my arms twitching me. Okay, I can’t-it’s on three now. Come on-I want I want it to be more. Okay, shall we start off with three? No. Three is-three is not enough. Three is- OOooh [Laugh] I stuck it on more- WHOO-HOO-HOO It’s like when somebody tickles you, and you lose all control of your muscles Let me put it up to five! Okay We’re gonna go into courses-oh. It’s on now five is enough for now Five is enough for the start and then we’ll get used to it. A bit fishy. No. wall jump minigame concept. Oh fuck no I’m terrible at the wall jumpys. Oh, my arms are all aflutter right now. My left arm is all like going numb [kawaii laugh] By the way, this does not hurt me so I don’t want to see people freaking out in the comments thinking that I’m hurting myself for videos. Just kick it! 2: Kick back by Doorman or doorman. I don’t know what your name is. Okay. [jumpy noise] Boink Wait, what am I, what am I doing? OH That’s what I had to do the kickys of Sweet! I don’t have to bring you with me do I? I have a feeling I might have to bring a Koopa with me. Ah please no, please no cuz that would suck-oh Tingles, oh tingles in me shingles, okay, you’re a big one. Oh! Yeah, there you go. Oh okay, so this might not be enough just yet. We’ll do this level on a five, okay I’m at about a five right now, in-just in life. I’m at about a five. Okay, I’m gonna…boop boop There we go. Thank you! A shimmy shammy shimmy…WHOO yes! Whoo it is getting a bit tingly. It’s gettin’ a bit tingly in my arms, but I’ll be okay I can do this. Now you go back and do all that thing- BABABABABUM Thank you. Wooh, that’s clever. AH, you motherfucker! [laugh] Give me-[random noise] thank you. Oh tingly tingly tangly tungly. Oooh, a shimmy shammy shim-[laugh] Ah, my arms. Okay, I have to bring you with me this time. WHABOOSH! There you go-do the thing [inhales sharply] I don’t know if this is gettin’ worse or not. It’s just tingly. Go dude! Boing! What did you do? Did you do things over here? Are you gonna come back and kill me? Please don’t. I can’t jump up there. Do I have to bring something with me? Oh, I need to bring a spring with me. Oh, I got it. I see what you’re AaAaT game Is something-I keep forgetting that the things are on my arms until they kick in again I’m just like oh, it’s a normal Super Mario video I’m doin’ okay! Surprisingly. Oh-oh tingly. Oh tingly tangly Oooh, are you gonna release him? No! Ok, I need another one to come out- release the beast! [sings along to game music] Can I pass the level now, please? [more noises] Stop it, arms! Come on. Come down here! Stop fucking- [sings] fly on the wings of love. There you go, keep going. I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, but just keep doing it anyway. Is this the end? Yay! And [dooshey?] Whoo, yeah! Ok it’s time to kick it up a notch. It’s at five now. We’ll go up to eight. Oooh, or should we? I don’t know-Oh Okay, wait for it to cut out and then we upgrade it. Oh, it’s on eight! [laugh] Oh, eight is great. Eight is great mate. Great bait I rate eight out of eight. Oooh okay, let’s do some fucking hard levels, then. Let’s go star ranking, global, all-time expert, motherfucker. Ah! Okay, you stop that now. You stop that now- oh Nellie. Retro-Style Mario. Are you gonna be easy? Ah! okay. Eight is much worse- whoa! [sings along to Mario theme]-fuck you! [continues singing] It’s nice. This is nice, just a little- Mario! Whoo, it’s not nice anymore. Whoa! Fuck you, hammer bros. I hate those dudes. They suck You know what else sucks? Gettin’- SHOCKED…in your arms. Damn it Hoo. Hoo. You kinda get used to it- oh, don’t flex your arms though. When you flex your arms then they kinda lock in that position. You know what it does, it doesn’t makes your arms tired. That’s what the fucking does. Cuz it feels like you’re exercising your arms, but you’re not. Oh, do I have to use you? Oh no. Are you guys gonna fall to your death? See ya later! Haha, suicide Goombas. Suidoombas. That doesn’t make any fucking sense, what am I talking about? Whoa! Whoa! Fireworks! It’s New Year’s all over again! Happy New Year, everybody, by the way! I don’t-I said that in a vlog, but I don’t think I said it in anything else. Oh, God fuck. Fuck. Fuck the