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Jacinto: To me it’s very important of what people think of all the people in their 80s or 70s. To see that we could be strong, and we don’t have to depend on anyone. That’s why I work out so hard. I was born in 1939, just about the same time when
the Second World War was starting,
Theodore Roosevelt was president. I am Jacinto Bonilla I am 79 years old and I love CrossFit. What I love about CrossFit,
you never fall into a routine. If I’m here, I would never
know what’s on for tomorrow. CrossFit is always constantly changing. Instructor: Alright guys
two minutes of rest. Jacinto:I’ve been always looking for
something different to do to keep myself going. I was walking down Central Park one time and I saw these young guys doing exercise one after the other. And I told him you’re mixing
your exercises together. And you guys don’t rest. Oh, we call this CrossFit. So I said wow, I’ve been
looking for something like this. Can I join in? They looked at me and they told me
Okay, can you pull up? I said of course I could do pull ups. The beginning of 2007 I started getting up, you know, like almost a lot of times during the night to the you know, to go to the bathroom. I went to the doctor and the urologist he diagnosed me with, with prostate cancer. Obviously I had to stop
because I had to recover. I just had to wait to heal so I could get back into exercising. I just like being strong and able to move. So I just at the time,
I just couldn’t wait to get back into exercising. I just came back slowly. Before I knew it, I was back to doing the things that I was used to doing. Jacinto: Ready, come on up.
Push, push, push knee. There you go. There you go. Adam: He’s turning 80 years old and he
still does this and I think that’s amazing. Interviewer: Do you think you can
keep up with him during his workout? Adam: Yep.
Matthew: I could never. Jacinto: I think I’m more
ripped than they are. Remember use your knees up, up, up, up. There you go. I wanted to do a workout for my birthday. The Jacinto Storm has become a
workout that we do once a year. What makes me a little proud of the Jacinto Storm there is a few gyms. They do it as a tradition. The first Jacinto Storm was 69’ and we started first
running around the block. Then 69 squat 69 push ups 69 pull ups, 69 kettlebell swing 69 wall, wall. 69 deadlift. Oh men. The Jacinto Storm last year took me oh F*** 47 minutes. you have to finish it no matter what. You struggle you do it. The first year of the Jacinto
Storm I remember it was about 20 to 30 people in the
gym that came to do it. Now a lot of gyms do. I’m glad that I inspire people that way. Robert: I did it last year
and it was very challenging but amazing at the same time. I mean you’re doing a workout in honor of
someone who’s an inspiration to so many and across your community. It’s a pleasure to do
it alongside with him. Jacinto: It goes up one every year. So this year in July when I’m 80 years old, all the exercises is 80 times. when I have a month and five days before the storm I I started training already. I’m ready I’m going to knock it out. Hi guys I’m on my way
to do the Jacinto Storm I can’t wait to get there
and get this done . Today it’s very challenging and I’m ready for it. I see what happens. Okay, hey I did it how are you? Come on, come on. Three, two one Biggest one I ever done. It’s tough, it’s not easy. Take care if you’re young
and you keep doing it when you’re 80 you can do it too. Matthew: The fact that like this
whole thing was like made from him it’s crazy because it’s like wow, to know that your
grandfather is like the most like the oldest man to be doing
all this hard work it’s great. No way is going to come the day that
and that I won’t do it. I will do it.

46 thoughts on “The 80-Year-Old CrossFitter | TRULY

  1. A little senile. Theodore Roosevelt was not prez. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was. But hey, I'm not anywhere close to 80 and can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday!

  2. Comments: “He’s 80? He looks like he’s 60!”
    Comments in 2040: “He’s 100? He looks like he’s 50!”

  3. Wau… I am 47 (Austria)… make Crossfit since 3 Years – i love it… AND—- That what you do— respekt… THAT way is my Target 🙂
    Good luck to you.

  4. I’m Not joking and I’m not making this up but my great grandfather is around 118 years old but he looks on his 38 or 50s but sadly he passed away pls pray for him amen 💔🙏🏼

  5. Wow!! Just wow! There’s a guy who goes to my gym who looks at least 60… and has the body of a fit 25 year old. Respect!!

  6. I hope they keep doing the #jacintostorm after he passes. I'm stuck on if they should keep the repetition at the age he passes at or if they should add 1 each year…

  7. You see how up top they say the SO CALLED grandfather of fitness??
    Why couldn't they just write THE GRANDFATHER of fitness??
    I know why.
    It's because he's NOT white!!!
    Fuckin' white people just can't help themselves!!!
    Just give the man his proper due PERIOD!!!!!

  8. Amazing, you give me so much hope, I suffer from R.A. and just started working out about 6 months ago after not being able to for 12 years, it’s been slow but I am getting there.

  9. a couple of points about this …very inspiring , but lets be honest ..he must be a genetic freak , anybody over 45 who trains knows how susceptible we are to tendon problems with any resistance training or explosive work , most of us have some degree of arthritis by 50 especially if we have done a physical job. i am not knocking him , he is doing good , but lets not pretend the difference between him and us is just work ethic and a "positive mindset"…. this guy is EXCEPTIONALLY lucky genetically !!!!! and we cant rule out he is on a MASSIVE cocktail of steroids or more probably growth hormone ! its a nice idea , but it REALLY ISNT just in the mind , age is not just a number……

  10. Most American are lazy these day can’t run and their out of shape especially these mellinials the are biologically age faster and have all types of sickness and diseases

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