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Whats up guys? Ross Edgley here, come down to the Isle of Wight today just because its been 5 months since the Great British swim. And i want to get back out on the water, but also I wanted to get back and learn a little bit about sailing. Only reason being, although it was called the great British swim the reality is it just couldn’t have been done without the expertise of those who know about the ocean. Everything from tides and wind, everything like that. It just couldn’t be done. That’s why i rocked down today to team up with the legend that is Susie from the Royal Yachting Association Susie you’re going to teach me how to sail. Right? Yeah, exactly what we’re going to do today. I’m a little bit nervous. Why are you nervous? I don’t know, it looks quite hard. We’ve just seen some school kids. They looked more qualified than me going out. They were on their first time too. So don’t worry about it. Should i have joined that class? No! You’ve got me. Absolutely fine. So what am I learning in today? So I’m going to take you out on this RS Cat. You’re going to be sitting at the front. You’re going to be crew to start with. I’m going to be sitting at the back And I’ll be helming the boat. We’ll get used to it. And then we can potentially switch round and you can have a go at steering as well. So how does it work? Wheres the steering wheel? Wheres the front, wheres the end? The steering wheel is actually rudders. So they’re here at the back. And we move them using the tiller. Right And how long have you been doing this? How long have I been sailing? Umm, well I actually went sailing for the first time on my parents boat when I was two weeks old. No! Tied to the beam in my carry cot. That’s amazing! And then I was learning from when I was about 3 or 4 in my own little boat. That’s amazing. So I’ve been sailing a very long time. You’ll be in capable hands. I feel good now, I’m OK. So, were they good conditions to learn in? They were perfect for learning. Maybe a little bit on the light side. He just photo bombed. I enjoyed it, I loved it. Yeah, I think I would’ve liked to have gone a little bit quicker. But, equally, I don’t know if my expertise would’ve matched my ambitions to go much quicker. We could have done with a little bit more breeze. It has to be said. But it was nice conditions to enable you to get used to the boat. You know, going for the tack, we even got the spinnaker up. For anybody else wanting to trial it, whether its recreational maybe they want to compete in it, what can they do? Because I think that’s my biggest thing, that i want to give back to the sailing community after they supported me so much during the swims. So what can people do to get involved? Well at the RYA we have Push the Boat Out happening over the whole of May. Which is an opportunity to try sailing at local sailing clubs and training centers. And that’s happening across the whole country OK so you can just rock up? Even if you’re a complete novice like me. You can just rock on in and they’ll take you from never having been out on the water before to actually doing what I did then? Yeah, exactly. You can rock up to one of these events and there will be people there ready to take you out on the water. Like myself. Out on the boats that they’ve got as part of their club or training center. And come out on the water and give it a go for the first time. Amazing Thank you That’s alright. My pleasure.

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