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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Ти си мой през следващите 3 месеца. Това означава
никакви жени, никакъв алкохол никакви наркотици Ще ядеш, спиш и сереш състезавайки се Няма да закъсняваш Никога не закъснявай Това показва неуважение към мен към спорта и към отбора ти Помни това и ще постигнеш много Нашета единствена цел е да побеждаваме! Вземи колата. Кво стаа хайде да тръгваме Хайде дигай дигай дигай Давай дигай давай давай давай Дааааа!

100 thoughts on “The Best Bodybuilding Motivation Ever 2012

  1. I chased my son around for a little while after watching this then remembered i don't have a son, forgot i went into a blind rage kidnapped someones child and started chasing them around.. gotta watch this vid again and do it all over

  2. He used a ton, so did all the others. But Steroids ain't no fkin drug, It's a BB-Supplement. So go fuck yourself fat nerd 🙂

  3. i dont understand how the american food industry injects steroids and growth hormones into our meat so we can consume it yet look down at people using steroids to grow and have amazing bodies i swear America the home of contradictions and hypocrisy!

  4. Steroids are for me one group.
    No women, no drugs, no alcohol, no steroids. 😀 yes supplement (sacharides, proteins, creatins,.) 😀

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  8. I'm sure you finished college and are living a great life with your wife and kids and definetly not living at your mothers house without a job, sitting behind a computer and playing Xbox all day waiting to call someone an idiot so that you can think of yourself as being superior to another child on the internet. Naw your a cool guy.

  9. stop that sterioid stupid fight…its clearly that all bodybuilders use it…if you dont use steroids you cant fight with the best in this sport pls stop the steroid fight :)….and for all the one who puts the question how does they pass the antidoping test..its because they take steroids in offseason…

  10. not that big unless you use gear, but all body styles can get big , just need proper workout & diet for your body type. eat lots man


  12. Search the defenition of drug, and search the defenition of supplement. Your welcome. Some advice, look shit up before you look stupid.

  13. he mentioned that in the preparation for big competitions such as mr olympia or arnold classic. by reaching orgams, the organism releases zinc and lower testoterone levels… which helps muscle building,

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  16. Um, actually it's your testicles that get smaller, and it's a temporary side effect. I love how everyone on youtube is such an expert! None of what you've stated, correct or otherwise, is of any relevance to what I originally said: it is a synthetic hormone.

  17. He played Frank Cusso in Best of the Best. A great movie, a great speech. Hope that helps, you should check it out.

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