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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of and and in this video I want to outline my recommended
macros for cutting that are going to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss during
a fat loss phase. So without question the single most important factor that you need
to pay attention to when it comes to losing body fat consistently is dietary control,
so managing what you eat, and how much you eat throughout the day. A good combination
of weight training and cardio is definitely important in order to encourage muscle retention
and to actively burn more calories, but nutrition is the one area where the overwhelming majority
of fat loss trainees go wrong. And this is simply because it allows for a way larger
margin for error. At the most, you’re probably going to be spending around 3-5 percent of
your total time at the gym, and that means that the time you spend outside of the gym
eating and recovering makes up the other 95-97 percent and that’s a lot of time, a lot
of meals and a lot of food choices where things can go off course. In addition, it’s way
easier for you to consume a significant number of calories than it is for you to burn them.
45 minutes on the treadmill might help you burn around 400 calories, but just 10 minutes
spent consuming one additional medium sized meal and you’re going to replace those calories
just as quickly. The fact that consistent exercise also stimulates your appetite doesn’t
help the cause either because many people will train hard in the gym and then simply
over-eat in the hours afterwards without even realizing it. It really doesn’t matter how
“healthy” you eat. If you go overboard on the total number of calories that you consume
you’re not going to burn an ounce of fat. So if you really want to strip off around
1-2 pounds of pure body fat consistently every week (and this is the general recommended
pace that I recommend you go at) then you must consume a properly structured diet that
allows you to maintain a net calorie deficit over time from a well-balanced combination
of high quality proteins, carbs and fats. Otherwise, you may end up just completely
wasting your time at the gym altogether. So here’s how I recommend structuring things.
Put your calories at 15-20 percent below your maintenance level. Put your protein at 1 gram
per pound of body weight daily. Fats at 20 percent of your total calories and carbohydrates
at whatever amount of calories remains after your protein and your fat is calculated. I
don’t care how you lay this out, whether it be 6 small meals a day or 2 to 3 large
meals, just focus on hitting these macronutrient numbers each day and you will lose fat at
or near your maximum potential. In fact, this one step alone will be responsible for the
vast majority of your fat burning results. There is of course no such thing as one absolute
best macronutrient structure for cutting that’s going to work optimally for every single person
in every situation, but this is a very reliable breakdown that will work well for the majority
people. It will keep you in a net calorie deficit that is large enough to stimulate
significant fat loss, but also small enough to keep your lean muscle tissue intact. It’s
going to provide you with enough protein in order to maximize muscle recovery and retention
in between workouts, enough fat to keep your mood, your energy levels and your hormone
balance in check, and enough carbohydrates in order to keep your training performance
near its peak. Also note that the exact macronutrient numbers outlined should be treated as an overall
estimation. Hitting your total calorie target is quite important and should be aimed for
within a hundred calories or so every day if you do want to see the very best results,
but it’s not absolutely critical from a fat burning perspective that you consume exactly
178 grams of protein and exactly 68 grams of fat every day. Obsessing about this could
actually do you more harm than good, and as long as you come somewhat close to those numbers
you’re going to be fine. So if you want to skip the manual calculations altogether, you
can just go straight to my Free Macronutrient Calculator that automates the entire process
altogether for you using this exact macronutrient breakdown and I’ll link that in the description
box below, or you can can learn how to figure this out all on your own using the following
steps. For calories, first you’re going to need to calculate your basal metabolic rate,
which is the number of calories that you burn at rest, and I’ll put that up on the screen
here in just a second. Then take that number and multiply it by your activity level. And
this will give you your calorie maintenance level, which is the total number of calories
that you’d need to consume each day in order to maintain your current weight. So now you’re
just going to take that number and multiply it by 0.8 and 0.85, and this is going to give
you a daily calorie target for fat loss that is 15-20 percent below your maintenance level.
Protein intake is going to be based on your overall body weight at 1 gram per pound daily.
So, if you weigh 190 pounds, you’re simply going to shoot for 190 grams of protein. And
keep in mind that 1 kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds. This obviously isn’t a perfect figure
and it can vary depending on your lean body mass as well as a variety of other factors,
however, it is a very reliable starting point for those on a cut, and obsessing about a
few grams of protein here and there really isn’t going to do you any good anyway. Fats
contain 9 calories per gram, so you’re simply going to multiply your total calorie intake
by 0.2 and then divide by 9 and that’s going to give you the total grams of fat to consume
each day. And for carbohydrates just add together the protein calories (protein contains 4 calories
per gram) and the total fat calories which you already have from the previous step, and
then subtract that number from your total daily calorie intake, and what that’s going
to do is give you the total number of calories in your diet that will be derived from carbohydrates.
Then you’re just going to take that number and divide it by 4 because carbohydrate contain
4 calories per gram and that’s going to give you the total daily grams of carbohydrates
that you need. So you now have a very reliable starting point in place for your total daily
calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates for maximum fat loss. So follow this breakdown
consistently in combination with a properly structured weight training and cardio routine,
and you can expect to lose somewhere between 1-2 pounds of pure body fat every single week.
It may not sound like a lot, but it does add up very quickly and that represents a total
fat loss of between 12-24 pounds over just a 3 month period. Remember, you always want
to go about your cutting phase in a controlled and gradual pace, otherwise you’ll be putting
your hard-earned lean muscle tissue at risk. As you lose more fat and get leaner, you can
either re-adjust your calories and macronutrients or increase your activity level. So when your
weight loss has stalled for a period of about 1-2 weeks, go ahead and decrease your calories
by about 150 and then re-calculate your macros, or throw in an additional cardio session or
two throughout the week. And you can also do a combination of both of course. For example,
you could shave off 100 calories and then perform one extra cardio workout for example.
So thanks for watching this video lesson. I hope you found the information useful here
today. If you did enjoy the video, as always please make sure to hit the like button, leave
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to you again soon.

