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Today’s rapid-fire FAQ: can I use whey
protein and creatine together? I think the answer is going to surprise you! I’ve
got some new info here, and we’re getting started right now what’s going on my
name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC] ,if you’re looking to get bigger faster stronger, get leaner, go
longer, hit that SUBSCRIBE and then the little belt so you don’t miss the latest
tips and tricks. If you’re a subscriber, stay tuned to the end, I got the three next
steps you can take to optimize your supplementation protocol. Today we’re
talking combos of creatine protein typically whey protein surprising answer
you may not want to combine them especially if you’re going to do this
pre-workout now this isn’t harmful -I’m not suggesting if there’s a harm to your
actual kidneys liver anything like that, the key is if you’re using other amino
acids BCAAs carnitine -carnitine’s not an amino acid but it’s close enough-
tyrosine that kind of thing, if you’re trying to optimize your pre-workout
performance by using these other amino acids you will have a direct competition
with the protein so again it’s not harmful not going to hurt you harm your
health but the key is it’s going to hurt your gains if you’re trying to optimize
your pre-workout performance or your in workout performance and this is because
the whey protein has a full complement of amino acids so all of your
transporters those little shuttles that are going to get your amino acids where
you want them to go they are going to be plugged up with all of the amino acids,
so not directly created in the protein but your other amino acids so you don’t
want to combine the creatine the protein and your other amino acids for optimal
performance but if you’re just using protein and creatine and absolutely fine
totally cool it’s something I do on occasion myself I mean most mornings I
do this if I’m not working out if I am working out I will not combine the
protein and the created I will use the creatine with the other different amino
acids this has been very effective for my athletes my clients body composition
performance of that kind of thing. I’ll talk about this in other videos but for
now that’s the tip now real quick I want to know what kinds of supplements are
you combining pre-workout post-workout for your athletic performance or body
composition let me know in the comments below! Here’s
your three next steps you can take to optimize your performance and body
composition. Tip number ONE: talking about tyrosine and athletic performance -this is
going to explain why you may want to use tyrosine before work out how tyrosine
could optimize your CNS or central nervous system performance before
workout especially great for a wheel if there’s power lifters that kind of thing
or if you’re in a strength base of your hypertrophy phase be trained that’s another
fantastic way to use tyrosine I’ll link to that video in the top right and the
description. Next video Creatine, the number one supplement of all time be sure to
check out the three tips on creatine if you’re using it you’re considering using
it I don’t sell it I don’t make money off it I’m not recommending it I would
do little certified sports nutritionist [CISSN, Pn-1] but I don’t make recommendations this is
just what I do with my clients athletes I go into my NASA research at the
Johnson Space Center good stuff great info I haven’t seen it anywhere else
totally signed space I’ll link to that again top right and the description
check that one out tip number three the BCAAs or branched chain amino acid video
if you’re considering using these especially if you’ combine it with
creatine, this is something you want to check out three tips for how to optimize
your BCAAs because right now they don’t work you may like them and that’s
totally cool but to optimize your performance optimize your body
composition you’re going to need the tips in this video to activate it I
talked about my own research on muscle protein synthesis and how you can use
that to optimize your performance and body composition
so there’s your rapid-fire FAQ about combined create and protein at the same
time. Thanks for watching I’m David Barr, until next time Raise the Barr

9 thoughts on “Taking Whey and Creatine Together Harmful? Surprising Protein Effect

  1. What a grwar video David! Loved your energy and overall feel of the video. I’m a video creator myself (i focus on helping small creators grow their channels) and I always try and support my fellow creators and sub of the content is good and you definitely have great content so you just earned yourself a new sub!

  2. Had no idea! I’ve only mixed he row a couple times due to time constraints but ever again. I combine creatine monohydrate, preworkout and l-carnitine.

  3. I have my creatine post workout with 50 grams of carbs from Gatorade, with 200g of carbs from rice, 30 grams of protein from Greek yoghurt, 10 grams of protein from whey. See any harm? Lol.

  4. During the morninns, I blend oats + whey Isolated 1 scoop. During lunch, 1 scoop of the same without oats. C4 as a pre workout, during the workout bcaa, and as a post workout Mixture of Creatine & 2 scoops of Whey Casein. Is it wrong what I'm taking? Or not on the proper order?

    But have to say also that meantime I work on cruise ships, meaning that I've to work at least 10 hours of intense working, with breaks between. But please, do let me know if I'm doing anything I shouldn't be doin. Cheers. 👊🏻💪🏻😁

  5. Son of a bitch been combining them for years. I normally do whey, glutamine, and creatine post workout. Perhaps I'll rethink and consider a pre workout. Good info Dave

  6. Hey Dave I just started working out about three months ago I go to the gym three days a week I’m over weight but needed some protein to help so I drink one shake after I work out can you give me any tips to help me improve my proformence on the gym and why am I so tired later in the day

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