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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] what’s a pollutant exactly it was vaudeville awareness and welcome back to another video for physio Tenex today I’m going to show you the best bodyweight tricep workout [Music] all right plays workout it is specifically designed to be a stronger and more powerful session right it are very important for most upper body pushing our successes as well as advanced skills and technique like impossible dips and full planche push-ups requires a lot of mana strength on your triceps and with today’s workout we’re going to teach you to build that type of strength on your triceps before we get started today’s workout can be found on the 10x app if you haven’t downloaded yet it’s available in App Store and Google Play so if you have it already let’s open the app for today’s daily workout in the workout library if you guys are ready there let’s start with this workout alright practice and size are gonna be Diamond pushup this exercise is great for your tricep but also work your inner chest so let’s go for 50 [Music] all right recommitted eyes are gonna be our shoot straight bar dips this exercise is great because it’s isolate one arm at a time let’s go for six each harm [Music] [Music] all right moving on so their exercise diamond-cut crashes let’s go for 12 for this move make sure to have your core tight elbows in and make sure to do full range of motion let’s go [Music] well you know so the next exercise we have straight dips the different between straight dips and dips if that you have to maintain a straight line position when you’re going down and when you going up to emphasize more on the triceps let’s go for it [Music] [Music] here you go moving on exercise number five is gonna be cross tricep extensions you’re gonna do six each position and the reason why is that because we don’t want to build balance making it’s like we have a strange dibs let’s go for 15 times with this move make sure you have a straight line from your shoulders to your hips let’s go fir [Music] moving on we are okay so number seven are gonna be slow pursuit of witches it’s a great progression for food plan sponsors so let’s go for the last exercise we have choice of extensions they start to max out those reps [Music] [Music] [Music] alright let’s say I was the last exercise I can please run one we have two more to go to finish these tricep workout alright thank you so much for watching if you like this video please smash that like button and share with a friend they’re trying to target those triceps and for more workouts like this and make sure to sign up in ten o’clock phone become a member to have full access to off our workout programs technique guys and then the works out that’s gonna having the best shape of your life and don’t forget to download the tenex app in the App Store or Google Play to take the workout with you everywhere enjoying the millions of technics artists around the world changing their life today don’t forget to comment down below what you guys want drinks period to be about and if you’re coming in the first 30 minutes you will have a chance to win some tennis gear again thank you so much for watching remember we post every Sunday APN USA into time so see you next Sunday [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “The Best Bodyweight Tricep Workout

  1. I look forward to trying this set. Any chance you could do a workout on shoulder strength? I'm still working on my planche and I feel it's shoulder weakness holding me back.

  2. Great video, but that is not the best form for the 1st exercise..diamond push-ups can really be dangerous to your joint health, do them at shoulders width with hands pointing straight. Far far better execution.

  3. Osvaldoooooo !!! 🙂 The planche beastt 🙂 A bonus round after the workout of planche push ups ? Lol 🙂 But yoo some of those exercises are dope tho like archer straight bar dips, cross tricep extensions and slow pseudo push ups, I usually don't throw those exercises into my workouts but I may be adding them in on some chest and triceps days, increase reps days or challenge days now Lol 🙂

  4. The reason u wont be able get more subs is that ur focusing on inner strength but people are only interested in outer look muscle buildings so I suggest u to change the game bring some muscle man's make them to do some workouts booom

  5. I like how this guy goes right to the point and to the excerises. I can’t stand video where the person just rambles on and on and on.

  6. Osvaldo please give me advice I am very limited on my triceps workouts because I have elbow pain and at the same time sharp forearm pain when doing any kind of extensions, please tell me what should I do.

  7. The bad news: I tried this workout this morning and I'm weak AF.
    The good news: I have a starting point in which to improve upon. Couldn't do that cross arm tri extensions at all.

  8. Hi, Chris, I want to thank you, because only thanks to your exercises and workout complexes, as well as proper nutrition, I became stronger and more prominent. thank

  9. I am 15 years old, and don’t really have access to a gym, so how should I arrange my weekly workout schedule if I don’t have access to weights other than dumbbells?

  10. The dip exercise cause pain for a short period of time in the upper part of the chest , I need your advise thnks

  11. this is a great video and I learned something new (archer dips). I just wish you guys would focus more on the injury prevention aspect. I've been through several shoulder injuries from pushing exercises mostly dips and they all had to do with bad shoulder mechanics. things like don't shrug on dips. I can see Osvaldo already applying that. but beginners aren't gonna notice it. awareness equals prevention.

    I love you guys and the music!!
    much love 😎

  12. Your english is better. Good to see you talking in a video, you're a beast, we like to see you in front of the camera.

  13. I been watching ur vids since 1 hour ago n u motivated me to start doing exercise( the guy with tattoos in the neck 🙂 ) Thxs man💙

  14. I wanted to share my story to motivate you elite thenx athlets.

    After a week or following their tips I can do handstands, little of walking on arms and amazing pull ups. I would very glady do L sit pull ups, leg raises and other good abs workouts but I can't beacuse of my spinal injury. 3 of my vertebraes are danmaged and anything including lifting both of my legs into L position is impossible. My vertebraes make pressure on spinal cord and make me unable to breath. Someone would say oh my spine is danmaged I can't work out. NO EXCUSES Unless you are completley paralised you don't have excuse good enough. I knew I wouldn't be able to ingae my core (or at least part that includes muscles around spine) I tryed and my pull ups looking fresh. Yes it causes immense pain but I worked over it. So do not stop the grind, fight for it and despite things putting you down you will be able to over come even your phsical abilities. Only thing you need is a good coaching Thank you thenx , lot of will power and strong mind to overcome the pain. (don't forget your rest days too, love ya all hope you feel motivated)

  15. Oslvaldo the GOD!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Catch the WAVE🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
    Salute KING!!!!!!!

  16. I absolutely love this channel! quick important question though, is there any tips you can give me for breathing patterns or how to properly breathe while running? Thank you 💪🏼

  17. Dude. Any posts related to how to get a more masculine body and reduce the lower bodyfat is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  18. Does anybody know when I should be working out like what time of day and when to eat so I can lose fat but keep all the protein and nutrients I need?

  19. As I been on your channel and transitioning from “body building” my workouts been one quicker. I use to love being in the gym longer than 1.5 hours lol

  20. Hey guys!!!
    Today I passed by at you studio in the address 1412 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33142. But I didn t find anything and someone from neighbor said that You guys move. So where is you studio? I wanna enjoy it

  21. Thanks to thenx for changing my life

    I am 14 and I was very skinny and lazy, I started bodybuilding right away and after 1 month I realised that it would effect my height, so I came by this channel an it helped me discover my abilities, now, just today, I have completed my 1 hand pushup and pistol squat progression, thanks Chris!

  22. Please Please a video of full home workout and diet for skinny people aged 20+
    Thank you
    Loved watching your workout and music videos☺

  23. Hi! Can somebody give me opinion on what should i do because i feel nauseous after HIIT workout or workout here in THENX. Im only a beginner in workout and i dont want to quit building muscles. Thanks for help!

  24. You talk unclear and fast. Somewhat difficult to follow what you're saying. Perhaps articulate your words better or talk slower

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