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Hello I’m Doctor Heather Moore owner of
total performance physical therapy today we’re going to do some exercises for knee pain relief
now we’re going to do a couple different stretches we’re going to stretch the inside
we’re going to stretch the front and we’re going to stretch the back of the leg, very
often knee pain is not caused by anything going wrong in the knee its actually cause
by muscles that are malfunctioning outside of the knee your hip, your ankle, your lower
leg your hamstring your quad, these all have effect on your knee so while we’re going
to show you some exercises that stretch other parts of your leg and don’t necessarily
relate to the knee most often these are the causes of knee pain whether it is weakness
whether be tightness whether be a strain or a sprain whatever this is generally why people
have knee pain is because of malfunction that are going on above and below that knee joint,
you’re going to find that were not going to stretch the outside of the leg which is
the IT band this is a huge culprit in knee pain however there are stretches on the internet
showing weak posture foot over push your hip against the wall that’s how you stretch
the IT band that’s a big falsie, you cannot stretch the IT band researches shown that
it is a fibrous tissue that cannot be stretch if you want to take a change to the IT band
you’re going to have to do foam rolling were not going to foam roll on this video
we did other videos that can show you how to foam roll the IT band but I just wanted
to explain why you’re going to see a stretch the front the inside and the back but were
going to leave the outside alone the outside the IT band is a very big cause of knee pain
but stretching is not going to benefit so you want to find a surface a step, the first
step you’re going to do is the gastroc stretch so you going to step up place the balls of
your feet on the step and you’re just going to drop your heel down but keep your knee
straight you going to feel stretch all through the back of your leg possibly down to the
heel possibly up into the hamstring if you feel numbness or tingling or pain you want
to stop immediately, you want to hold this 30 seconds and you want to do about 6 sets
of this you want to do it one leg at a time and then switch to the other leg, the next
stretch you going to do is a hamstrings stretch you want to be very very careful on how you
do your hamstrings stretch a hamstrings stretch is often not done correctly because you wind
up bending at the back and you wind up flexing at the lower back and at the upper bac, this
is not going to stretch your hamstring so you want to make sure the you hinge at the
hips so you want to stand up straight and hinge right at the hips, you want to hug your
toes up towards your nose so the heel is right on the curve or the step, you want to make
sure that your back is nice and straight again if you have pain or numbness or tingling you
want to stop this exercise and call your doctor, the next one were going to do is the adductors
stretch which is going to stretch the inside of your leg you can do this one on the floor
as well but if you want an effective stretch if you put your leg up on a stool or a stair
you’re going to have your toes pointing forward your foot flat and you’re going
to bend that opposite knee you may get a stretch just by putting your leg up on the step if
that’s the case stop there, do not bend that other knee you want to go down as far
forward as you can until you feel a nice stretch and then you can come up repeat that 6 times
you going to do 30 second holds of those also then you can switch to the other side, the
final stretch that were going to show you is a quad stretch so you might need something
to hold on to in order to do this but you just want to reach back and grab the ankle
of the leg the hand that reaching back you going to feel stretch on the front maybe even
in the hip flexor into the quad again if you have pain you want to stop but you should
hold this 30 seconds 6 times if you have any questions please give us a call at 2159979898
or visit us on the web at

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  1. The evening following the calf/achilles tendon stretching, I end up with a sore arch muscle (hallucis?) and/or tendons. What then? Roll my foot on a tennis ball? Please respond; thank you Doc!

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