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good morning everyone it’s Nicholas
Dettinger back in awakenedgainz here to bring you some more limit breaking
knowledge to help you break your finish limits today by adding to the cheapest
home gym series I’ve done the previous video did really well for the channel
and I really appreciate the likes comments and shares it’s had if this
video can have the same to it I would appreciate it and continue this series
to bring you guys cheap home gym videos so you can use your monthly budgets and
plan them a way to get you a better stronger athletic adventure here in
awakengainz let’s do that again today by doing the cheapest home gym boxing
style gym for you to do on awakenedgainz let’s break our fitness limits and
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awakenedgainz so the basics get your the home gym started is of course you need the bag and the stand the bag in the stand can be easily found on Amazon it’s
a lot easier than getting a car and bring it to your house it depends do you
want the 60 or 80-pound bag for most people I just recommend the 80 pound bag
you need to wear wraps but that we talked about later in the video
for the stand I don’t recommend those you know those water-filled air-filled
ones that you can smack and knock over in one punch really that diminishes the
point of actually doing the exercise because if you have to reset the gym
every time so the state I’m talking about is the one I’m going to show in
the b-roll right now this stand has to fold functions that can be done it’s the
general stand that holds up to a hundred pounds so you can have a 100-pound bag
if really wanted to I just want the 80 pound bag because what’s the point of
having that 20 extra pounds if I’m not so serious with it I use as cardio to
break my fitness limits but with this bag there are a couple key features or I
mean with a stand first the stand has two options the bag and an additional
an item that was gonna talk about later in the video plus it can also be weighted
down if you get really adventurous with your punches and you get really strong
and you started knocking the bag around one thing I have one problem I have with
these Everlast punching bags is that for some reason I was missing like a bolt or
a screw in my stand so I had to actually gorilla glue it on so it stick properly
and so the bag wouldn’t actually fall when I was punching and that was as a
shot got really annoying if he really started smacking the bag around and
turning it the actual bolts would rotate and they could actually become unscrewed
( sighs ) put Gorilla Glue in it and it’s stuck that might be really
hard to take out after a while but I’m gonna be using this gym for two or three
years so it doesn’t really matter to me let’s get another easy one out of the
way boxing cardio while hitting the bag is an extreme form of cardio for a lot
of athletes they want the traditional skipping rope the traditional skipping
rope is really cool for people that want to build cardio it’s a great way of
getting out in the morning and doing some exercise let’s say you wake up
after that after you have your breakfast you do that for about 20 minutes just to
get revitalized through the day but there’s some caveats first if you’re
doing it in your basement which is where my home gym is you need to have tall
enough ceilings the ceiling limit is very important because if your ceiling
just makes a toy you’re skipping rope is you’re gonna be jumping and hitting the
ceiling every single time and you’re really annoying for the people who are
upstairs he and you hit the ceiling the second is if you can do it if you can’t
do it outside you have to do it outside and are you gonna do it on concrete or
your driveway this depends the strength of the substance you bounced the skipping rope off on need to have this is because the
skipping-rope will eventually decay and break apart so for this cheap build we
have a budget already about five to six hundred dollars the bag and the stand
costs about 200 or so dollars together you can play get them on sale or cheaper
this is with Amazon Prime so shipping is to your house which is wake more
convenient than using your car but for the skipping-rope allocate a budget of
twenty to twenty-five dollars for a really solid pair of sipping ropes if
you want to do a traditional boxing style cardio it lets you vary unless you
add variations to your training routine so you don’t get stagnant and it also
won’t break on you cuz honestly the stupidest thing is when you buy
something for cheap and it breaks on you and you have to reorder an expensive
version when I recommend in the ones in my home gym has a strong metal coat it’s
just like metal fiber coating around like a tensile strength you know
