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100 thoughts on “The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet

  1. Nekodamashi at 7:49. Really happy to see such an elementary technique coming into his teaching. What a formidable man.

  2. Hope some day ill able to get a time to eat like a sumo and train like bruce lee=super strength
    A perfect combo of chankonabe

  3. how do people eat junk food and not get fat but this guy is past obese and only eats fruits and vegetables it's ironic that people bully bigger people although he is eating healthier.

  4. I used to work with a Korean kid that sounded exactly like Byamba, had the same physical build almost. We called him Brianna. One time, in that voice, he told us the story about how his dad tricked him into eating dog and honestly its one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. Right up there with the other story I heard from another Korean kid I worked with we called Joe H-Bomb where his brother was taking a piss and heard the Duck Tales theme start playing on TV so he pushed his piss out really hard so he wouldn't miss it and he ruptured his urethra.

  5. I like the thing he said to finnish the bowl, japanese people work so hard and put it on the ground and you have respect that. Great guy.

  6. On the real tho whoever invented sumo and though “ let’s just all wear a towel for a diaper and nothing else” is a fucking weirdo….

  7. This guy was in One Direction song “ Steal my girl”. I just watch MV again and I just realize about this

  8. Beautiful person, and great to see Sumo is gaining so much momentum and popularity in the “western” world

  9. Fun fact an obese sumo wrestler and a random obese person in the US are completely different due to the routine that sumo wrestlers have

  10. It’s sad that some people think that sumo wrestlers are just fat but they can crush your head like a watermelon

  11. I feel like he’d motivate the hell out of you in the gym without ever raising his voice or sounding angry
    He’d just softly say some proverb and you’d warmup with yo max lol

  12. Man the vid is so American. A Mongol practicing a Japanese tradition who buys his groceries at Koreatown.

  13. Just from his looks I seriously couldn't tell that he weighs over freaking 160kg. This has to be seriously ripped below the fat. That guy at 7:40 doesn't move him an inch!

  14. I wonder how a +100kg champion Judoka such as Teddy Riner would do in a contest against this man in his own sport of Sumo and vice versa.

  15. He claims to be a 4x (and current) world sumo champion. If you look at the page for Sumo World Championships, it states he won it in 2006 and 2007. Is this a different competition than the one he claims he won 4 times?

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