Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

We’re here the AIS this year in preparation for Commonwealth Championship. This is actually my second training camp here for weightlifting. We’re focusing on
strength and conditioning as weightlifters and we’re also doing a lot of
recovery as well. most of the boys and girls are going to try and hit their best lifts so should be exciting. Being here the AIS is always a really great
time for an athlete especially those of us who have like busy lives outside of
our sport we get a chance to come here and train and have no distractions and just be an athlete. At a home Commonwealth Games I don’t think anyone’s going just to participate. I know myself I really want to go and win
a medal on home turf and for our countries that’s what I’m aiming for but
obviously we have a few steps before that. First things first is to make a
team so we’ve got a couple more qualifiers culminating in the trials in
December, and then they’ll announce the team from there so that’s the first hurdle.
Second hurdle would be to be in the best shape possible in order to get on
to the podium. Between now and the final qualifications for the Commonwealth Games I’m just aiming to get as much improvement in as I can, and see what weights I can hit come trials.

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