fish. Fuck the police. Ah! Ooh, you know what, every time I die I’ll upgrade it one. There we go, now it’s on nine. There’s a good idea-why wasn’t I doing that from the start? I’m bad at these challenge videos. I dunno know what I’m doing half the time. Clearly! [sharp inhale] A tingle tangle in my jangle Oh wait, that counts as a death, which means I have to upgrade it one again Okay, it’s on Ten. Yeah, oh that feels like a 10.Oh! On a scale of 1 to how much uncomfortableness I am, this is definitely a 10 ok. Whew. Fuck, man. Ooh, okay Fastness is needed right now Fuck you guys- fuck you guys, I’m not even bouncing on you anymore. I’m just going over here. I’m just going over here. Give me a fish to bounce on- yes! Give me another one to bounce on. Give me something else to bounce on! I need a head…there we go- fuck Come on, man. Come on, man. I can kill you all, that’ll be fucking great as well Shit! Shitty balls! Shitty balls Just go, just go man. Who cares-who cares what’s going on? ah ah ah ah gotta get through this. I gotta get through this [many ahs] Stayin alive, Stayin alive [laughs] Have you ever s- Ah, you fucking plants! Yes! Oh yeah, baby, oh That’s only a checkpoint, it’s not the END OF THE LEVEL! Oh God, if I keep dying though, oh, it’s gonna get so much worse. Oh, so much worse. What are we on now? A ten. I don’t want to be on an 11. I think 15 was the most I went last time. Ah! You motherfucker! Okay that means we’re going up to 11, baby. Oh [singing words to game music] This is not good for my health or my arms. Oh, oh Okay, it’s not too bad- Oh, there it is! Yes, oh it’s bad. Oh, it’s so badness! Why you guys coming down here now? You didn’t do that before! Oh, God. Oh God, I got this! I hate fish! I swear to God, I’m gonna eat every fish That I fucking see after this! Oh, I knew you were gonna do it. I saw it buddy. I saw it pal. Can I have a fucking mushroom? Whoo! There we go. Got this, got this, got this! God, and see it’s not bad yet! It’s kinda bad, but it’s not as bad as it’s gonna get. Whoo! Whoo! Oh, God. I hate those guys in the sky. I don’t even know what they’re called. No! Cuz he was up there. And he was freaking me out Oh, just flex just flex, Lex. Oh, I’m gonna have such fuckin plus 12 biceps after this! I’m on 12 right now. Whoa! Oh it’s bad. Oh, it’s so badness [weird noise] Just go, just fucking go Jack. Just go! Nobody cares anymore about anything. Fuck the fish! Yeah! Right in the head. Whoo! Whoo! [sound of fury] Oh, something else better give me a fucking flower in a minute. Okay, just go. Just go. I got this, I got this, I got this, I got- I got that! I jumped and he didn’t jump. 13 it is, 13 it is. OH! 13 is a bad number. Oh, it’s unlucky for me…and my arms. Oh, I hate life. Oh great! Now I’m fucking weird-ass hippie Mario. That’s great. That’s what I wanted in my life. [more yelling] Good God, I jump really fucking far though. Oh, this is good. This is good! OH Great things are about to happen, people. Great things are about to happen in the life of Jack and everybody else watching his videos. [oohs repeatedly] Go! Just let me win. Just let me win. Fuck that guy up there. No, no. He’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna kill me. No! I want to live, I want to live. OH! 13 sucks! Another checkpoint or something, please. Is that the end? Yes! Yes! Yeah! Wait for it, wait for it [laughs] Oh, flex your way through it. Oh yeah! Oh God, oh God Do I get to go down one if I pass? No? Okay, I’ll go down one. I’ll go back down to 12. Oh, thank God Okay- AH! 12 is still bad! This one’s called Really?! Really?! Okay, I can do it though. I can do it though Oh, we’re gonna be on like fucking 20 by the end of this. So I don’t mind- oh, God I don’t mind the levels that are just start to finish like actual Mario levels It’s the ones that require you to like carry a shell The entire way that pissed me off cuz then I feel like I can’t do them What?! Okay. What are you even doing to me? I’m goin’ over here to the left. Fuck the rest Okay. Oh. Yes. I suck at the timing of these springs. I’m doing okay now. Yosher! I fuckin’ missed you, buddy. Yay! I feel like I did this one already. Jumpy noises Yes. Attaboy, Yosher! Attaboy, Yosher. We