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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, what’s going on guys? Troy here with and I got three awesome supersets that will get you guys those ripped
six-pack abs, so let me dive right into the first superset here. First one, I have this
little ball here with the handles. You can use the regular medicine ball as well. What
we’re going to do is we’re going to, I believe these are called Cocoons. We’re
going to get a nice stretch. We’re going to lengthen our entire body. Then we’re
going to crunch in. So, we’re going to do that for 15 reps. And then we’re going to
dive right into Weighted Russian Twist, so let me demonstrate. And you want to go nice
and slow and controlled, especially on the way back, it’s lengthening. And 15, we’re
not going to rest, so we’re going to swing, swing right into Weighted Russian Twist. And
if you guys want to make this more challenging, you can actually do what they call a kick
and twist, where you rotate. And that’s a good one for you guys who are advanced.
In the second superset we’re going to do Abdominal V-Ups. So you’re going to just
kind of rock back and forth on your butt. And you’re going to go straight up and then
you’re going to really crunch and contract your abs on the way in. Then we’re going
to go straight into Straight Leg Oblique Crunch, which I’ll demonstrate on through. So here
we go. So it’s very important to completely flex those legs straight, crunch in. You shouldn’t
be off balance. Nice and centered. Now straight into Oblique Crunches here, so you’re going
to rest on one side. Keep your body in a straight line. You feel it right here. Switch sides.
And it’s really going to target the entire side of your obliques. All right, third abdominal
superset. We’ve got a killer oblique one. We’re going to go Weighted Side Bends right
into Dumbbell Wizards. So this is going to really target right and left side of our obliques.
Let me dive right into it. So it’s easy if you just grab a weight plate here or you
could do a weighted dumbbell. You’re going to bend to one side. Get a nice stretch right
here on the way back. It’s going across your body. Keep it slow and controlled. Rock
from one side to the other. Switch sides. And you get a nice pinch here on your lower
obliques. It’s going to really target right where I’m pointing. And now we’re going
to transition this right into Abdominal Wizards.
So you’re going to start on one side of your body. You’re going to swing the weight
across. Think about using, think about me swinging the weight across using your obliques
to power through that movement. You want to keep your abs under tension the entire time.
So get a good rotation. That was a tough, those are three really tough supersets. Super
important when you’re working your abdominals, you want to put overloaded weight on your
abs. Your abs are a muscle just like any other muscle that you’re going to work. So if
you guys want to sculpt those really ripped, aesthetically-pleasing six-pack abs, make
sure you throw some overload on them. Try these three supersets.

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