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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello. Hello. Hello, guys. Welcome to this live
broadcast. Welcome to Workouts For Oldham Older Men Live. I am so glad you’re here. Say
hello. Say hello. Hello. Hello when you come onto this live broadcast. Post your
questions, your, comments, your suggestions down below. I’m going to do one more set of
dumbbell curls for biceps and then I got a message for you here today. Thank you
so much for joining me for Workouts For Older Men Live. Hello. Hello. Hello guys! Welcome to this
live broadcast. Welcome to Workouts For Older Men Live.
I am Skip la Cour. I’m so glad you are here joining me today. For our continual
connection. You and me we’re virtual training partners. We’re going through
this journey of life together. I want to be your inspiration your information.
Your one source, when you’re a man who’s a little bit older, to learn the training,
the eating strategies, the lifestyle strategies, the systems that are
effective and efficient to take your life and your training to the next level.
If you’re joining me once again for Workouts For Older Men Live,
thank you for your continual support. I really appreciate all the comments, the
questions, the suggestions. All right, maybe you’re coming back. It showed up in your
feed and you remember that you’ve been following my training videos, my live
videos, my blog posts, my podcasts in the past and now you’re back. I’m so glad
you’re back. Where have you been? All right, you want to come here continually just
to show up. Just to go through this journey of life together. And if you are
new, we have so many men who are new to the process. Right, they haven’t followed
me for the 30 years that I’ve been doing this and you’re new to Workouts Forl
Older Men Live, then welcome! Let me take a moment introduce myself, if you’re new to
Workouts For Older Men Live. My name is Skip la Cour. I’m a coach. I’m a speaker.
I’m an entrepreneur, writer, blogger podcaster, I am obsessed with helping you,
if you’re a man who’s a little bit older to take your fitness and your entire
life to the next level. That’s what Workouts For Older Men is all about. The
strategies, the mindset. It’s specifically designed for us at this stage in life. I
know there’s so much information from some of the much younger, passionate
fitness experts. We live a different life. We look at the world differently at this
age and we want the effective and efficient strategies that are best for
US. Our challenges, our obstacles,
the way we look at the world and that’s what Workouts For Older Men Live is all
about. I’m a former 6-time National Champion drug-free bodybuilder. I
use that extreme passion to learn the strategies. And I’m sixteen years removed.
So I’ve learned to be more effective and efficient with my time and that’s
perfect for a lot of men who are like you. Maybe you used to do it when you were
younger. You were dedicated to it. You just couldn’t keep that up. You focused
on your family and your business and now you’re a little bit older, you’ve got to take
care of your health again and you’re making it a priority now. Maybe you spent
all your life taking care of your family and your business and maybe this is the
first time that you are focusing on you’re working out. You’re welcome too.
All right, whether you work out at a home gym or a commercial gym, I’m here to give you
the boost. The motivation. Set the pace for you and the effective and efficient
training any strategies. Not going overboard, but just what you need to take
care of your health and fitness. I coach men just like you. A lot of men come to
me for one on one group coaching check-ins, a lot of different ways that I
help them make fitness a priority, learn the strategies, get through all the
confusion, frustration and overwhelm. 12-week fitness transformation journeys, all
these types of things. If you’re interested in that, reach out, send me a
direct message, send me an email. I’ve got a way for you, whether you’re continually
watching Workouts For Older Men Live, maybe you’re coming back to it, or you’re
brand new. I have a way for you to just cut through all this confusion, frustration and
overwhelm, where you won’t have to watch all these different videos. All right,
I’ve got a system that has worked extremely well for men who are a little
bit older and want to take control. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. I want to
talk about that in a moment. One of the biggest challenges and what I want to
talk about in today’s short message is the way men who are really dedicated,
they want to do the work. How they perceive how this is going to work.
They look in the mirror, they’re not quite sure of what it’s going to take to look
they want. They get caught up on numbers like how much they should weigh on the
scale. They get caught up on numbers like how much muscle that they think they’re
going to gain at this age if they do the work. Not knowing how
the system works, creates a lot of confusion, frustration and anxiety. They get
working on a training program. They have a certain set of expectations that just aren’t realistic.
They’re not going to happen, no matter how ambitious they are. It’s just not
knowing how it all works. At this age, the biggest advice I can give you, is that
you’re probably not going to build all this muscle at this age and grow into
this physique that you want. It’s going to be some of the things that maybe you’ve heard
but you’re not putting enough attention to. It’s your nutrition. It’s getting lean. If
you were to meet me in person, I can proudly say, all right and humbly say I’m
probably not as big as I may appear. One gentleman said, “Well the camera gives 10
pounds.” It’s not that necessarily. The camera gives 10 pounds when you’re fat. Makes
you look fatter. All right, but when you are lean, right, you don’t worry about the
scale. You go down on the scale because you know how it works and you get lean.
Maybe you’re a smaller person. It gives this illusion of more size. The
separation between the biceps and the triceps and the shoulders. The thin skin.
