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Teresa Giudice looks incredibly ripped and she slayed by taking third place in the over 40 bikini competition. Hey guys, it’s Jeff with The Blast. So the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Teresa Giudice entered a bodybuilding competition and guess where New Jersey. The 46-year-old reality star competed in the NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Championship. We had no idea she was taking it to this extreme and it’s working for. She’s barely wearing anything at all. Bikini bikini bikini with her abs just shinin’ and she had it all oiled down, she was super tan and her hair looked like she had some extensions on.
If we go from head to toe she’s got that great smile. And as you go down her arms you see her incredibly ripped veins right to her perfectly manicured nails. Dude, check out those thighs. They’re so muscular if she got your head in there she bust it like a watermelon. Make sure you catch up with her on the next season of ‘Ripped Housewives of New Jersey.’

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