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what’s up muscle & strength I’m Fouad Abiad and this is table talks actually more like bar talks but
hey it works so on the agenda for today’s bar talk is
egg sandwiches I got I got three egg sandwiches here two eggs per sandwich
sp six whole eggs three slices of cheese and six slices of bread so we got
quite a bit of calories here I got my glass of chocolate milk to wash it all
down this is obviously an offseason breakfast a good way for you guys to get in
the calories and get yourself big that’s what it takes is a lot of calories to
get big so your prep you look like you were dialed in and really focused
this year when I started my prep I was terrified
I hadn’t competed in like two years I honestly didn’t think I had it anymore I
started taking progress photos for the prep and I was like things don’t look
right like my body doesn’t look right my
physique doesn’t look the way it should I didn’t want to post any photos and I
was that like sixteen weeks fourteen weeks I’m still like things
still don’t look right man I don’t know if I can still compete I don’t if I can
still hang with these guys I got young guys that are hungry and coming up like maybe I
can’t compete anymore twelve weeks fuck things still arent looking right why is
my body not responding but I ignore the thought and just keep training
eight weeks comes around I’m like oh okay
this isn’t bad like things are starting to happen like waist is starting to get
tighter body’s getting actually bigger and more volumize and my my strength was
going up like I’m like okay I think I still got something six weeks I’m like
fuck this I can win this show my waist was getting tight everything’s getting
even bigger I’m like benching 405 I’m squatting four plates for like 20 reps
I’m like just crushing it five weeks I’m like I’m winning this
show four weeks rolls around tear my triceps and I had been dealing with sore
elbows I was kind of bandating I was putting a lot of tiger balm kind of all
that shit and it just ripped and I had surgery the very next day
it’s was a little disheartening you know like I had videos to shoot I was pretty
excited about the show I felt like I’d finally kind of come back around and I
just I don’t know I’m like I’m very injury prone you know this is the last
three times I tried to prep when I get the low body fat levels and people are
like well you got to change the way you train and I’m like what do you think
I’ve been doing so this is where I’m at now now I’m just gonna rehab and recover
and I don’t plan on giving up I just want to get my body back to zero and
then I can rebuild it from there anyway what else you guys want to talk about what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever
happened to you in the sport of bodybuilding a guy called my home my
hotel room in Houston and asked me my shoe size I say who the fuck is this oh
we’re a shoe sponsor and we want to want to get you like a pair of shoes and I
don’t know if it was adidas or Nike or whatever shit he lied about I was like
okay I’m like this is cool I’m like I wear like an 11 and a half he’s like
well we can’t just go by what you say we have to come up with the size your foot
and we have to like check the width and everything and I’m like I’m kind of like
alarm bells bit alarm bells went off a little bit like I don’t know dude I’m
like I don’t not really comfortable with you coming to my room I’m like if you want
to meet me at the show backstage you know you can measure my foot there with
like other people around it’s all good okay well we’ll see you at the show so
nobody shows up I don’t see anybody in my as a show that Houston Pro is
finishing I think it’s 2008 I see this guy waiting at the like side of the
thing where you come up from the backstage hey hey I called you about
your shoe do you mind if I size your foot now and I’m looking at this guy
doesn’t have any like kind of business shirt or anything from any company he’s
not with anybody I’m like just like weird dude I’m like I don’t
know man I’m like that’s okay I’m gonna pass so I leave it right
guy leaves me alone doesn’t bother me go on my way then I get a phone call at my
house like two weeks later like is this Fouad and I recognize the voice I’m like are
you the guy from the fucking hotel room who called my hotel room oh he gets all
fucking weird I’m like look dude don’t call my fucking house all right like
this is pretty fucking weird like I’m uncomfortable don’t call me here I don’t
know how I got my fucking phone number I show up in Dallas at the Europa he’s
standing at the rope line where you go into the backstage area
hey Fouad I’m like holy fuck I got a stalker
I kind of like I’m embarrassed to say it now but I freaked out a bit on him I
kind of got in his face I was like dude stop following me around it’s not fuck I
knew at that point he was obviously wasn’t a shoe salesman this a very fucking
strange thing so anyway so you know those things happen in bodybuilding but
that was probably the most extreme case it’s gross now it’s like cold I’m not
eating this anymore that’s it you’re done you guys are fuck you you’re cut
off I’m not biting it’s gross now look it’s like cold fucking eggs I’m not
eating this shit you fucking eat it so what do you think about the concept of
like balance and bodybuilding like some of the guys we work with are about all or
nothing like there is no balance you have to be in a hundred percent to win
do you feel like as somewhat of a veteran in the sport you’ve you agree
with that statement or you feel balanced is important there’s no balance you have to
be unapologetically obsessed to be great in this sport well what about my family
what about my girlfriend what about my wife what about my kids okay you have to
make time obviously for kids you have to make time obviously for your wife or
girlfriend or you have to make time for your family but they have to understand
you’re trying to reach a goal so if you’ve met somebody or your family
doesn’t get it you have to make them get it I’m trying to reach a pinnacle that
not very many people can reach you guys are either with me or we’re gonna have
problems that was the ultimatum I don’t care
I have to reach a fucking goal and it takes everything to get there and if you
can’t understand that you’re probably not gonna be part of my life there’s no
such thing as balance okay not when you’re trying and it’s not just about
bodybuilding when you’re trying to achieve the
pinnacle of success whether it’s you want to get your masters in school your
PhD your you want to run a small business and you want it to succeed
whatever it is you are gonna be obsessed or else somebody else is gonna take your
fucking spot some other motherfucker that is obsessed is gonna eat your lunch
now I will drink the rest of my chocolate oh oh chocolate milk so good it’s gonna fuck
with my stomach for sure but it’s so good when going when it’s going down okay guys thanks for watching table
talks I’m Fouad Abiad with kaged muscle and
catch you guys in the next video

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