The striations. The vascularity. The veins that you want to see. It’s all a result
of being lean and not necessarily building all this muscle that may not be
realistic. All right, staying at up to 190 pounds. I don’t know, if you’re 5’10,
5’11 at this age, and not wanting to drop or you think you’re losing your muscle.
That’s a not true and it throws a lot of men off. Because then they don’t pay attention
to their nutrition. Or they have this belief that they got to eat up, gain all this
weight, that this muscle is going to transform this body. The path to take is
getting lean. Getting rid of those numbers. Don’t let them box you in and
and get leaner and leaner and show off your physique. Show off that definition.
It creates that exaggeration of a smaller waist. Which is a wider back. All right,
defined arms make them look bigger. And that’s probably one of the the biggest
misconceptions, misunderstandings when older men who want to get in shape, how
they think they’re gonna get from where they are now, point A, to point B, the way
they want to look. It’s just they get caught up in numbers that aren’t
realistic. That’s not how it works. I want to help you break through all this
confusion. Because, if you don’t understand simple organizing principles
like this, you’re going to have a real challenge being
motivated keep on going. You’re not going to feel that you’re getting the results and
I talk to so many men. if you’re new to Workouts For Older Men Live, you’ll know that
I’ll always reach out to you. I want to connect with you for 5 or 10 minutes. I want
to get to know you. It helps me get better and better at what I do.
As you can, see I’m obsessed when you see how frequently, when you join me every
single day on my social media platforms. I want to make sure that you are on all my
social media platforms. You see how I am obsessed in helping you. I talk to so
many men. That’s how I come up with all these topics, this subject
matter that a lot of men say “Man he’s talking directly to me! How does he know
this stuff?” All right, it’s because I talk to so many of you. Right, I want to extend an
offer. Whether you’ve been watching me continually, whether you’re coming back
to watching me, maybe this showed up on your feed or your brand new because it
should up on your feed, and this is the time you wanted to take control your fitness
but when worked through all that confusion, frustration and
overwhelm. Right, I’ve got a process for you. I want you to text me. Right, (925) 352-4366. If you’re outside of the US or Canada,
you can WhatsApp me at +19253524366 All right that number is posted down below. Text me. Introduce
yourself. Right, the next thing that I’m going to do, I’m going to send you a link to
a special questionnaire on my website. I’m going to ask you what your biggest
challenges are. Ask me your questions. I’m going to go through a process where you are right
now, what you’ve done in the past, what your goals are, what your frustrations
are. It’s going to tell me a lot about you. Right, then you’re going to submit that
questionnaire to me. You’re going to get a copy of it and then I get a copy of it.
Right so you’ve texted me. Now you’re connected to my hand.
All right, you know how it is these days with our phones. Right, that continual
communication. Something you’re passionate about. Taking control of your
fitness! All right, so I have you on a text. You’ve introduced yourself. You’ve
filled out the questionnaire. I have that too. Then I’m gonna ask you to send a
picture to me. Now you can take your shirt off, you can just have it in front
or you can leave your shirt on. Whatever you feel comfortable with. I can
tell a lot of things by seeing a picture. How you’re describing your experience
may be one way. I’m going to take my 30 years of doing this, helping out so many men like that. I can tell a lot from the picture. My perception of what’s going on may be
different than yours and it’s just going to help me help you. A picture does
indeed tell me a thousand words. So text that picture to me. All right, so I have
you on my phone, you’ve texted me, you’ve introduced yourself, you filled out the
questionnaire, you told me your story and what’s going on, your biggest challenge,
what you’ve done in the past and I have a picture of you. Now we can
text back and forth and I can help you solve your challenge instantly! Helping
you go to the next level is going to be as simple as 1,2,3. All right,
this is absolutely free. It’s absolutely free. So go ahead and do that right now.
Text me right now. Let’s start the process, you’re on my phone . And you’ll be
alerted every time I go live and every time I have a blog post or a podcast.
Right, and you’ll immerse yourself in this process. Little by little, I’ll help you
crack the code. I’ll help you figure out the pattern so you can finally take
control of your health and fitness. Thank you so much for your continual support.
Thank you for joining me here today on Workouts For Older Men Live. Right, have a
great day. Have an outstanding day. Hey wait a sec. We’ve got to live each day with
a sense of urgency. I’ve got to remind myself that. I’ve got to remind you.
All my guys. You know we got more time behind us then in front of us when we’re a
little bit older. We get to take on each day with that sense of urgency. Make
every day count. All right, so let’s train hard. Let’s eat right. Let’s produce at
our work or our business. Let’s love and connect. Let’s live with that sense of
urgency. At this age, again we’ve got more time behind us than we do in front of
us. I want to remind you to make the most out of every single day and work
through the struggles. It’s the struggles that make us strong. To keep on keeping on.
You and me, we’ll go through this journey together. So have a great day. Have an
outstanding day. Have an awesome day. Think big and think bigger than getting

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