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Well guys, talking about Ms Olympia winners
in my previous video, I mentioned in the description to the video that Yaxeni Oriquen was the biggest
Ms Olympia winner. With the height of 170 cm or 5’ foot 7’’her
competing weight was 77 kg or 170 lb and off season weight was up to 85 kg or 188 lb. Therefore she was the heaviest winner of Ms
Olympia contest. FYI, she took part in Ms Olympia contest for
17 times that makes her the champion in this perspective as well. Her best result was off course 2005 Ms Olympia
and the worst in 1998 and 1999 when she took the 10th placing. Anyway, it was the beginning of her pro bodybuilding
career, so it wasn’t too bad. However, I think it’s even more interesting
for you to know, who was the heaviest participant of Ms Olympia contest. And it was and American female bodybuilder
Nicole Bass. Here you can see her standing next to a bodybuilder
and on the surface it seems that she was tall. This photo was taken when she was young in
the beginning of her bodybuilding career. So, she competed in the late ’80s and throughout
the ’90s. Not only was she the heaviest but also she
was the tallest Ms Olympia competitor ever. Her competitive stats are the following: standing
at a height of 188 cm or 6’ foot 2’’, her competing weigh was just imagine 91 kg
or 200 pounds. So she was comparable even to male bodybuilders. For instance, she was 5 kg or 11 lb heavier
than Frank Zane and she was even 1 kg or 2 lb heavier then Samir Bannout. Maybe, you can confront me with the fact that
she was taller and that was because of her height. Even though, her measurement were too crazy
for a female bodybuilder. Her biceps measurement was 46 cm or 18 inches
the same as of Frank Zane’s, her chest was 127 cm or 50 inches, her waist was 76 cm or
30 inches, her carves measurement was 46 cm or 18 inches. Who really made men look small was her. Her powerlifting figures are the following. So she could squats with 183 kg or 403 lb
for 2 reps; her bench press was 143 kg or 315 lb for 3 reps and one rep on the deadlift
was 184 kg or 406 lb, which I think was a lot for a tall female bodybuilder and not
a power lifter. So, she was really big, strong, muscular and
with formidable look. However, when I looked at her performance
review, her bodybuilding career was not so successful and only once she was the first
at 1997 NPC Nationals and in her first and the last Ms Olympia she was the 14th among
18 competitors. Just to inform you that that was in 1998 when
Kim Chizhevsky won the title. After her not so successful debut at Ms Olympia
she changed to wrestling. I am not interested in wrestling for that
reason I am not sure about her professional development there. Anyway, when I looked for the information
about her, I noticed that there are more videos about her being a wrestler. However, I cannot show you even the part of
the video depicting her as a wrestler because the previous version of this video was blocked
twice. The reason for blocking was that the content
was copywritered and fare use couldn’t be applied in this case. Anyway, there are more videos on Youtube
about her being a wrestler. Maybe that’s because her bodybuilding career
was a bit long ago, she stepped foot on the Olympia stage only once or just because her
wrestling involvement outshined her bodybuilding career after all. Unfortunately, she passed away on February
17 in 2017 at the age of 52 after a stroke. By the end of her life something went wrong. For example, she had lost almost all of her
gains. She had also been arrested for shoplifting
more than $1200 in goods from the supermarket in 2015. And look at her physique; something definitely
went wrong with her. Anyway, she was the heaviest and the tallest
female bodybuilder who step foot on the Olympia stage. I haven’t seen this kind of video about
her and for that reason decided to prepare one for you. I think that she deserves a lot of attention. Well guys, thank you for watching. Please give this video a thumb’s up if you
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