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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to show you how you can make
the best, even better. It’s possible. You see, we made a video a while back called
The Eight Best Dumbbell Exercises, and today I’m going to show you how to make the eight
best even better, by taking advantage of strength curves. I talk about it all the time here, guys. We put the science back in strength. Understanding strength curves could be one
of the biggest advantages that you can bring with you to the gym because it could literally
take an exercise done with a different piece of equipment and turn it into an entirely
different exercise, in terms of the impact it has on your body. I’m going to show you today how you can take
bands, incorporate them with those dumbbells, overlap the strength curves, and make the
best even better. Let’s get started. First up is the dumbbell curl and press. This exercise appeared in our original eight
– as they all are going to be – and I love this exercise because it’s a pull, into
a push, it hits the biceps, it hits the shoulders, it requires good stability of the core. However, we can make it better by doing this. This incorporation of the band here takes
your strength curve and creates an overlap which makes this a better exercise. First, you’ve got to see how you’re setup
for it. You’ve got to make sure when you’re doing
this you’re grabbing the band the way I’m showing you here. You wrap it around the wrists so it’s out
of the equation. It’s not going to interfere with the moment
of the dumbbells themselves. As you can see, if were to do a regular curl
my strength curve goes up, and it comes back down again. It’s most difficult in the middle portion
of a curl. But when we get to the top we lose all of
that tension on the biceps, if we’re simply using dumbbells. With the bands we know the strength curve
can actually continue to go up from the bottom, all the way to the top, peaking at most resistance
when the band is stretched as much as you can. So when we put the two together, we’ve now
taken a strength curve that was only hitting the midrange, or only hitting the end range
with the bands, and now adding the two together so we have midrange, and the end range. Of course, as we continue to extend our arms
up, over our head we’ve now overlapped almost doubled up on the strength curve of the shoulder
press, with the dumbbells against gravity, to get more from the same movement. Moving on and sticking with the same theme
of pressing, we have the thruster. This appeared in our original eight because
I love the athleticism, and the explosiveness of this exercise. Beyond that, we’re getting a total body push,
right? We start with the legs, we continue all the
way through the shoulders. But we can incorporate the band here and get
more out of this exercise. You might be thinking “How? Isn’t the band doing the same thing? Resisting, the further up we press the weights?” Yes, but we also have the fact that with the
increased elasticity and tension on that band, the desire of the band to pull our body back
down to the ground at the top is going to be incredibly high. Which means, if you just let it do the work
it’s going to pull you right through the eccentric, losing the contribution of your quads to the
eccentric loading of the exercise. You don’t want to let that happen. You want to try and control the urge of the
band to pull you down, and that makes this a better exercise. So with each descent, fight that on the way
down, go down nice, and slow, control it, and then explosively rebound, and push back
through. Not just the weight of the band, but overlap,
and have to push the resistance of the dumbbells as well. So you’ve got that one-two effect here that
makes this even better than the original. Number three: we have the dumbbell swing. Now of course, you can use a kettle bell to
do this exercise, but the fact is, you’re taking advantage of the hip hinge, and the
overloading of the hip hinge that the swing provides us. We can actually make that even better and
actually reinforce the thing, the very element of the exercise that I think people miss the
most. That is: full hip extension. Getting your glutes all the way through the
exercise. People will cut this exercise short too much. If you add the bands here, not only does it
help you to reinforce full hip extension, but it also serves as a cue to get you into
a better hip hinge to do the exercise. This is a hip hinging swing to reinforce the
proper mechanics of any lower body movement that should always start with a hinge here. Load up with a dumbbell, put the band around
your waist, and finish every, single rep and I promise you, this exercise is made much
better than the original, with no band being used. Let’s move onto the chest here. We included, the firs time around, the one-armed
bench-press. The benefit to the one-armed bench-press was
that we do a single sided load. We’re instantly going to trigger the core
to be on high alert, to try and prevent a rotation of the body as we press, or have
to control that weight on the descent, all the way down. You know we can make this better because what
we can do is add the band. What the band can do is, by placing it here,
to the outside of us we’re not just resisting the push of the dumbbell away, we’re resisting
the adduction of the arm across the chest. Which is a key component firing up the chest
even more. But beyond that of course, we know that the
strength curve of the band, versus the dumbbell alone, the dumbbell at the top becomes ultimately
easy. We can hold it there for a long period of
time. But the band has its highest tension there. So we’ve overlapped the two strength curves
to get more from this exercise. Once again, the band and the dumbbell. Using those strengths to our advantage, it’s
going to create a better option for you. If you’ve been watching this channel for any
length of time you know how important it is for me to be training like an athlete. The farmer’s carry makes its way, for sure,
into the original eight best dumbbell exercises because of the many elements of athleticism
that often go overlooked. Starting from our very fingertips. Strong hands are needed to be ultimately,
a good athlete. Strong forearms are needed. Good posture is needed. All of these things are being reinforced by
the exercise. But of course, we can make it better just
