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hey guys Kiko here and as I promised I would start doing some videos here on my channel to help you to be a better player to be a better guitar player gonna give you some tips or some short lessons okay and I was reading a lot of requests a lot of suggestions and I decided to start with a very basic thing which is the proper left hand technique so let’s let me show you two exercises very basic and I really believe that we have to start with the basic stuff right so it works for the beginners and it works for everybody right so it’s something that I still practice all the time so I really believe that it’s very important so just to avoid the flying away fingers you know to have a proper to have a proper left hand technique so you don’t have your fingers flying away or moving too much you know have to have a really a good control of all your fingers so every time you’re going to practice do at least 5 10 minutes of that so let’s start with a 1 2 3 4 exercise so now when you are about to move to the next string you just move one finger you keep the other ones holding and pressing the string alright then the second one the third one then the fourth one ok so your your your hands are not like flying away from the fret board [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay you can even practice letting the notes ring look [Music] [Applause] so now let’s get the G major scale and do the same concept [Music] [Applause] [Music] it doesn’t sound great I know you can use the clean sound it’s gonna be better sounding but the idea is really to keep all the fingers pressing the notes so you’re sure that your hand has the means of the perfect technique so let me show you here closer that’s the movement to see one two three four and if you want to change the strength you have the control right one two three four so don’t need to do really proper right with a D major scale same thing look so ta be when you move the finger you don’t need to move this one right that’s that yeah so please play that very slowly and every time you you’re about to practice to play with the backing track or rehearse or something just do those exercises for a few minutes five minutes ten minutes and then you’re conscious about how would be a proper technique for your left hand so in between your practice you can stop and go back and you know do that for five minutes again and also when you finish your practicing routine you can do a little bit of that too I know it’s not easy to have a proper left hand technique it takes time to really control your fingers but if you do before you’re practicing a little bit during your practicing and after you you’re practicing after you you’re playing with your backing tracks you’re playing your songs I’m sure in a short period you will have the control so let me know what do you want to learn so leave your comments here and subscribe to the channel and see you on the next video [Music]

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