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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

G’day guy’s tonight I wanted to make
a video to show you my thousand calorie super shake now let me give you a bit of
background behind this shake so I know it seems a little crazy to consume a
thousand calories in one go but the reason I developed this was because a
couple of years back I used to have a coach and he had a rule for me and that
rule was… let me just put this into context I’ve always been someone who you
know for me eating is a real chore so I’m not someone who gets my calories in very
easily and I was missing my calories a lot of the time so my coach had a
rule for me if I did… if I missed my daily calorie intake by more than a
thousand I wasn’t allowed to train that night and I was regularly missing by a
thousand calories or more at this point in time you know I was on four or 5,000
calories plus so for me to miss by a thousand which was pretty easy for me
considering it was such a chore for me to eat food and what I did was I
developed this shake because it was a way for me to get those calories up
really fast and really easy it was something I could consume quite easily
that actually tasted really good so yeah I’ll get straight to it I’ll show you the
shake that I developed now if you’re counting macros this shakes not going to work for
you at the time you know we, we had our macros set but the coach had said to me
that regardless of macros he’d rather me miss my macros than miss my
calories so this was a way that I was able to get that extra thousand calories
in if I needed it and I was still able to train that night so let’s get
straight to it dry ingredients we’re going to use protein powder just I use
always just a WPI pure dextrose a full tin of coconut cream and some
water so what I do is I used to have a really good wide mouth 800ml
shaker that id use for this I’m gonna try to do it with my big bottle tonight coz I
don’t have that shaker anymore and we’ll see how it goes
what I start with is I always start with my dry powders that way they
don’t end up blocking up the funnel so one scoop of
protein that’s going to give us roughly roughly 120 calories this is brand new dextrose so I’ll have
to open this one right up. so one big
scoop of dextrose that’s going to give us about 150 160 calories so basically Dextrose it’s pretty much pure sugar – in its glucose form so shake that down all
right the next thing is where a lot of the calories come from that’s coconut
cream this is not diet coconut cream or anything like that that’s just pure
coconut cream not to be confused with coconut milk coconut cream I’m gonna get
720 calories out of that tin so it’s an entire tin of coconut cream
which is only 400 mils of liquid so I guess it’s kind of a liquidy sort of
creamy solid but that’s a very calorie dense food so it’s something that I
could easily consume that I can get a lot of calories out so give that a quick
shake up hopefully It’ll get down the funnel alright So coconut cream get that in that’s 720 calories in that alone so with the
addition of that we’re right up there around a thousand calories guys and then
what I do is I normally add you know somewhere between 400 and 600 mls of
water I used to find that less water was better for me I’d rather do it as a
thicker shake just so I could get it in get those calories down and get to the
gym so you know I’ll chuck some water in here. We’ll fill it up to about the 750 ml
mark and then all you need to do is shake it up and drink it down now
for me to consume a thousand calories like that was far easier than the amount
of meals that I’d have to consume at the time to catch up now keep in mind I was
only using these if I was behind on calories just so I could get that gym
session in this is not something you really want to make your daily diet out
of it’s a lot of fat you’re getting there from that coconut cream but yeah
if you do need to bump up your calories if you are trying to put on some weight
and you and you want to chuck that extra thousand calories into your diet that’s
one way to do it this shape is absolutely delicious thats really good. well
thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed my video of my thousand calorie
super shake

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