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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Sup guys [Joker] Bossy here Rip man TV here it man kitchen answering this [reece] question now if you have a question you want answered make sure to tweet at Joe Carroll Bossy or comment below on one of the videos I can’t answer all the comments although I love to and I really deeply appreciate all the comments and love but [I] do read them so it means a lot that Any questions you have I will do my best to answer the most common ones, so this week’s question is from David from Italy He says I have a question for you Can you make a video where you explain how to do an energetic smoothie drink before training? Thank you very much excuse me for my bad English But I’m an italian guy well first [off] [third] your english is way better than my Italian so don’t worry about that. That’s perfectly Coherent but I think what you’re trying to say is energetic smoothie something like pre-workout something that’s going to give you some energy but also allow you to build Muscle and get a great workout and so for a post-workout Shake or a meal if you will which I recommend doing about an hour to thirty minutes [before] [he’s] [with] a month assure you today, and it’s JC’s pre-workout. Shake So what you’re going to do is put in a cup of ice [so] just or handful. It’s up to you [and] then a banana now you want some sort of carbohydrate in there something with natural quick sugars like a banana apple Orange but apples and oranges are hard to put into a you know a shake for obvious reasons so blueberries work as well But you want something with some quick energy, and those natural sugars would give it to you Well, I would not advise you to put an oatmeal or or have oatmeal or some sort of like slow state low glycemic card it’s because it’s going to it’s going to be sustained energy and Your body is likely to have a lot of calories that you want to burn off during your workout So you just want a little bit of the carbs something quick to get into your bloodstream quickly and help mobilize some energy so we’re going to put in one banana and If you’re really watching your calories, I guess you can probably get away with one or sorry half But um I’m going to use the full thing from there a Half a scoop to a scoop of protein now. I like I so pure zero carb It doesn’t high potassium and a good amount of sodium but for my particular diet is something. I’m not worried about Because I don’t get that stuff elsewhere, so it kind of levels out for me now. I put in a full scoop I have a higher lean muscle percentage if you have a lower mean lean muscle percentage you might just need a spoon fill you might just need a half a spoon a half a Scoop so that’s going to be on you if you’re not sure start lighter and if you feel you need [more] go for it from there and add in three Sprinkles of cinnamon one two and three and then Going to add just going to fill it up with water you put eight twelve ounces It’s really up to you and there you have it. So you can drink it on the way to the gym or Whatever else now I understand fully that a lot of you guys are busy much like me so the ghetto version of this shake would be Same thing with a protein a half a scoop to a full scoop or could be egg white protein Powder or sorry egg white powder or it could also be just amino acids so pills that you would pop an Apple just eat and then Chug 812 ounces of water if you decide it if you put protein you’re going to have protein put it in it or just having Amino acid pills you just pop them and drink the water, but that’d be like a ghetto quick version So we’re going to run this up Now I recommend blending from [ten] to [thirty] seconds if you want it thicker ten seconds works if you want it more liquidy thirty seconds will be diluted trick and They have you have a muscle drink that you can chow down right before you work out It’s going to give you a good amount of energy, but also help utilize as much muscle as you can or sorry I should say build as much muscle as you can during that workout, so mmm Delicious as always try it make sure to comment below and like this video and make sure to share this video with friends I’m sure [they] could use the [information] in it, and they’ll thank you for it. So I’ll see you next video. Thanks for watching you

97 thoughts on “The Best Pre Workout Shake for Muscle Building & Fat Loss

  1. Talk about starting muscle building at an elevated bodyweight like 15 pounds over ideal weight. Should an individual this amount overweight(not muscle) focus on strictly cardio and cut dieting? or incorporate muscle movements. Keep in mind a low bodyfat % is what he is looking for with muscle, not Ronnie Coleman physique. Thanks.

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  5. If youre planning on drinking it BEFORE working out dont put milk , it'll make your stomach upset . Speaking from experience .

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  8. With a dextrose and maltrose mix you will get a decent insuline spike which provides better protein syntheses.. better than the fructose in the fruit

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  15. When do you eat you're meal befor gym? like with slow carbs in it such as brown rice? if I eat that three hours befor gym. would that be alright? then just make this shake 30 min befor gym. and that will help me burn the brown rice and chicken off at the gym (well the calories from it) and still build muscle.

  16. hey men i was wondering if u add coffee in it would help ? . and also what's a good recovery drink . And does 5 hour energy would give you enough energy to wrestle about 5 hrs , on a tournament please answer i subcribe Thanks peace PASS THE GAINS !

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  18. Ive been doing this for all my pre and post work outs. But I use watermelon water instead of water. I love it

  19. Hey im 15 years old and i would like to know ir i can start lifting big weights at the gym, im a 1:83 and 73 kilos, and i would like to get bigger, would this make me stop growing or something, and what dieta should i do,

  20. Hey im 15 years old and i would like to know ir i can start lifting big weights at the gym, im a 1:83 and 73 kilos, and i would like to get bigger, would this make me stop growing or something, and what dieta should i do,

  21. He keeps referring to building muscle during the workout. You actually create micro tears in your muscles while working them. And during the recovery stage (0-72hours) after the workout is when you build muscle. Not during the workout

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  23. Joe I stuffed up. My arms arnt in place I over did it. There in pain I cant sleep man. All this time before I do a work out I take a energy drink. Like Monster/Rockstar… please help man im fu**

  24. you’re going to be performing each of these exercises for time—you simpIy have to do as many as you can in a given time period.That’s where generaI density comes in.The idea is to perform more reps on each exercise,and that’s where the increase in density becomes a factor.

  25. I am 14 years old and want to know a good way to get more muscle mass quick my family doesn't have money for wights the only weights I have is a 30 pound dumbbell and want to know a good way to get more muscle mass fast any thing you would recommend amtganks of you can help

  26. I have a question!……I'm a big guy with my wedding coming up, I'm joining the gym tomorrow and focus on loosing weight and toning up. Is there any smoothie that would help me burn fat? Thanks

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  28. Hi joe , i want to work out early in the morning , can I take this only before going to the gym, or should i eat anything else with it?

  29. I feel very tired while workout sometimes i get fainted
    what should i eat or drink before workout for energy
    please help
    and please tell how to increase stamina also

  30. I always found a good spoonful of natural peanut butter is also good for a pre workout shake, good fat, protein & also is one of the number one hunger reducers you can take.  Not to mention is helps to choke down your protein shake, which can be less then "tasty"..

  31. is this also good if i don't want to get all jacked like you, but want to enhance athleticism, because i really don't have a lot of inherent athleticism?

  32. i asked because – and i don't know if you like star wars or Yoda, but i'm trying to learn the ataru jedi lightsaber combat form. i have no clue if you even know what that is, but it has to do with agility and things like that. thank you

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