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68 thoughts on “The BEST Total Body Exercise (You’re NOT Doing!)

  1. Odd that he titled the best total body exercise.  I suppose it's marketing to get us to look.  That's ok as this technique with the band is very cool and should help us get into our posterior chain.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Still feeling the back from doing those deadlift to rdl's wrong. Hopefully that goes away soon. Its amazing how much I've learned from ya! Good Stuff! Keep it coming! 

  3. I have seen some people that say you don't need to work your traps cuz when you lift the weights it builds your trap. What do you think about it?

  4. Videos like this is what makes Jeff worth his weight in gold it's not always about having 6 pack abs and bulging biceps. I would love for him to do a full video on foam rolling(all body parts), mobility work and dynamic warm ups. I highly doubt he would ask any of his clients to go hard and heavy without them first being ready. 

  5. Once again Jeff, another great vid. I have learned more from you in the 2 months I've been on team Athlean, then all my years of training.  I have started to do the hip hinge from one of the other vids you did. But this will ingrain it so it will come naturally. Thank you.

  6. Is there a better way to train your hips without using your knees? A basketball injury has kept me from utilizing my left knee.

  7. i already do this, but i do it with a barbell, it neve ocurr to me with bands, way less spinal stress, thanks a lot

  8. Totally agree with lack of glute activation in many people doing bent over row and squats Jeff, great video as always. Someone who is really overweight and struggles to do most bodyweight exercises and hates cardio, any ideas to the best way they can train? I am thinking 15 reps of compound movement super sets?

  9. Hi Jeff and everyone,
    I use your AX1 and I wanted to get an opinion on the difference in gain received from leg press machine and squats (dumbells/barbell)! Personally I enjoy doing leg press more but I do squats as the regime requires me to do this. Can I get reasons why this is? Is leg press a suitable substitute to squats?


  10. Your tips are excellent and helpful! Helped me a lot in my training. The videos made on upper chest and shoulder workouts are awesome.
    I want you to explain how to shred fat while gaining muscle mass. And how to manage your weight lifting sessions with cardio.
    Thank you.

  11. Thank you Jeff, another great workout advice.  Could you make a video on soft tissue injuries, injury breaks etc….  

  12. I teach a that same thing. However, I have the client wrap the band around one leg. right on the crease of the hip on one side. Also it helps with hip mobility!:)

  13. PLEASE ANSWER! ok i have great form and do my workouts the right way. but i just wanna know when you should add more weight to like ur bench or ur curl bar or anything u can add weights to please answer because I'm just afraid i can't lift it if i put to much THANKS JEFF

  14. Just got my new band last week and have incorporated this one into my routine and Wow  I immediately felt the workout in my hips/glutes and also adding the dumbbell row. It is a great workout. As always Coach Jeff you do a great job of demonstrating the correct movements. This is the best butt workout yet and will add strength and I believe will help me to achieve my "look" goals. Thanks coach!

  15. This is what I pay attention to.. Other dudes call this "Hippie shit". Muthafucka I'll still be dancing good at 80, flexing pecs lol

  16. Jeff I love everything you share on YouTube. Always good science based info. Unlike most people who are in the YouTube exercise world I've never heard you share any bone headed or irresponsible info. Thanks and Aloha Jeff.

  17. LOL Fine but all you really need to do (for most guys) is a simple easy short program of squats …standing press…bicep curls…triceps extensions… and calf raises. Single set of 15 to 20 reps Every third day. Lift light to med poundage never to failure. Leave gas in the tank 🙂  Moderation is the best advice ever….esp in lifting wts !!!

  18. cant you just do it with a barbell having your upper back on a bench and barbell on your hips and body facing the ceiling the barbell hip thrust

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