got this bro. We fuckin’ GOT this, bro I trust you, I trust you [yell] Did I have to jump off Yosher? Why you making me jump off my buddy? Okay, 13 it is. [sings to game music] Oh, God [inhales sharply] Oh, I’m gonna have such biceps. Much muscles! Sorry, Yosh! Oh, I feel bad, but Yosh you, led me to the shimmy shams Scuse me! [sigh of disappointment] God, we’re on fucking 14 now. Oh, no Why why mommy why? I can do it though. I’m fine! Oh [yell] Oh, new levels of pleasure.Oh, new levels of pain. Yosh, what are you doing? Stop ducking. I don’t need you to duck You’re a fucking dinosaur, not a duck., okay? You ready to whoosh, Yosh? [random noises] How did I do that? I’m so much better than I ever thought I was before. Here you go. Oh, a shimmer shimmer whimmer whammer. No! That was bad. That was bad. Oh, that’s bad. No, that’s good! Yes. Yes, just get to the checkpoint. Get to the checkpoint. OH! Thanks, I thought I was winning. Booshk. Fuck! Oh! 15 is a great number for me. 15 feels like Oh, it feels like summer raindrops all over my face. [whispers] Damn it. 16, really? I’m gonna die at the end of this. Come on! Let me let me up it. It’s on 16 now. OH! OW! Okay, there will be no more of the droppys. Therell be no more of the failys. I can’t, I can’t afford it man I can’t, I can’t afford it. Oh! I’m doing good now. I’m doing good. It’s the power of Motivation [random noise] Don’t go in it yet. Oh, God. What? What? This thing is just gonna take me along the fuckin track of the- [noises of rage] I was right there! Ah! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh, oh It’s on 17 now. I hate my life. I hate my life and everything that I’m doing with it. Ah! Is it even amusing? Is it even fun? AH! [laugh] Okay, okay,17 is too much. 17 is too much. I can feel it in my forearms now. Oh. That was weird. Oh, I don’t like the 17. Okay, so there is where I should go on that thing- fuck [yell] Okay, okay. I got this, I got this [random exclamations] [laugh] 18. Really? Do I have to? Do I have to? Wait for it, wait for it. [yet more yelling] Ooh, that’s a lot. That’s a lot. That’s a lot. That’s a lot. Ooh Oh, I kind of like it. Oh, I’m kind of enjoying it. Does this making me a fucking masochist? Masochist is against yourself right? Oh! [quiet crying commences] My fingers are tingling. Okay. I’m not upping it any more for the rest of this level. I just need to pass this level, come on man NO! Wait, wait. It’s making me press the wrong buttons. [maniacal laughter] Oh, yeah, baby. Oh no, baby Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Oh, give me the pain. Give me- I can’t press the buttons [more laughter] Okay, I’ll go up to 18 with it. This’ll be the last level I do, then. Go up to 18, please. Okay. What’s 18 like? AH! [laughter] I can’t. I can’t fucking do it, man. I can’t deal, bro. Okay. Just get up here. Just get up here. Niceness! Okay, we have a bit of respite [more yelling and laughing-you get the drill] Okay, okay. We got to go in this now. Yes! Get ready. Whoosh! That-[pained laughter] That little fuckin’ stop at the end […you get it] What did I even press? Oh, it’s just given me the giggles now Okay, there’s three minutes left on the timer. I forgot what I was doing. It goes for-Oh! Oh, no. Oh, that one felt bad. Okay, I think we need to go down one. Oh, God It goes for like 20 minutes at a time, and then it stops It’s like a, like a- a set, so to speak. So it was on for 20 minutes. And now it’s- it has three minutes left Oh, God, oh, God oh, God, oh God I can fucking do this. Oh God, I messed up the timing of it. I can make it, I can make it. Okay, get ready WHOOSH! Yes! You almost fucked me up- Oh, I tried to the point of the screen and my arm bent. [kawaii laugh] Oh man, oh, Manny Manly Mannington. Oh God! Oh Oh, my God Whoa, boy. Oh, I shouldn’t have picked this one. This one has like a 2 percent clear rate. Work for it by Mr. Turtle. Oh, I’m gonna work for it. Oh, I’ll work for it, daddy. Don’t ya even worry about it Oh, God. Stop scaring me like that. Ah. God there’s a lot of them. Oh, could I go over there? Are you a secret? Are you a sacret? What’s happening? My phone is buzzin’ Ah, give me that mush. Yes, okay, doing