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(upbeat theme music) Ivor Kelly, good morning. Good morning.
Good morning. You’re charged with going through a red light on Westminster and Menton. Well, your honor. Are you nervous this morning? No, I just, I have issues, I had to, I went through the red light ’cause I had to use the bathroom, I have a bad bladder, and I’m a diabetic. And I was trying to hold it but I didn’t wanna wet my seat. So that’s why I went through the red light. Well you went through the lights, you came here, you came here to confess? That’s the only reason I went through the red light, ’cause I had to use the bathroom. You wanna get next to the other microphone? Yeah, get the other mic. Now are you here with her? Yeah the traffic light was up in the ceiling too, you couldn’t see it so I just, and then I seen the flash behind me, I said oops. But I had to use the bathroom, sorry. That’s three bathrooms so far. (laughs) Show him. Three bathrooms. She’s trying say with an excuse because it’s up in the Philippines. And the red light was up in the Philippines? Yeah, I can’t even find it. It’s right there. Inspector Quinn, let me see that. It’s hot in here too. This is one Judge, where the red light’s actually up in the air. (laughs) Are you having flashes? Yes. Oh. I asked them could I take off my shirt, they said, “No.” But I got another shirt underneath here, I do have one see? Take your shirt off, take it off. Okay.
Whoa, whoa. We need a little background music, Chuck. No, she likes to take her clothes off. She’s hot.
Whoa. She’s hot. Okay, now I’m good. All right, you feel better now? Yeah, I feel better now. All right. (laughs) We’ve come a long way, judge. (all laughing) Lord, don’t let the pastor see this. Now, what is your name? Ginger. And you are here to help her out? Is that why you came? Yes sir. Are you used to being like, on stage? Yes sir. You are? What have you done? Several things, I used to model, I was on Sally Jessy Raphael, I won The Price is Right, many things in California when I was younger. Oh so, you’re a seasoned pro? No I’m not, I’m scared to death, I’ve always wanted to meet you, I’m shaking. My body’s doing the jig without any jig. Inspector Quinn, you’re intimidating her. Well tell her we got Bob Barker in the back. I met Bob Barker, I fell right on top of him. I fell right on top of him on The Price is Right. I fell right on him. Bah doo boop. Have you been in the movies? With Rock, I did a skit with Rock, in Hawaii when he was first coming up. So you have all these famous people you’ve been involved with, now you come to court and you force somebody to undress in court? No. We went all those places ex-military. It’s hot in here. She’s hot. All right, we don’t want to get you upset, okay? Thank you. All right you’re gonna have a trust, you can pay $35 court cost and forget about it. Okay, I’ll pay $35 dollars. Is that what you wanna do? Yeah. All right, good luck to you. Ryan Fernandes. How you doing? Good morning, sir. Good morning. Okay, you’re charged with speeding on Barksund Boulevard, it’s one mile over the prescribed limit. So, where are you from, you’re from East Providence? I’m originally from New Bedford, Mass. I just moved to East Providence a year ago to be closer to work. Closer to your, what do you do for work? Personal trainer. So you help other people train? Yes, yes I do. I also train for a show myself. What do you mean by show? Competition, men’s physique competition. Oh, bodybuilding? Bodybuilding, yes, yes. What can you do for Inspector Quinn? (all laughing) At a certain price, a lot. We can bring in my portfolio, judge. Yeah. We can trim him down right? Yeah, absolutely, for the right price. Put him on a diet. Yep, it’s all about nutrition. Some weights. Yep, all nutrition yeah, and a little bit of weights. When you say nutrition, like what do you mean? Yeah, cliche, chicken, rice, and broccoli, seven times a day. Chicken, rice and broccoli? All day, every three hours. How do you cook the rice? Because there’s a lot of ways to cook rice. No, I just boil the water, put the rice in, put a little seasoning, all set. That’s it? Bake your chicken. You can’t put all the sauce on it, and everything? No, no sauces. Has sugar. That’s what I mean.
No sugar. I want rice too, but I want all the sauces. No, no sauce. I was doing good until the broccoli. No cheat meals, nothing. All right, he’s fired, he’s fired. Fired?
He’s no longer my trainer. All right, well you’re out with respect to Quinn. All right, sorry about that. Have you been in competition before? No, first show, April 13th. Oh yeah, where is that? East Haven, Connecticut. Yeah, so what do you do, you have to do? Yeah, it’s just men’s physique so. Inspector Quinn, you see that? Yeah. Yeah that was a good pose. That was a good one. I remember in ’56, it was West Haven Connecticut, I think you were the title champ. (all laughing) What’s the first thing you take into consideration when you see someone? Someone comes and says, “I want to get in shape.” Yeah. Right, so what do you, what factors do you take into consideration? You just gotta make sure there’s no injuries, check prior knowledge to education on lifting, and see what their current diet’s like. How about their age? Age, not a factor for me. I train anybody from 16 to my oldest client’s 84. Well you have to be careful with the guy who’s 84. Oh very very, definitely have to be careful. Run eight miles and come back. Next thing you know. I take it very easy on them. You’re getting a call from Nardolillo. Right, Bobby? You can’t do that. Nardolillo is a funeral home here. Right, right. I don’t know if I should even go here, but I have to ask him this question. What was it? Are you married? I’m not. Single father, my daughter’s three. Oh. She’ll be three February 12th. Now, do you train females too? Yeah, mostly females, yeah. Yeah, mostly females. You, you’re good. (all laughing) I know this stuff, I know. I’m not asking any other questions. There we go. Don’t get me in trouble. And I’m gonna get me in trouble, we’re gonna end it right here. All right, Mr. Fernandes, you were doing one mile over the prescribed limit. But the city has a discretion to charge you plus or minus one miles per hour. Yes. And I’m not sure if they exercise their discretion, to charge you plus one mile or minus one mile. So, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. Appreciate that. So based on that rationale, the matter’s gonna be dismissed. Thank you very much. Good luck.
Have a good one, thanks. When we start our life, there are hundreds of possible paths for us to take. Each one leads to a different destiny. And it may surprise you, but it’s true. As a young man, I took a brief stroll down bodybuilder lane. At first I enjoyed the journey immensely, I had a fantastic body, all the ladies loved Zig the Rig. And then I came to a fork in Hulk Highway, that demanded I start eating chicken, rice and broccoli, seven times a day. All with no sauce! Oh, hell to the no. So I backed up, until I saw Irish Beat Cop Boulevard, and never looked back. Sure, now the only six pack I have is one, that I buy at the packy, and yes, now the only female attention I receive comes from my lovely bride Colleen, but I’m all good with that. I eat what I want, drink what I want, and have plenty of room on my trophy shelf for my grandson’s future hardware. Ryan, good luck in your upcoming competition. I hope you crush it, and in the future if you ever find yourself in need of more broccoli, take mine. I’m all good. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence was also a TV show? Oh wow! Your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to Click on your local listings. Scroll down ’til you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it, nice. All rise, and hit subscribe, do you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.

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