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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s going on guys welcome to another
video if you guys are watching this on Friday June 8th, and then I am pretty
much exactly one week out from summer shredding or just completing my cut in
general and I could not be more excited because I am ready to just start eating
again like a normal human being and just give myself a lot more freedom with food
anyways in these next like 2 videos I’m gonna be going over my plans for next
week I’m honestly so trying to decide whether I want to you know do a peak
week so really guys that don’t know a peak week you’re pretty much going to be
depleting your body of any stored glycogen and then doing huge carb loads
the next couple of days well you’ll start tapering them off but you’ll do a
big carb load just to kind of super compensate cause your body to overfill
on glycogen which is just gonna make you look really really full however the
thing is you know these strategies they’re really only supposed to be used
when you’re already pretty lean cuz they’re not gonna make that big of a
difference if you’re not already and you know my physique I’m like yeah like you
know I’m not lean enough to a point where I think I would really benefit
from you know doing a full on peak week but I might still try it out just to
kind of see what happens but the peak week protocol that can be following is
one that was shared on the shredded by Science Academy with dr. Eric combs
and I’m gonna be linking it in the description box below if you guys want
to take a look at it but now anyways kind of to you know prepare myself for
this peak weekend just to prepare myself for my program later on this in this
video you aren’t gonna be seeing the Riddler like you normally do you’re
gonna be seeing the Rick body comm novice bodybuilding program so this is
the bodybuilding program that you’ll actually find in the muscle and strength
pyramids but I did make a little bit of tweaks to it just because I wanted to
test my numbers on some of my list today but anyways I’ll get more into detail on
this in my next video which will be up tomorrow so as of now enjoy this video
what’s going on guys just got off of work about to head to the gym gonna hit
this lower body workout so not necessarily a leg and back workout but a
lower body workout because running any program now
but well not really running a program but we’re in this weird transition phase
and we’re changing things up but use the very last of my caffeine pills so I’m
out which is really sad but just taking my budget peet workout right here and
actually ordered a new pre-workout that I’m gonna be using so I’ve been shopping
around trying to decide what to use is looking at like ghost was looking at
Legion and I decided to purchase the PE science pre-workout prolific but they
have I really like the ingredients it was a decent price they’ve got a good
amount of servings and I just said screw it let’s get it let’s try it out and I’m
really excited should come in tomorrow and tomorrow can hit upper body day so
that’s gonna be really awesome gonna be able to see what I look like with a nice
pump because I haven’t done like a full-on full body like push and pull
type of workout in a long time just because the programs that run usually
call for a legging back and then a push day and so this could be a full-on upper
body it’s gonna be nice it’s gonna be fun we’ll see how I look but anyway it’s
about to hit to the gym here is the workout program of the day and let’s get
straight into it alright guys so here we are testing out this novice bodybuilding
program you can find this program on rich body calm this is the sample
program that is in the muscle and strength pyramids yeah it’s a pretty
cool program I just throw a little twist on it this week though I really wanted
to test my maxes and kind of see where I was so here you see me doing 315 and
then next I’m gonna be doing 345 so the idea was to go for a conservative single
and then just work off of 70 to 75% of that for the three sets of five that the
program calls for I just really wanted just my numbers guys you know I’m not
this isn’t the start of this program I will be more strict with it you know
once I actually started in a couple of weeks but I will be adding a little bit
of volume not a whole lot just because I feel that you know the program as is is
a little light for me right now because I’m officially like two years you know
into lifting now in June and yeah I’m not a complete novice anymore
but here these are the back offsets I believe I’m working with like 265
squatting was really rough guys and tried lobar today it was really hard
like my body just didn’t know how to squat my leverages have changed so much
and I know I said every time but this time especially with a low bar it just
it felt so foreign to me and it’s just gonna take a lot of practice now I
wasn’t planning on testing my deadlift but it was feeling really good so I
wanted to try this like semi sumo stance you know with the Frog stance and it
felt really nice I don’t know I mean this is the way that Ed Cohen pulls and
want to go to try there my my thumb got stuck on my pants as I went up so I
pretty much just dropped the bar did lock it out completely but I went up
pretty easily but yeah I know this stance felt pretty good I don’t know if
maybe a regular sumo stance would have felt easier but I don’t know I just went
with this felt good decided to get a 4:35 a try as you can
see here and let’s just wait for it guys there we go not too bad I’ve said I’ll
be able to pull that again to the rp9 so I’m really happy with how these lists
went today but here’s the you know actual work that’s on the program doing
the 3 by 5 supposed to be a hip hinge movement but you can do a deadlift and
the reason that I’m choosing this stance is because this hybrid stance puts a
little bit less strain on your lower back which is nice you know I mean yes
it’s not the same as if you were to do do some hip hinge movement like you know
glue bar though raised or you know something else like cable pulled through
but I just wanted to go with this cuz you know I do want to mention just
compete in power thing again – so I don’t want to take the deadlift out
completely on this day but here’s this bodybuilding you know movement the leg
press this is probably honestly the first time that I’ve ever tried to go
you know to do the leg press with a significant amount of weight I’ve done
single leg press before and I really like it but this fall all right I’m did
three plates you know try to keep it nice and light didn’t want to overly
push myself you know because yeah I mean I just did quite a bit of work
beforehand so we’ll definitely be increasing the weight and then when we
actually start the program but here doing the this is supposed to mimic the
standing calf raise and I’m sorry about the angle guys I didn’t have anywhere to
put my phone behind me so this is the best that I could do as you can see no
not a lot of weight this was pretty easy honestly but I just wanted to focus on
you know pausing squeezing at the top and then holding on the bottom and just
you know just trying to get used to this movement and gonna be doing a lot more
calf raises now now that we are you know kind of trying to go for maximal muscle
growth but then you know I added in these glute-ham raises because I feel
like the deadlift me know doesn’t really target your hamstrings as much I mean
sure it does but you obviously want to get a little bit more volume in there
and so I just did two sets of these not a whole lot just two sets yeah felt
really good but anyways that’s the video guys I’m a tomorrow I’m gonna be
uploading the upper body day and we are going to be doing some before-and-afters
with and without a pump and it’s going to be awesome so yeah stay tuned guys
see you tomorrow have a good one you

7 thoughts on “Testing Maxes Near the end of my Diet + Novice Bodybuilding Program

  1. Good lifts man, stayed pretty strong throughout the cut! I've done 1 cut before and it was last year when I went from about 17% at 155 to 10% at 144, now I hover at 142-150, and gain stregth between 10 and 15% bf. But yeah in my experience cutting is easy at first, but you can definetly fall off the wagon sometimes. You did a great job with the perseverance!

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