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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

look at that hair oh my god I hate my
hair why did they have to give me an afro when I was born
blame my mom blame my mom it was sore next week anyway while I’m munching on
my flapjack walking to the gym just want to say I’ve just finished work and it’s
a Friday and for the next two weeks I’m on holiday yes I’ve had two weeks off
now so don’t have to get up in the morning to relax and do what I want
anyway he’s day nine of vlogging every day in
August and today what I’m going to be showing you is The Best exercises to
improve your deadlift. hello guys and welcome to my channel
Jon Sheppard fitness finally it’s stopped raining as soon as I finish work
the Sun is out yes alright today I’m going to be
showing you exercises which can improve your deadlift basically just doing the
deadlifts alone will not improve your death day at all yes you will get better
form wise and will get stronger because again used to him but there is several
exercises which you can do to make your deadlift stronger and today I’m going to
show you the best exercises to me that’s dedication stronger so and then again
the gym we’re going to do a voiceover and I tell you what exercises I do which
improve my deadlift so then you can go in a gym do these exercises and then
hopefully your deadlift will improve as well so let’s get in a gym and show you
these moves well I’ll owe you sexy people if you
here it’s a bit windy it’s because I’m sat outside doing this before I give it
to you guys and the first movement is doing a bent over row this is gonna make
your laps thicker stronger and in deadlift you’ve got to have a strong
back of course to keep that back straight and activate them lats and keep
him tight when you’re dead lifted obviously on digging on a rack first but
if you want to do it off the floor you just then then lift it up and then if
making sure you drive from the elbows not much weight I would say probably 60
kg on that one next I’m doing you can’t call it
straight big leg deadlifts or I’m just calling them like partial that this
obviously you’re not gonna be lifting the same way what you do on your
deadlift you want to do on a lighter weight probably half the way to do on
your deadlifts one max rep or just a bit more depending on how you feel on the
day but what you want to do is just go down to past your knee and then lift up
or you the main point of this is actually going to slow on the way down
and make sure you have that back straight because that’s the main thing
next my favorite personal thing when I’m doing that nipson after I do it it rack
pause basically you can ramp up the weight on these you could wrap up the
way for more than your deadlifts because the deadlift part is obviously hard from
the floor this is at that point where you’re just getting them hips in and
straightening up and then you understand why the next movement is so important
and people do not do it to do with deadlifts and that is shrugs when you’re
getting to the last point where you cannot lock the actual deadlift in if
you’ve got a good shrug on you which is that you can shrug that little bit of
weight that last inch on the deadlift to lock it in and finish and that deadlift
so there you have the exercises to improve your deadlift and each of them
exercise is obviously was gonna work that muscle
group not just to make that muscle look better be stronger boss
obviously when you come to deadlift it will help you out um so next time you
actually do deadlifts what I suggest to do is do your deadlifts and then do
these moves after you know so the whole of your back day revolves around your
deadlifts help me do this really if you wanna go big on deadlifts of course if
you’re just doing quite light deadlifts just for lots of reps then there’s no
harm in not doing it but I’m talking about if you want to get some big
numbers you know you want to do them pb’s you want to get to that milestone
of 150 200 or even more you know because working deadlift alone is not good
enough since I’ve been doing these moves as well I seen so much more I’ve seen so
much more potential in my deadlifts not not in one max reps because it’s not all
about warm max reps walked in like reps for deadlifts you know
just remember this time last year I was struggling to lift 160 for one rep now I
can now I could deadlift 200 kg alright I can’t do it in replicas up you know
what I haven’t tried what I don’t I’m not really that bothered about that’s
all numbers what I can now read what I could lift last year again next time and
hopefully I’ll sort this out or I’m putting my hat back on


  1. Jon…. that hair!!!! Grow an afro!!!!! haha. Not sure I agree on this one pal. The best way to get better at the deadlift is to deadlift right? Surely. Not sure all those accessories improve the deadlift all that much mate. I'm no expert…. as you know!!! and your deadlift is stronger than mine too, so maybe there's a clue. Haha. Seriously though, this doesn't sound right to me. Enjoying the vlogging mate, keep at it.

  2. I agree on the rack pulls and shrugs Jon like using the trap bar for shrugs and using it for partial deadlifts too MINT

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