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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of,
and in this video I’m going to quickly discuss how to build a bigger bicep peak. So if you
search the web for information on this topic you’re going to find a ton of different articles
and videos and forum posts that outline different exercises and training techniques that you
can use to achieve this. They’re going to tell you to place your arms at this specific
angle, using this specific cable attachment for some exact number of sets and reps and
in some particular sequence etcetera, etcetera, But what’s the real truth here? Well, it’s
actually pretty simple. Your biceps are a two-headed muscle consisting of the short
head, which is the inner portion closest to your chest, and the long head, which is the
larger outer portion. Building bigger bicep peaks essentially comes down to adding as
much size as possible to the long head, because this is the portion of the muscle that stands
the tallest between the two bicep heads. Exercises that specifically target the long head of
the biceps are going to be any curling movement where your palms are in a fully supinated
position. So this includes basic barbell curls, cable curls, dumbbell curls and even certain
types of machine curl. Just any curling exercise where your palms are facing up throughout
the entire lift. Now it might sound overly simplistic, but when it comes to proper exercise
selection for building the tallest bicep peaks possible, this is really basically all you
need to know, and this is because although you can certainly influence the overall size
of the long head of your biceps, there really is nothing that you can do to influence its
shape. Switching from one exercise to the other or performing your curls using different
angles or different rep ranges, that’s not going to allow you to specifically target
the middle portion of the long head and somehow make it taller or stand out more than the
rest of the muscle. The specific peak that you achieve on your biceps is mostly a matter
of genetics and it simply depends on the pre-determined shape and insertion points of your bicep muscle.
Those with a shorter bicep tie-in where the muscle inserts higher up on their arm and
further away from their elbow will tend to have a taller peak on their bicep, while those
with a longer bicep tie-in where the muscle inserts lower on their arm and closer to their
elbow, they will tend to have a flatter bicep peak. Ultimately, obsessing over building
bigger bicep peaks is really just a waste of time and effort, and your only real focus
should be on gaining more overall bicep size in general through proper workout structure
and proper training technique. From there, the long head of your bicep will naturally
grow larger and taller and whatever specific peak you end up with is basically beyond your
control. In fact there’s really no need for you to even worry about specifically targeting
the long head of your bicep either because this is automatically going to happen anytime
you train your biceps using basic curling exercise anyway. Again just focus on overall
bicep development as a whole, and I will link two great resources on my website that I’d
highly recommend checking out in order for you to accomplish this with maximum effectiveness.
So the first one, which I’ll link right here and in the description box below, that one
discusses proper bicep workout structure, so optimal exercise selection, sets, reps,
etcetera. And the second one which I’ll link here and in the description box below as well
covers proper training technique that will greatly improve the effectiveness of your
curling exercises. So definitely check out both of those resources as they certainly
will provide you with some really valuable information that will help to maximize your
overall bicep gains and as a result maximize you bicep peak development as well. So thanks
for watching this video. I hope you found the information useful here today. If you
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