100 thoughts on “The Best Macros For Cutting

  1. Hi,Excuse my ignorance, I'm new to this.Should the amount of protein recommended be for your current weight or for your suggested BMI weight?I am a male, 5'6" and weigh 246 pounds and I would like to get down to 154 – 170 pounds. What would my intake of protein, carbs and fats be on a daily basis?Would the macros change as my weight decreases? Thanks

  2. I currently weigh 72 kg (158 lbs). I want to become 65 kg(143 lbs) to achieve the shredded look and to finally lose my moobs. Am 24 years old, am 5 feet 8 (173 CM).

    So I'll start a 40/40/20 diet. Looks like I need to eat 1600 calories per day. MyFitnessPal gives me this:

    41% carbs: 162g
    39% protein: 154g
    21% fat: 36g

    I train three times a week, doing 5×5 stronglifts. No cardio. I'm sedentary. Sitting pretty much all day long except when I hit the gym.

    Sean, please tell me whether this is the correct thing to do. I appreciate your effort, thank you.

  3. Hey Sean, I had a question, i did all the calculations perfectly however my protein comes to 150g, fat 53g and carbs 330g, do you believe this many carbs is effective for fat loss?
    Thanks buddy!

  4. I've never calculated my macros specially for bulking i bulked i gained a lot of muscle but than i calculated the macros for the cut and its more food? So maybe you know what im doin wrong? Im 16 with alot of muscle for my age can you please answer this love!

  5. how do we measure our bmr after we hv dropped weight? for example its like for the1st week, my bmr is measured according to my weight at that week, but for the 2nd week, should i measure my bmr according to my decreased weight in the second week? or should i just measured my bmr every 2-3 days jz to adjust my macro for cutting? btw very professional and informative video from u again 😊

  6. got a question. im currently cutting down after a bro bulk for a year and half. i have put on size but more strength as i started out as a powerlifter.

    -My maintenance is 3128.25kcal @81kg @5ft.8 ish @19%bodyfat
    -I have dropped calories to 3075kcal with protein at 250g, carbs 375g and fats 50g
    -My weight dropped slightly from 82kg to 81kg (of which i have no problem)
    -i have increased work capacity and i still lift heavy. This includes inclined 10 min walk (100kcal burn) 4 times a week and HIIT 2 times a week. for 10 min

    Question is am i wrong to drop calories by 150 kcal when my weight plateaus and keep doing that untill im well below in the 2000's or should i use your method for weight loss which will bring my calories for fat loss at 2659kcal and just start from there?

    The idea here is to make a nice slow cut to 10% bodyfat by august 2016 because thats when ill be graduating from uni and ill be travelling around europe and i wanna be shredded then? will it happen at my rate or should i apply what you suggested?

    please help.

    Great video btw. you are genuine mate!

  7. I learned a lot with this video, thank you so much. Going to go do my math and see where I land. Thanks!

  8. Hi sean, this video of yours really helps me alot for counting my macros.
    I really like your channel and the tips you give helping us to get more way better in fitness life,
    Anyway i just wanna ask, is this macros tips jus like the 4-4-9 method? Because i counted my macros on 4-4-9 and your type of macros tips, and there's no difference between them, the only difference is that your type of macros tips has more calories than the 4-4-9 method only 100 calories higher, and the carbs are more higher too, can u please answer if there's a different between them? Thanks

  9. I just want to thank you. it's been a week and 2 days now and am now at 200lbs(I started from 206lbs) I still retain most of my muscle.OK I hope am not loosing weight too fast?. keep up the good work and may the good lord continue to bless you.

