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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinions of course.opinion is one that matters That’s right Bob. I like the way you think today. We’re gonna talk about the ten best fat burning core strengthening program on a ball And I really sincerely think the ball is one of the best exercise tools you can use for the core It’s the beauty of the ball By the way if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day also go over to Facebook and like us because We are gonna be giving away some stuff again pretty soon for free Let’s get on with the program this should take you ten minutes I gotta be honest with you If you have not worked with the ball at all you’re gonna need to take some time with it There’s some balance issues but that’s the beauty of the ball You’re not only gonna get stronger, but your balance is going to get better. There’s no doubt about it right Bob I’ve been using the ball for years and Bob you just started last couple years And you’re starting to appreciate it. The ones that I do I’ve gotten very good at Okay, so the size of the ball look on the box It will see if you’re between five foot six and five foot ten This is the ball for you. That gets you pretty close if you really want to be Technically accurate sit on the ball make sure you don’t have it too flat You gotta get it kind of firm, and if you look at your thigh. It should be parallel to the floor You can see mine’s a little low I should be up like this. Yeah, but it’s not a big deal. You don’t have to get too hung up on that unless you’re squatting way down low or too high So we’re gonna try to do this program somewhat in real time And we’re gonna go like 30-second increments for most of the exercise Until we digress if we get interrupted or something or Lonnie has a camera problem. I’m just kidding she does really well I’ve got four exercises This is my famous four this is great for spondylolisthesis patients as well as anyone else But I’m gonna start doing these and don’t do these on the table go on a carpeted floor works very well We’re just doing this because it’s here, and it works well. you only do that for 30 seconds And then the next one Then they’ll work in the upper abdominal Now the next one I like to do is double it up knees to chest. There we go like this Okay, if you start out and haven’t done this before I’d shoot for five to ten repetitions of each and as you get stronger You’ll work up to twenty thirty I do fifty of them now Okay, then I want my obliques right elbow to left knee and back and forth I wear shorts Usually when I do this and I can grip onto the ball better if you see it’s slipping, but it’s still okay And just to show you that you can do workout in Street clothes. If you’re in the office. You just jump in there jump on the ball These are our hamstring strengthening exercises, because it’s hard To strengthen your hamstrings . So I just go ahead and lift up right. I start this way with both legs Now Bob I want you to go all the way up So you get a little core a little back strengthening a little abdominals strengthen at the same time And then I usually do like twenty of these And then I make them tougher by going one on top of the other like this, and then it really works So now you’re emphasizing the right leg hamstring Your 30 seconds is up. And then you can go like this That’s advanced definitely advanced. Okay now prone on your stomach. Core strengthening again You want to get the front the abdominals, but you cannot forget about the back muscles. Start of just going legs like this. See he’s got a nice straight leg. He’s keeping his core, and this is really nice for back strengthening because it takes stress off the spine, but you’re still working the muscles nice work Bob alright And then I’m going to go right into the advanced one brad where you do double. And usually what I do is I actually go off to the side and back. Gets all of the shoulder girdle muscles. You want to do the other side obviously. And then you can actually do some back extension down here too So you’re doing up like this. So working those erector spinae muscles up in here. I can put up a little further and I’m gonna hold Bob. You fall off this ball. We’re gonna have an issue off this table. I mean alright Okay Now this one I’m gonna do on the floor. And hip flexor is this is a great hip flexor one, so we’re gonna go up like this So you go all the way out straight bring it up now this one if you can do 30 40 of these and it’s getting easy go just to one knee and then it gets a little more aggressive a little more balanced And if you really want to challenge yourself bring your hands close together and that really works the core and the balance So it’s up to you. That’s the beauty of the ball Bob I wanted to throw in push-ups because you’re there already you might as well get some upper extremity strength You know and you can do them. However you want palms forward Switch it like this Like this if you want to make it harder you go out to here And your tippy-toes for those real hardcore push-up people. Here’s the beauty of the ball on the wall. I don’t have really grippy shoes here, but this does work What’s nice about the ball on the wall with squats is that it’s really easy to keep your knees from going past your feet And usually what I do Brad when I do a squat. I also squeeze my shoulder blades together. We are incorporating everything shoulders the legs. The thing I like about these I told the story before I mean I can’t do something like this until I’m really awake and up For a while. My wife gets up in the morning she goes right to the wall. Like I hear this sound going on in our bedroom, and here she is up squeaking Okay, your 30 seconds is up Okay, now. We’re coming down to the final four not the famous for but the final four and This one. I’m gonna do it this way is bridging We just come out like this and you get used to this you can hang on to something when you start But once you get used to it You’ll be able to put your hands on your waist which makes it a little bit harder and you do ten fifteen thirty Seconds worth If it’s too easy Put one leg out And then you can alternate right leg left leg or you can do three on one leg you can see it’s a little hard for me to balance, so I’m helping here with the left leg and Okay, the next thing I like doing on the ball if you want to This works best on carpet. Stretches out that trunk and the shoulders get some stronger, and I’m just using five pounds here And that’s enough for this I wouldn’t want to go over board as far because you’re going such a wide range And we’re working not necessarily to build bulk here. We’re working on core strength and Get the heart rate up as well Now this is one where I always need to go with my toes up against the wall and Again, I’m throwing some crunches in Okay, and I’ll go kitty-corner here to get the obliques Now you can see the balls slipping on the shiny floor I do it on a carpeted floor or a rubberized floor at the gym You don’t have that problem, so keep that in mind All right, you want me to do a hip abduction. Yes Bob, I do Yeah, well this is how I do it I don’t know how you do it, but I just I just lay on the side of the ball like this I cut the knee down, and I just do these And you know you can roll your body up and down to change the resistance Can go down a little bit further and even harder, but this is pretty tough already to be honest. You know what happens here, too This one’s working Because when I turn over I can’t do as many reps because this one’s already worn out a bit. Happens to me all the time I flip over and then I do this one and this one’s already tired It’s a win-win situation. You know they’re both working at the same time. This is already working. I really can’t say it enough It’s the beauty of the ball. You’re gonna get a good core workout keeping the toes straight forward Don’t go up like don’t go down. Straight forward like this Really made a difference in my running because well, I wasn’t doing any leg strengthening and I was getting so fatigued with my running, I needed some strength you know I think we we did our time limit got to the whole thing It’s a 10 minute workout once you get good at it you know You can you can do by reps too. Just do so many reps and it’ll take you about 10 minutes And you’ll know what you where your goals are and how to get there. And remember Brad and I can fix just about anything Except for a broken heart But we’re working on it, we’ll get it eventually

