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I want you to look at these pictures that is ladies Yeah, it’s pretty impressive this is 22 year old bodybuilder rhizoma Obul are his Instagram followers go nuts for his rippling muscles and when I say Rippling I am not kidding. Look at this Hey doctors My name is missoula oval or and you might know me on the internet or on instagram as the guy that can make his muscles Ripple All right, and I’ve never gone to the doctors for this condition. I’ve never gotten official diagnosis Saul’s wandering man Can you guys tell me what’s wrong with me? Help me out help ruther out. All right He’s rippling, please welcome his OMA to the show Just like me right just Like you when did you know that you had the ability to? Not only build your muscles to the extent you have but make them ripple the way that you do dude. It was weird, man I used to I used to wrestle guys so and that’s when I found that I could do it I was wrestling I was in high school probably in the weight room and I remember asking my wrestling coach like, you know What is happening to me? He knows the ripple in like what’s going on, and he’s just he didn’t know He doesn’t know right no doctor. He’s just like it. He said We don’t know. Yeah, so Could you right now could you have your pecs to it? Yeah, nope Sylla to it again so I can stand this your muscles It’ll happen in my chest. See let me show you the chest real quick Like it’ll do it in the chest It could do it in the lats sometimes like right there. I don’t know. Can you guys see that? Let’s just say you lay down for bed at night. Mm-hmm Is everything calm unless you make a certain movement and legs? manaro for some reason it seems like so much tension can build up in the leg because the legs do it too and now that’s just Like a big muscle, I don’t know. What’s your gags? Let’s see what you know the quads. Yeah, it’ll do it in the quads Like, let’s see People take their shirts off on this show but I don’t think we’ve ever had anybody come out without their shirt You use it to get day so you like like hey do you want it I don’t think they’re into that I don’t think it’s just a cool little party trick or something You came here for some answers you’re otherwise healthy, right? Yes, and they’re not really painful when when they control not for the most part I say if they would be painful the legs would be the painful part sometimes I don’t know. I’d like I said a lot of tension can build your legs you don’t cramp up Yeah, that’s what it feels like it did feel like a cramp or a spasm So yeah would be cramping up and how long does it last? Sheila’s count it. No, I’m Classy if you all think about go back in time in your lives when you’ve had a charley horse of some type you probably had that sensation and one of your muscles and it can be a pretty disconcerting thing and You’re wondering is this cool? Why is this going on? So yeah, you came for answers and you for the ladies took your shirt off and we appreciate We brought in the clinical director of MODY physiotherapy, dr Nick Nick coutry who’s in our procedure room right now and he is going to have you go back there spend some time with you take a history to a physical exam and Give us his thoughts and you his thoughts later in the show. What do you think? That sounds great, man? I mean, let’s see if we can figure it out I’m online called an alien games think I’m just from a different planet you guys. I don’t know Well, they think they could figure it out it here like they’re gonna fit you know, we don’t Based on the size of your muscles. You’re definitely abnormal in a good way because When you walked out even backstage, I hate to say this and I hate to throw our producers under the bus but all the female producers backstage As you’re walking down the hall you You guys know I was watching you watches. Come on now They were doing it for Mason for the show, all right, so we’ll check back in with you a little bit You

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  1. 2:31 there it is there’s the best reaction πŸ˜‚ I can tell she wants him actually all the girls do πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† 😝

  2. My husband & youngest son can do it with their chest muscles! I personally think it's weird… But to each their own…πŸ˜‚

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