whatever the hell they call it nylon that wraps around the rope to give it
more strength you don’t so cut it to the size you want it to be so you get a
perfect skipping rope no matter what you don’t have to try a bunch of giving
ropes to find the perfect one it comes out of the bag as sized for you after
you cut it obviously all links below are Amazon a flight links and I appreciate
anyone who uses those links as they help help the channel grow its home gym so I
can build I can make videos for you about my home gym and how you can
improve your home gym now here are the fun accessories the
boxing wrapped gloves boxing wraped gloves are really easy the gloves if
you’re lucky they actually come with your punching bag I know if you get them
from Walmart they do come with the gloves I got my I got my first boxing
bag I think it was a sixty pound one from Walmart and it actually came with
gloves and like two layers of wrap that isn’t for sure though but the one I got
from Amazon I don’t believe it came with the 80-pound bag one I don’t think
believe it came with gloves allocate a budget of $40 or so for gloves and wraps
usually can get them on sale but if you’re going if you’re a beginner who’s
getting into boxing you don’t need a super-strong glove right off the bat
because honestly you don’t use it that much or at least I don’t I don’t do
heavy bag training that often I usually just wrap my hands whenever rap I have
and then doing it for cardio or for technique and forced transmission so I
can improve things like my benchpress and other lifting activities but for rap
rap is just rap it’s just literally towel pretty much you could wrap your
hands a towel if you really wanted to but you should just use boxing wrap
because it looks cool I guess but it kind of different colors you can style
out anywhere you want obviously if you’re gonna go for a more crazy style
that’s not the red black and white you’re gonna spend a little more money
so for anyone who wants to just get into it just go with the basic ones you can
find amazon for like $10 $12 so that adds your budget if you want these fun
accessories but you need rap if you want the gloves to that adds about $55 or so
to your budget so now you’re at about 280 or so already everyone so one of the
things you need if you want to do boxing is not just box being to add your cardio
ability to maintain long fights in the ring or even just be better at MMA in
general one way traditional boxers love to do this is the skipping rope the
skipping rope is a valuable technique to improve timing and motor efficiency when
boxing and performing hip drive into the bag but there’s some caveat to it and that understands if you’re gonna do skipping at home you can always do it outside but
if you’re gonna do it inside your home gym in your basement or in your
apartment there’s two things you know one the ceiling height the ceiling is
very important if your rope is too long it will hit the ceiling and your
upstairs neighbors or your parents will get really mad at you don’t do it to the
floor you’re doing it against is it concrete is it rubber is it plywood
whatever ever whatever the amount of roughness
surface has it’s gonna break up the part so to prevent the skipping-rope from
wearing and breaking you need to get a strong skipping rope don’t cheap out
unless you know you get one for free but allocate a budget of around twenty to
twenty-five dollars shipped with you Amazon with taxes and everything
Canadian is all in Canadian so us or other prices gonna be better in general
but allocate that much for it if you do about the two hundred two and twenty
dollars for the boxing bag and stand now you’re at about 275 to 250 here are the
more stylish and fun accessories you have to get wraps to wrap your hands if
you’re lucky they come with the boxing bag i don’t think this one did one I
want when I pop a four did come with boxing wraps angle ups but I might have
paid a hundred dollars for that not eight hours of Amazon that was at
Walmart they actually sell them there as pre surprised it might have been open
box too so that’s why I might have been cheaper with the gloves and the rap but
rap you need it to box if you can warm up that’s cool warm up with just your
fists I do it I don’t do it for many reps because you’re just gonna scratch
your hands and rip your hands I mean look at that you know you get you get
scars on your hands but you have to wrap them for security don’t do it without
them if you’re actually gonna do some nicer activities you can do a heavy bag
box thing I don’t really do it because I’m a power lifter a weight lifter
bodybuilder whatever I’m just more about building muscle and getting stronger and
breaking my finish limits by subscribing and liking below but for the average
