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100 thoughts on “The BEST Pushing Exercise

  1. sir i feel trouble to do simple push ups on floor, my maximum limit 2 set with 10-13 push ups (with 2 min gap) from last 3months, so pls help me to improve my push ups count and sets. i am 35 yrs old and weight 68 kg hight 5.5 feet (Male)

  2. Make video have about fasting in Ramadan and the sport in that month

  3. Привет, Крис! Я уже 3 месяца вижу твои ролики занимаюсь по твоему приложению THENX и вижу успехи. + Сила, + ловкость, + трюки

    Hi Chris! I have been seeing your videos for 3 months in your THENX application and see success. + Strength + Dexterity + Tricks

  4. Chris, i've been practicing crossfit during four years, i knew calisthenics thanks to your videos, i'm agree with you when you say that doing a lot of reps in a time doesn't upgrade your force like we do in crossfit, this is why in my openbox day i only practice calisthenics and halterofilia, do you use sometimes the bars, but i see that in calisthenics you don't use the rings, can be interesting for doing more gimnastic exercises, like muscle ups, ring dips, etc…

  5. There is a very effective push-up that will be good for gaining strength, go normal position in push up and then lean forward until you think it’s good, the you do push-ups while leaned forward making more weight to you triceps/ chest.

    Idk what you think Chris, but it helped me a lot.

  6. I get majority of my exercise knowledge and routines from this and Thenx channel. There simple isn’t any other people like it that I know of. Greatly appreciate the videos.

  7. It's crazy how you do more pull-ups, muscle-ups, hspu, 90 degree etc, and maybe less sit-ups/crunches, yet you'd have massive upper body gains and clearly toned abs.

  8. At the moment I can only watch and dream it is me doing the 90 deg push up n 90 deg hold! Wow. Thanks… one day I will actually do it. Keep it up, u are a great coach.💪 👍💯

  9. Enough of that calisthenics bullshit. Time to join a Muay Thai gym and put that strength to good use.

  10. Man, I got a great challenge for you and the THENX athletes – Who can do the most reps at consecutively do:
    1 rep 90 push-up
    1 rep handstand push-up
    1 rep planche push-up
    *and repeating this cycle over & over again

    The winner get 1000$ cash or whatever price you wanna decide.
    Love to see that challenge.

  11. Always if i don't want to workout i go watch your video's and Then i get a motivation boost. You make Great video's chris keep going ma man 🙂

  12. Yoo Chris , im finishing exams in a few days and im gonna have enough time to train for the planche and finally hold it due to ur inspiration..

  13. Its day 9 of my roll out of bed into 100 pushups and doing a selected targeted workout routine every day, just hit 77 consecutive perfect form pushups,
    I’m a single dad also with a 4 year old boy,
    Your changing lives man.

  14. I swear ur videos motivate me to keep going even tho I have a 6 pack sometimes I just wanna give up sense I’m in summer break and I wanna just chill but I can’t

  15. R there any videos of him in shorts? I feel like he can do this so fluidly because his legs are not proportional to his upper body. Thx!

  16. Hey chris i know this is normal but when you do hand stand do you also feel like your eyeballs are about to burst? Im getting started in calesthenics.

  17. Hey chris ive got the strength to do hand stand pushups but I have trouble with balance any suggestions on helping with balance

  18. Been following a lot of your workouts to get ready for the military and I can fully say you’ve been a huge motivation on my journey!💪🏼

  19. No idea if you look at comments on old vids, but I legit came across your shit because of people basically doing videos criticizing you. Ended up looking at your channel and saw the quality of your shit. You do good work no lie. Already went through alot of your videos. Keep up the work. You have a new follower because of other people criticizing you lol.

  20. Chris I’m sorry you where my hero you where the reason I started working out but after I look at who you really where I just feel betrayed. Like I loved you videos and did all your workouts when you posted but your just too self absorbed. So I have too unsubscribe and leave you videos behind me.
    Mainly because I don’t want too think your something you not. I’m sorry but your not my friend anymore and frankly idk how people still watch and sub too you. When you trick them right from the start with you friendly voice and cool look but really your just a jerk who has tricked me into subbing too thenx and actually liking you. 🙃 world turned upside down.

  21. Chris, I hope to achieve your fitness level, sickkkkk, man!
    Greetings from Indonesia, I think many Cali fans here follow you too.

  22. I don’t have the strength to do this yet but I did your June, 3rd 2019 abs (TABATA) workout. It was AMAZING. All four rounds to☠️🤩

  23. Hey Chris Heria and ThenX crew. Hope y'all doing great. This is a nice video. I have a video idea if you want Chris. Maybe you can dedicate a small video advertising all new Heria equipment available to shop. I'd really love to add the band, Heria vest and other equipment. I'd also like to know the maximum Weight the vest applies onto the body…

  24. thank you very much chris I have learned to do many things I could not do at all, now I can continue my training with more experience. thank you wholeheartedly you are the best.

  25. I just ordered these from your website along with the black resistance bands. The next purchase will be the black weight vest.

  26. Hi Chris! Today (my second day training it, unintentionally) I just unlocked my first success 90 Degree Push-up, and before it I managed to do multiple DEEP HSPU (kissing the ground) using Parraletes. The video is on my IG. It wasn't squeaky clean as yours, but as time goes by it will be fixed. You've been a HUGE influence for me and will always thirst for many more, and passing the knowledge to others!! 🔥💪

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