good. There- Oh, fuck off. Fuck off. Are you guys gonna push me off? No, okay. You help me. Thank you, bros. Oh God, oh God. This is scary No! I refuse to die! No, NO! Oh God almighty, fuck. Jesus. I’m just going. I’m just gonna hope that I land on one. There we go, I landed on one. Oh, God. Oh, God yes, yes yes. So you can make your own, like, route That’s pretty cool. I guess that’s why it’s called work for it. Ooh, do not fall into the chasm of spikeness. Yeah Give me a mush. Ah, a fire flower’s even better, baby! Whoo! Ah, no! I needed that! That was my flower power. Ooh! Okay, I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m fine. Where the fuck am I now, though? Ah, man come on. Come on- fuck! Up one we go! 20 is the highest I’m going and then I’m stopping. All the way back at the start, really? [groan] I can do this I HAVE THE POWER! I just wanted to yell. I need to get all the- I need to get all the- the the shockies out of me. Oooh. Just fucking jump, Mario! Jump for your life! I did not pause this. Is my controller dead? Damn it! I didn’t plug it in. No 18 is too much. I can’t even grab things Oh! The thing fell off. No no no no oh go back on. Oh it fell off and landed- It landed in a very not so nice place Okay, are you working now? Oh! Go, Mario. Go, Mario bro. You are a Mario bro, You’re the best little Mario bro there ever was, I- I never even doubted you for a minute, Mario All these other people doubt you like big losers. But I’m over here saying, “Mario, Mario, Mario is a cool, cool bro”. It’s a good song I am the one who pioneered it. You’re welcome, Mario bro. Can I- can I kill some of these dudes? Ah, I want the things. [whispers] Oh, fuck. Please land, please l- AH! I can’t, I can’t deal man. I can’t, let’s go up to 20 and see what it’s like. OH! OH, no, no, no, oh [protestations continue] Jesus Chri- I’m done, I’m done. No. No. Exit course, exit course. That is the end of this video. Good fucking God, now I have to deal with this all the way out through the outro [the pain is real] fuck me Okay, that does it for this episode of Super Mario Maker. You are a demon machine and I do not like you, so I’ll probably do something with you in the future but for now THANK you guys so much for watching this video if you LIKED it, PUNCH that like button IN the face LIKE A BOSS! AND high fives all around [epic high fives] but THANK YOU GUYS and I will see all you dudes…IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOO!!! [I’m not captioning the clips, sorry :/ This one is a lot of laughing] No, [oh x infinity] Okay, get the fuck off me

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  1. I bet when jacksepticeye was watching this he was laughing his ass off I know I am…..
    Yeah I just now realized I'm laughing at him being extremely uncomfortable am I a bad person

  2. Jack ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. I for one strangely enjoy mild pain/discomfort ๐Ÿ˜‚ like I get enjoyment from ignoring it. Proving myself superior ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. My dad has one of those I thi think it is called a tense unit maybe I use it and it fee la good

  5. Me and my brother used to play with one of these all the time bc my dad had one for his back pain and we would always put it on each others forearms and then crank it all the way up really fast(ours had knobs and not buttons) and then back down and our hands would just crumble in on itself and it was so fucking funny๐Ÿ˜‚ this brought back so many good memoriesโค๏ธ

  6. How effective of a torture weapon would this be (if you put this on someone's forehead and set it to 30 or something)

  7. I once had a discussion with Dean Dobbs on Twitter about that weird long skinny mario. I hate the skinny mario, he said he loved it ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Jackaboy: I'm not hurting myself
    Also Jackaboy: 8:25 this is not good for my health proceeds to be in discomfort and pain

  9. I'm laughing this whole time bc I had to do electroshock therapy on my knee at one point and it felt so good but so bad at the same time. I know your pain Jackaboy! The electrodes SUCK

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