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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hi Burners, Paul here
from Fat Burners Only. We get asked all the
time at Fat Burners Only when is the best time
to take my supplements so we’re putting together
a quick little video to explain the best time
to take your supplements to get the best result out of them. And we’ve gone from right to left here in order of supplements. So, we’ll go through and
explain the best time to take them all. So, we’re starting off
with your pre-workout or your fat burner. For an example, we’ve
got C4 as the pre-workout and OxyShred as the fat burner. So, if you’re taking a fat burner, the best time to take it is
first thing in the morning and again before your training, if it’s not too late. So, the reason being, you
just had 8 hours sleep, your metabolic rate is low. When you wake up, you’re not
burning as many calories. We want to get that metabolic
rate cranking straight away, burning calories and
therefore burning fat. So, you wanna take the OxyShred
first thing in the morning and then before training
if it’s not too late. Keep in mind, these do have
caffeine and stimulants in. So if you’re training late at night, and then trying to go to bed, these stimulants may keep you awake. So, just be aware of that. But ideally, you would
take either your C4, if you need a performance boost, or your OxyShred about half
an hour before training to give you energy and
to increase calorie burn and performance. Next week have your BCAA products. So this is a form of protein that doesn’t take blood to digest the products, so it’s actually best to take
during your training session. While you’re training, the body is trying to fuel your muscles and it’s sending a lot of blood there. If it’s going to the stomach
to digest a heavy protein or a heavy meal, you’re not
getting the blood to the muscles to train effectively. So, because this product does
not take blood to digest, and it’s very anabolic, it’s
hitting the muscle groups without taking blood, causing recovery and improving your performance. So the best time to take BCAA’s is during your training session. Next is protein powder. So some people take it before training. I wouldn’t say that’s the best time. If you give it an hour to hour and a half to digest, it’s okay. But don’t take it as you go to the gym because it’s going to take
blood to digest this product and you won’t have blood
for your working muscles to train as hard. The best time to take protein is if you’re looking for muscle gain, take it straight after
your training session. So, you’ve just put the
body through stress, it wasn’t some fast-releasing
protein to absorb and recover the damage
you’ve done at the gym. And therefore, if you
put it in your system straight after training, you’re making the most of the timing to get it into the muscles
and cause recovery. If you want to boost your fat burning, take it half an hour after
your training session but that first 30 minutes after training we’re burning a lot of body fat and at that 30 minute mark, the body starts eating into muscle tissue which we don’t want for fat loss. So, if you’re looking
to improve muscle gain, have it straight away after training. If you’re looking to improve fat loss, have it 30 minutes after training. And then my favourite
supplement, glutamine. So if you pictured that body like a house, the bricks of the house are the protein, the man that builds it is glutamine. So what you want to do with glutamine, is it’s real nice and easy, you put a teaspoon in every
protein shake that you have. So if you have the protein
shake before breakfast, before bed, after training,
in the middle of the day, put a teaspoon of glutamine in there and the glutamine will
maximise the protein’s result for actually recovering muscle tissue. And then finally, we have casein. So, for those of you that don’t know, casein is a slow digesting protein powder and will stay in your stomach from anywhere from 7 to 9 hours. While you’re sleeping, the
body is trying to recover. If you don’t have protein
in the stomach to digest, the only other protein it can find is the protein in your muscle tissues. So, while we sleep, we’re
breaking down muscle to repair the damage throughout the day. If we can feed from protein
directly from the stomach, we’re stopping that loss of muscle tissue and we’re giving the body
the nutrition and the protein to actually recover muscle tissue. So having casein before bed
will keep you full overnight and give you that constant protein source to recover during the night
time and during your sleep and you won’t feel as hungry
the next day in the morning. So these are your baseline supps and that’s the baseline timing
on when to have them all. If you do have any questions
about any of these supps or the timings or any
other supps and timings, just go to and have a chat to us
via our Live Chat page or our Contact Us page or just hit Fat Burners up on Facebook. Otherwise, thanks for watching Burners, we’ll catch you next time, cheers.

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