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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, You’re probably shaking your head. If they’re the best workout techniques, then
why am I hesitant to recommend them to you? Because I think it all starts with context. I’m fortunate enough to work with a lot of
high performing athletes that tend to make every damn thing they do look good, and everything
they do look so fluid. However, sometimes what I recommend – sometimes
the advice here, on this channel, I have to take into consideration that there are a lot
of people that are going to take this advice and then maybe go out in the gym and use it. So let me start by showing you an example
of all this. The first thing is, we do something on a squat. I love to do this. Again, when I have a high performing athlete,
and when I have access to a nice, private gym like we do right here at ATHLEANX, this
is called a stuck set. So what we do is, we allow the athlete to
train with the squat until failure. When the bar gets to rest on the pins here,
if they trained to true failure they don’t have enough strength to concentrically lift
that bar back up into the rack. But that doesn’t mean that we stop the set. What we do is, we initiate an isometric contraction
by pushing as hard as we can into the bar. It essentially becomes and overcoming isometric
– I made a whole video about the benefits of these before – and we’re allowing it
to take us beyond failure. You can see that the legs start to quiver. They are guaranteed to quiver. And again, maybe if Jesse did this in the
gym he’d be self-conscious thinking that people thought he just didn’t have the strength to
lift the bar in the first place. Whereas, if Antonio Brown did this thing it’s
going to look pretty damn cool because he is pushing himself beyond failure. We can move on though because the other four
exercises here that make me hesitant to recommend, even though I love the benefits of them, are
those that make you one of ‘those guys’ in the gym that people don’t necessarily like
so much. Like, the run-the-rack technique. Now you guys know I love run-the-rack, but
if you’re going to do run-the-rack, and two other guys watch this video and they do it,
you’re either going to have a showdown at the rack, or you’re going to have to figure
out some way to tangibly hand the dumbbells off to each other to make it like a relay. Once you start doing a ‘run-the-rack’ technique
you do became a little bit of a nuisance to other people that are training with any of
the dumbbells within your reach. Even if I anticipate that somebody is doing
a ‘run-the-rack’ technique, and they’re on the 40s, or 35s I might not go and grab the
25s knowing that they might be there, or need them before I am done with them. So it becomes a little bit of a problem, but
it no less underscores how much I actually like this technique for, again, pushing through
failure. We can go over here now and take this squat
rack. God forbid we do anything but squat in the
squat rack, but the inverted row is one of my favorite exercises. Why? It’s a bodyweight exercise that we don’t
have to do just as an inverted row, like you see here. We can do more complicated, explosive things
like a plyometric row, or we can take a one-armed row here that works unilaterally to strengthen
our upper back, and to strengthen our core, to stabilize our body while we do it. The fact is, there is no better place to do
the exercise than the squat rack. It’s a great exercise that can be done very
easily at home if you just rest any sturdy bar over the back of two pieces of furniture,
or over the tops of two chairs. Along those same lines, you know I like explosive
exercises, you know I like exercises that make you more athletic. Taps is the exact example of that. But look what I’ve got here. I did it again. I took two benches and I’m using them without
even laying on top of them. As a matter of fact, I’m going to stand on
top of these damn things, and that is, again, something that might turn some heads at the
gym. But if you were an explosive athlete people
would probably look at you and put you on Instagram for that. So what you want to do is do this, if you
have the opportunity to do it. Try it because it’s a great upper body, and
lower body explosive exercise combo. You simply do a plyometric pushup with enough
force that you can generate lift to tap the top of the benches, and then you hop yourself
in, almost burpee style, jump up, quick tap of the feet on the benches, come right back
down, and repeat. By the time you’re done with, even, 10, or
12 of these you’re going to feel like you got hit by a Mack truck. That again underscores the importance of sometimes
stepping out of your comfort zone of just doing plyometric pushups in that wide open
area of the gym, and maybe have the gall, and the confidence to grab two benches at
once. Then finally, we go back to the squat rack. Here, it’s more of a technique than it is
an exercise. Sure, you’re entitled to squat in the squat
rack, but what I want you to do is try 10 sets of 10. A German volume training approach. There’s nothing that I think one of the best
ways to train your legs, is to do 10 sets of 10. Sounds pretty easy. The first set feels pretty easy. The second set feels pretty easy, but by the
time you get down to that 5th, and 6th, and 7th set you feel like you want to puke. The key here is, you can’t even really go
very far away. You’re going to occupy this rack for at least
15 to 18, or 19 minutes. Again, if your gym confidence level is up
then who cares what they think? They can’t work it with you, unfortunately. They’re going to have to find another rack. Usually there are plenty of them in the gym,
but the benefits of 10 sets of 10 cannot be diminished here. If you want to do this, guys, stick to that
one minute interval. Every time that clock hits a minute you’d
better be back underneath the bar and ready to do your next rep. So there you have it, guys. There’s my five favorite training techniques
that are seldom recommended, but now at least you know why. Look, I’m not advocating that you go out there
and become ‘that guy’ in the gym by stringing together all these things, basically taking
up residence in the gym, or at least at the squat rack because you will quickly become
the guy that everybody dislikes at the gym. What I am trying to advocate is, in context
there’s nothing wrong with gym confidence. Learning and expanding your ability to train
in a gym without having to look around, and over your shoulder. Nobody knows this more than I do. When I first started training, guys, I trained
at college and all the guys were bigger than me. I always remember “I don’t want them to
see me struggling with a weight that they think I shouldn’t be struggling with, or I
don’t want them to watch me do something wrong, and then feel self-conscious about
that”. So often times, I wouldn’t even train in the
gym. I want you guys to start exploring more opportunities. These are effective techniques. If you are going to do them, figure out a
way that you can be as courteous as possible while doing them. In the meantime guys, if you’re looking for
a training program that puts the science back in strength, and gives you all my best techniques;
you can head over to right now and get our ATHLEANX training program. If you’ve found this video helpful make sure
you leave your comments and thumbs up below. In the meantime, I’ll be back here again in
just a couple of days with another new video for you. See you.

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  1. Can anybody advise me on the advantages/disadvantages of my workouts please? Currently I train 5/6days a week. Basically twice a week I do a 1 hours thai boxing session around 30mins after which I do a full body workout with weights: core, legs etc. I do mma class 3 days a week and then the other day I do more weights. I do not have enough time to split the workouts between weight training and the other stuff. Question is will take me longer to build muscle/strength in this routine? Note that I do intend on competing so I am not after huge muscle but lean and strong. Thanks!

  2. I have been working out since I was 15. I did competitive powerlifting and built good muscle on a small frame. Now at age 48 I still workout but I need something that not only will build some solid muscle on this old body but increase my cardio. I must do a physical fitness test every 3 months. Right now I pass every eval but I want to crush it. I have a very physical job which requires me to carry a lot of gear. Any advice on adding some solid muscle with good cardiovascular stamina.

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  11. Jeff, I'm interviewing for an Olympic Trainer position with my gym this week and I have to say… This career choice has a lot to do with you, your programs and your channel.

    Thank you Papa Jeff for showing me that my past career, as much as I still love being a chef, was becoming destructive to me and my family.

    I wish I could work with you directly. I share a lot of your sentiments and hope to one day be better than you.

    If I can somehow become a student of yours, I will be your person chef! Let's do it.

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    In one of your videos you had recommended front barbell squats rather than rear barbell ones. I tried doing them but the only problem that I faced was that the barbell kept rolling forward from my shoulders. What am I doing wrong and what is the fix for it.

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  34. Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

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