  10. Informative video, however saying that people are wasting there time in the gym if they don't stick to these nutrition guidelines, BS!! Nobody that steps in the gym is wasting there time!!

  11. I need help! so do we need to consume those macro nutrients only from proper meal or even the protein shake count as well? i know having good meal is important but I am only asking as I do eat meals too and drink protein shake. So i could be taking in too much of macro nutrients without being aware….

  12. I have a Question ( Do I put In my Current weight or supposed to be my lean body weight for my BMI )

    ““““““““““`P.S Suppose to be My lean BMI for 5'8ft = 75kg or 165lbs.“““““““““““

    Men: 66 + (13.7 X bodyweight in kg) + (5 X height in cm) – (6.8 X age in years)

    66 + 13.7 x 84kg(Current weight) + 5 x 173cm – 6.8 x 25yrs Old = 1936.8

    and I go to the gym 5-6 times a week = active (weight lifting)

    1911.8 x 1.55 = 2963.2

    2963.2 x 0.8 x 0.85 = 2015

    Here my Question I consume calories 1800 Calories per day ( 170g Protein, 120-130g Carb, 70g fats

    It is Ok If I Consume this 1,800Kcal rather than the calculated result of 2015 per day
    and what does the affect of the 1,800Kcal more lose fat?

    I highly appreciate If you could help me 🙂

    Thanks and Godbless always

  13. if I train with weights 3 days a week and do cardio 4 times a week(sometimes the same days i lift)should i choose "very active" as activity level?

  14. Right now I am at 13% body fat, and I weigh 117 pounds. I am a female and want to get to 8%-10%. I want to get to 8-10% because I am a track and field athlete and I'm looking to cut more towards the end of my season.

    I calculated that my macros are
    120g of protein
    28g of fat
    137g of carbs

    I am a little iffy about the carbs being high because I usually only eat carbs before my workout, and after.

    Do you thin these macros are accurate enough for me?

  15. awsome video bro. I learned that equation in school but i forgot it also my fat has been 30-40 % so its to high

  16. I'm 18 years old male 169cm 61.8kg
    skinny fat ~20%bf
    my goal is to cut to 10-12%bf then bulk!
    3-4 days lifting workouts per week, zero cardio and setting on the chair all the day.
    I'm on 1450cals per day and i don't know if it's too low or not? (I used your calculator)

    and thank you for your helpful videos and website.

  17. But i heard that people are substracting the amount of protein they need with their body fat percentage. I need 187g of protein . Does it mean that I have to calculate my lean body mass to lose fat as well or is it not necessary?

  18. im 170 and 6'2 and i walk for 10 hours a day cause of work …can someone tell me how much marco i need

  19. What about when I don't left weight I do cardio let say do I still do the same macros ? I change t from 40 carbs 40 pro 20 fat to 40 fat 40 pro 20 carbs is that effective

  20. Sean, in applying this formula, what sorts of activities qualify as sedentary to extremely active? I wanna be sure I'm using the right standard to factor in, when using this equation. Thanks.

  21. You always have great content that is accurate. Ive been counting my calories/macros/micros for a few hundred days, and your info is key to when I bulk or cut. If only I knew this stuff during wrestling. (20 lbs lost in one week…super unhealthy)

  22. According to the calculation i should be on 2900 calories a day which im pretty sure would make me put weight on!!! Ive been on 2000 a day for 6 months and lost 12kgs but now ive stalled. I havnt lost anything for over 4 weeks. My metabolism is very slow and ive always put weight on really easily but do you suggest i should now eat more to get over this plateau??? Great video by the way👍

  23. it was a great video and also downloaded the diet plan it was awesome but i cant follow this coz i am a vegetarian can eat eggs but not chicken pls can u help !!! thank you in advance

  24. Sean what if my macros is like this 50% carbs 30%fats 20% protein but in calorie deficit, will I still lose 1-2 lbs body fat weekly?

  25. Question. Im 198lbs. 15% bf. Pretty muscular just hav that annoying lower ab fat. Should i do this type of diet or something like a keto or carb cycling diet to shed the fat?

  26. I just want to point out that your macronutrient calculator no longer works, it has some sort of glitch. when you input your stats and hit enter, nothing happens. it just reloads the page, and your macronutrients are still not listed. there are just x's in place of where they should be

  27. so my macros was 2487 calories, fat= 55.2g carbs= 330g Protein=167. I do have one question though isn't 330 grams of carbohydrates too much?

  28. I need help I weigh 83kg and I wanted to lose weight I'm 15 5'10. I used an app and I was talking 1600 calories a day which was real hard but I did it for a weak I lost 0.5 pounds. I used to eat 3000 calories normally I don't know if I should do this method or continue with my 1600 calories diet

  29. Hi Sean, I'm taking into account calories burned by subtracting them from my calories goal. Should I take into account the calories burned by just breathing and being normal? Thanks.

