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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

AwakendGainz: Today
We’re going to
see what the best and most
exercises are that you can do
in your home
gym starting right now with
the common
things that you feel together
from my other
cheap home gym series that you
can check out
linked here and here to build
an amazing home
Joe now that that’s settled,
let’s break
your fitness limits and Roll
the intro. The first thing
that I want to
talk about today’s video
is ropes.
Specificaly Battle ropes
can be used for
rope climbing at home battle
ropes like the
ones I’m showing you
this video can
be bought for 40 to $50 on
Amazon shipped
right to your house and
that’s pretty
good because they’re
honestly kind
of heavy, and they’re pretty
cumbersome to
ship. The most common way
people use
battle ropes is for hit style
training or
high intensity interval
training to get
a good forum working in and
to also burn
out get some cardio in after
a good set of
working out today. Let’s
flip that idea
and actually build a battle
rope station
inside your house that can
be used for
rope climbing, climbing a rope
hold wherever
you are right now is an
amazing way to
talk Get your traps biceps
and back. They
especially activate your
forearms in a
way that’s unusual putting
on people
training which is basically
flexion and
extension. I have a whole
video coming
out soon on amazing growth
forum chips
that you can do that also
incorporate the
battle ropes and a lot of
other things so
stay subscribed and check that
one out when it
comes I number two one that
you can add
your home gym right now to
add great
alternatives is gymnastics
rings basically
they can do anything. gym
ring can be
bought around $30 on Amazon
and allow you
to do a ton of different
variations. The
thing I recommend if
you’re going to
get ring dips or gym rings,
is that you
need to have a full rack or at
least one with
a chin up bar that you can do
reliably being like oh it’s
not heavy
enough or there’s not
foundation there. Usually
if you have one
that has a chin up bar, it
should be fine.
Essentially tie up to the chin
up bar and you
can do your in your dips that
way they let
you do dips and having to have
a dip station
they let you do l sets are
different AB
workouts because they
really target
all the stabilizing
muscles and all
of the motorfibers
That you don’t
usually do from doing curve
doing AB
workouts or deadlifts or
squats every
day. You can do things like
tucks if you
want to get really into
gymnastics, or
even rows and push ups if you
want to have
more of a challenging way
and build some
more dynamic strength
instead number
three exercise is using your
bench already
have in place that this bench
was not bought
online because the best deal I
could find was
actually locally because
of shipping and
availability of the product.
The Amazon
basics bench for example, I
talked about it
a ton on the cheap gym
videos is it’s
good but it’s not rated for a
lot of weight
and you don’t really want to
push it when
you’re doing a lot of
because this bench that have
made for 500
pounds, but I’m to 20 so really
there’s only
like 280 pounds of room right
there for
working out and etc. Always Be
besides the usual bench
pressing that
you can do in a full rack. If
you have the
ability or even a half rack if
it’s sturdy
enough. You can do weighted
glute bridges
which feel amazing on your
squat. honestly
don’t feel timid about
them. Start
them now because they’re
gonna have paid
dividends into your knee
health later on
when your quads get Strong and
actually start
to hurt your knees rear delt
exercises which
is amazing for people who play
baseball or
football, front shoulder
strength, but a
lot of rear shoulder
strength and
anti gravity rows which are
a fun one that
is very uncommon. It’s
kind of like a
Westside barbell type
training, where
it actually focuses on pure
strength that
you can generate
without any
additional help back and in
your rows. The
number four tip is called
madness. dumbbells are
the Swiss Army
Knife of the home gym, they
let you pretty
much do anything. If
you use them
properly. Besides the
usual curls and
deadlifts and pressing with
them and chest
pressing, what are different
ways that you
can use your dumbbells get a
better workout
and the first way is to
change the way
you’re doing your at home
farmers walks
if you have enough room to
do it, instead
of grouping it by the actual
axle grips or
the actual grips. Instead
flip the weight
over and pick it up by the
top of the
dumbbell. This makes you
pretty much in
a less optimal position I’ve
talked about
like math and leverages to
make you have
to put more force and more
strength into picking up the
properly. This ultimately has
you have to
build stronger forum
connections and
better mind muscle
connections to
help you get a better workout.
Lastly, you can
actually use dumbbells to
better offset
your shoulder health by doing
farmers walks,
put them over your head and
they’re called
overhead carries. I
first saw this
with strength coaches for
athletes, because they
have a lot of
short problems. But start with
the lightweight
it’s gonna be very hard but
essentially focuses on
building the shoulder girdle
against gravity and against the
natural sways
of half when you move to
build a better
foundation for your shoulders
will be more
creative and interesting
exercises that
you can do in your cheap home
gym wants do
some more experimenting,
maybe get some
more products for reviews for
you guys. But
this series will continue
as I find more
interesting ways to help
you break your
fitness limits. And that’s what
this channel is
all about. So I hope you had a
great day
subscribe those videos check
out the other
ones if you haven’t,
especially my
cheap home gym build and have
a great day
Remember to break your
fitness limits

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  1. Hey Everyone! I love the home gym series and I know you guys to do! My cheapest home gym possible video is the most watched video! so enjoy this one!
    Items in video here!
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