by doing this. That is, placing the band around your waist. So instead of worrying about how far you can
walk around the gym, here you’re not going to go very far, but you’re introducing a whole
other stimulus on your body, and your core that you’re going to have to deal with while
you’re still using the same elements of the farmer’s carry that were so beneficial in
the first place. Again, this is another opportunity here to
introduce something new to your training. To get an exercise that you thought you could
have exhausted all the benefits of, just by adding more weight. You had no other options to make it more difficult. Right here, the disturbance that this is going
to provide to your core is going to do exactly what you need to get more out of this. One of the lesser known exercises that appeared
in our original eight best dumbbell exercises was the crush grip goblet squat that you’re
seeing here. The crush grip goblet squat is a great way
to incorporate upper body activation while you’re training your legs. Not to mention that the goblet squat position
of the dumbbell puts the weight right into the natural position for your center of gravity,
that actually helps us perform the squat, with proper mechanics. But you tie this all together now, and having
to squeeze in on that dumbbell will instantly activate the chest as well. So you’re getting that added benefit while
you’re doing the goblet squat. But you know we can make this better because
we understand those strength curves again. With a traditional goblet squat we are limited
to the exercise being more difficult in the bottom of the range of motion, and when we
stand all the way up we can lose all the tension that’s generated, or focused on the quads. But we can do more by adding the band as you
see right here. By adding the band we’ve just increased the
resistance all the way up to the top. Again, the further that band stretches, the
more that tension is escalating, and when we would have lost it at the top of the crush
grip goblet squat, we’ve now continued to have that be there. Nothing has changed, in terms of what the
impact is on the chest itself, but that’s great. We don’t want to lose that, or compromise
that just by adding the band. We want these to be additive, and better than
the original. The tripod row that you see here was brought
to your attention as a way to limit some of the hernia risks that can come from having
that asymmetrical leg distribution when you did a dumbbell one-armed row on a bench. We have one leg staggered back, you reach
down – I’ve already talked about that in previous videos, how it could present a little
bit of an increased risk to hernia. But the tripod row did something different. It created this base of support that was squared
off, and equal, and symmetrical that lessened that same risk. However, we can still make this even better. Again, by including the band. What you’ll see here is, I hook the band here,
down in front of me, around the rack – wherever I’m going to do this, wherever I’m actually
going to post up, and become stable. Then what I do is, because the band is a little
bit in front of my body, it actually reinforces on every, single rep that forward motion of
the arm to create a stretch on the lats that sometimes gets overlooked when we go and do
this one-armed dumbbell row, and we tend to just go up and down. Also, because of this arc it prevents one
of the bigger flaws that we see with this exercise. That is, the over involvement of the biceps. We simply raise our arm up, and down. So for multiple reasons we’ve overlapped the
strength curve here so, yes, even in that end position here the exercise is going to
become more difficult. But at the same time we’re reinforcing better
mechanics of what’s going on with that dumbbell in the bottom, and getting a better stretch
on the lats. Finally, speaking of the lats, I would never
include an eight best list without the dumbbell pullover being one of those, when it comes
to hitting your back. The dumbbell pullover has been called the
upper body squat, and I believe it’s an incredibly effective exercise. But it instantly gets better when you do this
right here. That is, add a band to the equation. So how do we do this? We take the band, we set it up at an anchor
point behind where we’re going to be pulling from, and what I like to do is, I like to
sit on the bench, reach back, grab it, and hook it on the dumbbell. So now when I grab the dumbbell with both
hands I put myself in position as I normally would to do the exercise, and I perform the
exercise exactly as I normally would. However, once again, the addition of the band
has taken this exercise and made the strength curve completely different, or at least overlapped
it to make it different. If I were to just do this exercise with a
band alone, you know that the hardest part would be holding that pullover at the very
end of the exercise. We know that is very different from what we
feel when we do the dumbbell exercise only, and that is, it’s difficult to get out of
the hole. But when we finally get the dumbbell up, and
over our chest, that is where we get a little bit of a moment’s rest. That’s where we can ease up a little bit. But when you add the two together there is
no such thing. It starts hard, and it ends hard. That means our muscles are being worked in
a much more effective way. It’s time that you start exploring how to
make these eight best dumbbell exercises even harder, and I promise you, you’re going to
see better results for that. So there you eight it, guys. The eight best, made even better. I’m always looking out for you, trying to
make your training more effective any way we can. I think we just did that again today. If you’re looking for a program that puts
the science back in strength, and not just strength curves, but every element of science
to back up what you’re doing so you can get better results for your hard efforts; head
to and get our ATHLEANX training program. If you’ve found the video helpful leave your
comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
here and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  17. Jeff I just got into fitness last year and have checked out several channels but sincerely considering everything, from my heart I can right out say that yours is the best channel ❤️

    Crush grip goblet squat is my favourite exercise and I learnt it from you ! 😀

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