  30. Other videos say I need like 90 carbs a day to cut so which is right ? Also what happens when I start to lose weight do I have to recalculate every time I lose a pound ?

  31. Hey Sean,

    There are a lot of information out there in regard to protein intake ratio during cutting phase and I'm confused…

    Here's a little information about me:

    Height:6'1 (185cm).
    Current weight: 172lb,(78.5kg)
    Also currently on intermittent fasting: 20/4 split
    Current calorie intake: 1950 cal.
    Current bf: 18%-20%

    I read from bodybuilding forum that I should take 1.5g-2g protein per body weight when cutting…. will that much protein be harmful for body??
    How much protein/fat/ carbs should I eat?


  32. Why is it that when you are lean bulking, the fats is set at 25% of your daily calories? But when you are cutting, the fats is set at 20%?

  33. You explain it so well! I am hooked to your videos. You have taught me so much. Thank you for being awesome xxx

  34. What's your opinion on protein per lean mass? I'm reading a lot of studies saying that 0.8g per lean mass is sufficient.

  35. hey Shawn i was wondering if u can help me by telling my macro so u have starting point i am 36 years of age 6 ft 00 and I eight 240 and want to get to 185 pound if u can help me with staring point advice thanks

  36. So correct me if i'm wrong but do I multiply by 0.8 or 0.88 depending on my goals or do I multiply by both numbers

  37. Hey Sean,
    I've been cutting for several weeks at 2,000 calories per day and I still have a few weeks to go, but I'm burned out and need to take a week off from weight lifting. Should I reduce my calories even more to make up for the calories I won't be burning through lifting?

  38. The hardest macro to incorporate for me is fats since its so calorie dense, having been bulking for a year now i havent eaten more than aprox 40 grams of fats a day but according to the macro calculator i need between 70-120 grams a day.

  39. Please note that the formula on the website is not the same as under this description. I did the full calculation based on the website. It took a while so hopefully the macros would not be too different if I followed this version.

  40. I tried this few years ago and it worked, lost 30 pounds in a few months. Mind you I gained it back later, but lost it again using same method. In the end it just comes down to calorie intake i guess.

  41. I have added fat my lower arms despite going down a stone
    I eat 35 grams of fat 45 daily and train 2 and a half hours a day. Something is going wrong

  42. Your macros calculator tells me 156g of protein a day, when I weigh 173 pounds, yet you said in the video 1g per pound per day. What is up with that? It is also telling me 58g of fat, which is 29% of my total calories, not the 20% you said on the video??? What is up with your calculator?

  43. Hey Sean.. How do u differentiate the activity levels!! I mean I do a 8-9 hrs desk job and workout 5-6 days a week, each workout lasts for about an hour. So where can I put myself!!

  44. Damn I was doing it wrong the past 7 weeks, no wonder I don't see much results, I was taking low carbs + high fats in my diet. I thought as long as I be in a deficit but with sufficient protein I will lose fats no? Fats and carbs still play a role?

  45. Hey man you are one of my idols, would it be too much to ask that you visit my Facebook profile here and let me know what you think. I know the staple advice for cutting yet I do not seem to be able to be big and lean at the same time. More zigzagy road I guuess but if there are clear thoughts that jump to your head by seeing my last two public posts then I'd appreciate you sharing them with me. Peace

  46. i've stalled my weight for awhile now…but i've dropped my cals to 1800 already. thats about 70% of what i should be consuming and i really dont wanna lower it anymore…what shud i do?

  47. Your calculator is not consistent with your videos …my weight is 160 lbs and it is recommending 145g of protien …fix it

  48. Hey sir!! I tried using the calculator to figure out macros. I am 150 pounds, 5’8. I weight train 5 days a week and do a half hour to 45 minutes of cardio a day. I also have a sedentary job. Wouldn’t this put me at 2100 calories a day as maintenance? I’ve been subtracting 500 calories from 2100 to try and lose a pound of weight a week. Does this sound correct? I feel my weight is fluctuating from 151 to 154 pounds every few days. Do you think this has to do with my newbie gains of doing consistent leg training every week now? I am not a newbie to weightlifting, but just started finally doing valuable leg muscle training once a week for the past few months when I used to neglect legs. What are your thoughts? Am I not doing enough? My macros fluctuate also. I wasn’t sure if I need 200 or 300 carbs a day. Protein I get that it should be gram per pound and I keep fat between 50 and 60 grams per day. Wasn’t sure if 300 carb is overdoing it if I am still in a good deficit? Thanks for the help friends, I’m new to tracking and lost all my weight on keto which was easier to calculate.

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