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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Man guys, I’m getting too big! About to get even bigger today. Hitting chest and shoulders. Let’s get it. I like to wear a little extra clothing at the start of my workout. Helps me warm up. Helps me get that pump going. These first couple exercises… really focusing on strength. Higher weight; lower reps. Ok we just did five sets of incline bench. Now we got five sets of cable crossover. See you guys weren’t expecting that. If you can confuse your viewers, you can confuse the body, and you can grow some muscle. Alright gotta make sure we follow rule number 4. Ok so now we’re doing 4 sets of dumbbell shoulder presses and then 4 sets of dumbbell bench press. On that exercise… I’m really focusing on keeping nice and wide. I can really feel that in the pecs. Alright last 2 exercises we got… lateral raises and then we got pec dec Alright we’re doing 3 sets plus 1 drop set.

100 thoughts on “The Aesthetic Chest and Shoulder Workout | Girl Caught Mirin

  1. This fag is narcissistic he thinks he's the shit he's fuckin conceited I get it yeah u worked hard on your body but really is other videos he makes excuses to take off his shirt smdh waste of fuckin space

  2. Conor: “were not going to complete the exercise, we want to keep the tension”
    Athlenx: “you’re half repping”
    Conor: “…”

  3. Keep up the good/hard work; both are paying off.

    Namasté; loving, sharing, caring, and giving.

    Youniversal Souls of LoYe

  4. I love the way he has to keep his jacket on until he gets a pump to make sure he looks as big as possible when the jacket comes off

  5. I know you are professional but I want to give you one advice for cable cross dont go too much forward , pressure is more on shoulder instead of chest.

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