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In this video we will look at The 4 Best Exercises for Hamstring Training Hi, we’ll come back to Physiotutors. In Elite sports lots of research is done on hamstring injury prevention and rehab It appears as if the nordic hamstring curl is the holy grail of hamstring exercises But we wondered if there’s more to regional muscle use during hamstring strengthening Especially considering that there are four muscle bellies the semimembranosus the semitendinosus as well as a long and short head of the biceps femoris Research by Mendes Villanueva en al. (2016) examined which hamstring exercises result in the best site-specific muscle use What they found is that the flywheel curl and to a lesser extent the nordic hamstring curl Target the short head of the Biceps femoris Whereas the hip extension chronic pulley promoted the selective use of proximal regions of the long head of the Biceps Femoris while minimizing activity and the other muscles So for general hamstring strengthening or focus on Biceps Femoris short head and semitendinosus And semimembranosus the flywheel leg curl and nordic hamstring curl are excellent exercises with the Russian veld exercise as an add-on for More specific targeting of the proximal biceps femoris long head you may want to opt for the hip extension Conic pulley So let’s look at the four exercises Start in a kneeling position Keeping the torso from the knees upward in a rigid and straight position ask a body to apply pressure to the heels to ensure that the feet stay in contact with the ground throughout the exercise Then resist forward falling for as long as possible focusing on the eccentric contraction of the hamstrings But for the fall with your hands let the chest touch the ground and return to the starting position by pushing yourself up As our filming facility is not equipped with a flywheel leg curl machine. We will use a different prone line setup Lying on a bench with one leg attached to the cable pulley Form knee flexion in a concentric manner and return to the starting position with the controlled eccentric movement Stand on a slightly inclined surface of about a 45 degree angle the belt or strap is placed just above the knees with the pelvis in anteversion lean forward through engaging hip flexion Focusing on the eccentric contraction and try to touch the floor with the hands Return to the starting position by concentrically engaging hip extension As there is no gravity independent pulley device available our filming facility we will use a standard cable pulley To do this exercise catch your strap above the ankle which is then connected to the cable pulley Line supine position with the legs facing away from the machine ask a buddy to block the free leg to prevent memorizing concentric phase of this exercise so hip extension and slightly Extension is done during the descending phase and eccentric hip extension while the leg is lifted back up Make sure to also emphasize core activation during the exercise Alight If you want to learn about hamstring strain rehab click on the video right next to me where we talked about the ask link protocol give these exercises a try let us know what you think and if you liked it give this video a thumbs up and Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t yet check out the support links in the video description to help us run this channel Follow us on other social media platforms and as always this was Andreas Physiotutors. I’ll see you in another video. Bye

17 thoughts on “The 4 Best Hamstring Exercises | Hamstring Training

  1. Love your voice and I'm not even gay. Great job guys, I'm learning a lot from you as a PT student. Keep up the good work!

  2. Can I do the last exercise for proximal hamstring rehab?

    Also, if I experience slight pain (2/10) should I stop or will the pain eventually go away after a few sessions because of strengthening in that region?

  3. So if you've had a hamstring injury near the top of the muscle while sprinting, the best exercises to prevent recurrence would be those where you bend at the hip rather than the knee (i.e. the last two)? Is that correct?

  4. Great video, I like the variations using the cable pulley system. I just now need to adapt these exercises to make them more achievable for my elderly clients….

  5. Thank u, but there is a research, comparison of hamstrings muscle activation during high speed running and various hamstring strengthening exercise, which show cases few more exercise. Can u please demostrate them, as they are hard to follow fron the text.

  6. basically regular exercises but in a different way. you could do all these except the nordic hamstring with regular machines

  7. The only issue I have with doing single legged cable, is the amount of time it takes going from leg to leg. It's too much rest between each set in my eyes, very good video though mate. Keep up the good work.

  8. Excellent vids you put out. Thank you. On the Prone Leg Curl I would have liked to see more hip flexion on the 'non-exercising' leg to reduce the LB extension stress.

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