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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on everybody? Alain Gonzalez here of
and in this video we’re going to go over the big six, the only six exercises that you need
to be doing if you’re a naturally skinny guy, who wants to maximize muscle growth and pack
on as much muscle as possible in the next 12 weeks, so without further ado, let’s jump
right in. All right, so first and foremost, let’s address
the elephant in the room. I’m dripping in sweat just got done with a
killer workout, but nonetheless, let’s get this video done. The six exercises that you are going to focus
on for the next 12 weeks are a vertical push, a vertical pull, a horizontal push, a horizontal
pull, and then a lower body push, and a lower body pull. Let’s get into exactly what exercises and
why. The first one is a vertical push. For the vertical push, I recommend the overhead
press. You’re going to hit your triceps, your front
and mid delts, your traps, your upper chest and get this, you’re also going to get a lot
of eccentric tension on the lats. Okay, so this is a killer upper body mass
builder to start with. The next one we want to is our horizontal
push. You probably guessed it. This is going to be a flat barbell bench press. In this case we’re going to be hitting the
pec major to a significant degree, obviously when we’re bench-pressing we’re really targeting
the chest but we’re also going to get some stimulation in the upper chest. On top of that we’re also hitting out triceps
because any time we are extending our arms, our triceps are firing. Then on top of that, we’re getting a lot of
shoulder flexion, so we are hitting the front delt. All right, now let’s move over to our pulls. Let’s start with our vertical pull. In this case, I’d like to recommend a pull
up. But if you can’t do pull-ups, I would recommend
starting off with a lat pull down because you’re engaging the same muscles only difference
is that once you’re able to do the pull ups, you’re going to get a lot more stabilizer
muscles engaged as well as more core activation. But you’ve got to start somewhere. If you can’t do any pull ups, I’d rather you
still get the benefits of the vertical pull, mainly hitting the rear delts, a little bit
of traps, a little bit of mid upper back and definitely some lat action. This is going to be the best way to target
your lats. Now, if you can’t do pull-ups, like I said,
you want to start with the lat pull down, but you want to gradually get strong enough
so where you can do pull-ups. And then in order to progress from there you’re
just going to add weight to your pull-ups by either holding a dumbbell in between your
feet or by using a belt, you know, a weight belt that you can add a 45 pound plate or
a 25 pound plate and gradually increase from there for progressive overload. All right, the next pull is our horizontal
pull and in this case I’d like to recommend the barbell row. Like the vertical pull, you are going to engage
your lats, just not to as much of a degree as you would with the vertical pulls. Okay, but you’re still going to get some lat
action, more importantly though, you’re going to get that mid-upper back for more back thickness. The vertical pull is more for width. The horizontal pull is more for thickness,
so it’s crucial that you incorporate both. On top of that though, you’re also going to
be hitting your rear delts and your traps to a significant degree because whenever we
retract the scapula, we are engaging both the traps and the rear delts. All right, now let’s move over to our lower
body training. You probably guessed these too, but let’s
go over them nonetheless. The lower body push is going to be a squat. The squat obviously is going to build your
posterior chain, your hamstrings, your glutes, lower back, core, etcetera, but more prominent
with the squat is the development of the quads. Okay, so this is why we want to include the
squat because you’re building overall mass on the legs, but in this case most of the
stimulus goes towards the quads. It’s a quad dominant movement. Okay, it’s the king of lower body movements,
but we cannot miss out on the benefits of the lower body pull, aka, the king of all
exercises, the deadlift. Okay, check this out. The deadlift as you probably already know
is not just a lower body movement. Although it is a hamstring dominant movement,
you’re going to activate your hamstrings, your glutes, you’re going to strengthen that
lower back and that core, but you’re also going to significantly improve your overall
back gains, your traps. If you’ve ever seen power lifters with these
insane deadlifts, they always have that yoke, those huge traps this is because when we’re
holding a weight, think about what the traps are there to do. They’re basically there so that our arms don’t
get ripped out of our bodies like a Mortal Combat finisher. When you’re holding that much weight in space,
your traps have to do a lot of work, so that’s why you’re going to also build that yoke from
the heavy deadlifts. But the real focal point of the deadlifts
or having the deadlifts in your training is to build that posterior chain. Again, strengthening the core, lower back,
stronger glutes, and getting more hamstring action because although you can build your
legs to a significant degree with just squats, we’re talking about maximizing growth, and
in that case, we need to include the deadlift. There you have it guys. I hope you enjoyed. If you did, click the like button below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. Before you go, I have a very special gift
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39 thoughts on “The Big 6 Lifts: Mass Builders for Skinny Guys

  1. Guys, here's the free "Bulk Up Fast" book he's talking about in the video:

  2. just the video I needed in order to start lifting seriously, at 6ft/135lbs, got some serious work to do, I was just wondering : would it be too much to put those 6 exercises into my routine and do them 3 times a week ? or should I split those into 3 sessions per week ? (say monday, two of them + 3 other exercises, wednesday, two of them + 3 others, etc…)

  3. Great video. These are pretty much all I do. I like to supplement dumbell walking lunges with squats, incline dumbbell presses with the barbell bench and sitting wide grip cable rows during back days.

  4. So I’m 140lb so I need 140g of protein a day and about 2000 something calories a day would I get any gains if I get 140g of protein without consuming that 2000 something calories everyday?

  5. I loss 100 lbs in 6 months and just started my channel and uploaded my transformation. I hope you can visit it, would mean a lot. Thank you

  6. There’s a reason there is not a “Big 6” and never will be. This video is a perfect testament to that, just look at your form on your squat and deadlift. Perfect the BIG 3 first and then branch and expand into heavy accessories.

  7. I would say face pull is needed to keep your shoulders healthy and for good trap development as an accesory. Because all of these don't really hit side and back delt that well.

  8. This is just typical bro science and this video says nothing new , Squats are overrated for nothing , You can do weighted lunges and it's variations and other exercises and get the same results instead of that back and knee breaking unnatural movement
    Same with the Deadlift completely unnecessary

  9. Next 12 weeks? These exercises should be your staple unless you have an injury that stops you doing something then look for an alternative. For example, I can’t bench without pain so I do push-up variations or floor presses.

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