33 thoughts on “The Best 10 Min. Fat Burning, Core Strengthening on a Ball Workout.

  1. love to watch you guys but feel I cannot exercise since Ive gotten my new hip 3 mos ago ???????? sure miss hanging up side down as it always helped my back- any exercises for anew hip would be appreciated- Idid the reabilitation ones you showed but gaining weight as do not walk far ??? thanks m,k

  2. I really enjoy your videos, the information is very useful and you guys are a lot of fun to watch. Would you ever consider doing a video on coping with back/hip pain during late pregnancy?

  3. Thanks for these exercises, I already have a ball to use, I rarely use it. If I can start a good routine I’ll be well on my way to becoming the belle of the ball! 😁Heh.

  4. I'm overweight and in poor shape. It would be nice to have some ball exercises that are specifically for people who are starting out and need easier exercises.

  5. Amazing workout guys! I suffer from herniated disc(corrected using Mackenzie exercises) and this places no stress on my back. I Just finished and definitely feeling tight from the abs down. Definitely the best on the web!

  6. I actually don't know where to ask my question so m asking I comments section one of my patient is having right side hemiplegia due to brain haemorrhage n now wht exercise so I give ..plz answer

  7. Would be interesting to watch you guys do a non rushed video of a ball circuit. I do have issues with exercising with a ball in that it looks and feels like you are working more on a skill than getting stronger.

  8. Guys, what about the multifidus? I have been told by a local physiotherapist that it is very important for back strength and stability and should be exercised regularly,which I do.It seems to be a well guarded secret though. Your thoughts?

  9. This is exactly what I was looking for! I have the ball but only knew the wall-squat exercise. I'm not one for a public gym and prefer my den for exercising. This "beauty of the ball" video is going to become one of my favorites, that's for sure!

  10. I just bought the ball and saw a few idea on the box. TY as you have given me so many new ideas. Will work on them as am able and leave t he hardest for later on. Am 67 yrs and not old, but have several situations. Appreciate your help!! TY!

  11. MG Bob! I'm worried about your neck. Did you know that you usually exercise with your neck cranked up? If I did that, I'd have a CONSTANT headache. I'm just worried about your neck. [heart]

  12. Many thanks for these great exercises! As I don't have a workout bench, I was wondering whether you would recommend using a stability ball as a substitute for a bench to perform incline and decline dumbbell presses and chest supported rows?

  13. in another of your videos entitled "exercises you should never do", you show that the twisting crunch is really bad for the back…is it different with the ball??

  14. Thank you, Bob and Brad. I need to release some air out of my swiss ball to get the height right. Brad, you are very quick and agile on the ball. Impressive. The bee gees suggest stop the sun from shining and keep the rain from falling to mend a broken heart.

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