a person who doesn’t want to do heavy bag boxing you don’t need it you can save
money wraps are like ten bucks for an ice pack you can get colored ones if you
really want to but at the end the day they’re just sweaty like strips of
toilet paper pretty much who cares you can get gloves to cost $30 let’s say
this budget is about $45 for wraps and gloves so now you’re up to about 315 if
$300 here is the second caveat you need if you’re going to build a home gym the
the floor you’re protecting is very important your boxing bag is gonna move
around you’re a big strong do to girl you’re gonna smack that bag a lot it’s
gonna move around a lot you to have a floor that’s protected with it one of
the caveats to that is is the type of the material you use rubber is gonna be the
best for absorbing shock and then plywood if you want to get one inch
think rubber you can get it I have it on my gym my entire gym has that to protect
my floors especially I’m dead lifting but what that does is it absorbs the
force from the boxing bag has when shaking from you smacking it so
doesn’t scratch your floor so then scratch or damage the floor if yet if
rubber is gonna be more expensive than plywood rubber 1 inch thick thing of
rubber that’s like 18 by 18 inches is gonna be like a hard ours but plywood
can be cheap it’s like 30 to 40 dollars for what you need maybe just drill glue
together two pieces of one inch plywood underneath your boxing gym and you’re
fine you can also anchor your boxing stand to the plywood if you want to get
creative that way and save some money that way you don’t need multiple layers
but allocate a budget about 40 to 45 dollars for the plywood if you want to
be a baller like me get one interesting tire one you can get it from Tractor
Supply Co or a local wholesome whole gym reseller may have it alright so the
thing I mentioned the beginning an action an added bonus to your box you
saying that you get the one I have right here obviously down below are Amazon
affiliate links and I appreciate anyone who uses them it’s a force a channel it
helps me build home gym videos for you guys but one of the ones in this video
is a speed bag if you get lucky it comes with your boxing stand I mean minded I’m
new to boxing in general so I don’t know if this comes with all boxing stands but
it came with mine for this one a speed bag can be used to increase timing and
technique when boxing it could be a great way to even add cardio and hey you
got 20 minutes when you wake up in the morning smack the speed bag around just
to get you know you’re an animal right but for the average person that’s
probably the cost forty to fifty dollars speed backs you’re like a niche product
so you’re gonna be a little more expensive so budget that accordingly if
you’re going from what this budgets kind of is right now we’re around the 350 to
you know 400 ish dollar range that’s Canadian so if you go buy this budget
video boxing bag and stand a posh a to 20 to 50 Amazon if you get on deal of
Black Friday Amazon Prime day coming up it can be a little cheaper if you want
to get the wraps and the gloves that might be $40 extra so 260 if you want to
get skipping ropes there’s probably add $25 to 285 and if you want to add the
plywood that’s about $40 and the speed bag is about 40 to $50 it’ll cost you
probably around 400 dollars to build this gym and let’s put that in
perspective for a moment because a squat rack by itself cost 400 to 500 dollars
if you buy a cheap one from a gym hoe like I did if you buy rogue it’ll be
like a thousand dollars so the fact that you can get a full gym in your basement
pretty much all dedicated to boxing for under $500 is pretty awesome and if you
liked this video and you like the concept of this the cheapest home gym
for each sport series like comment and subscribe bye the last few did really
well and I’m hoping this video does too if you want some more limit breaking
knowledge check out the website below and hit that like and subscribe button
this is been Nicholas on awakendgainz here to break your fitness limits
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  2. Very cool video. Really good ideas about creating a layer between the equipment and the floor. Some excellent boxing based training methods that can be applied to everyone's workout regardless of specific sport or ability level.

  3. Good video but those "air fillled" boxing stands are supposed to be filled with sand or water and are about 150 lbs when filled.

  4. Good vid but I completely disagree on gloves and wrap. Make sure to not cheap out on the gloves and wraps, the last thing you want is a sprained wrist

  5. Watch out , the bag glove need to be 6oz to 10oz and wrap have some size
    150 cm and 180cm so be aware of those details

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