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The Cheapest Hockey Home Gym Possible By Nicholas Dettinger, lets Break your fitness limits by learning how to make
the cheapest football home gym possible for you and your friends to me workout
in your home gym to build your football abilities you can get a better player
and maybe get that scholarship one day you’re Awakenedgainz let’s
Berger for his limits awakened games for those who don’t know the general idea
these videos they follow the cheapest home gym series where I go for over each
sport to give you clarification on what the basic necessities are for you to get
your workout in and to be the most effective follow the 80/20 principle the
most items I recommend are the ones that fall on the 80% of what you need to get
the job done the last 20% are add-ons you can do they usually cost more and
create marginal benefits for you the items that I give you that it cost 20%
of what a home gym could cost give me 80 percent of the amount of
benefits that you will need to get a great effective workout and maybe get
that scholarship the list of equipment today is going to include both what a
lineman needs for his workout in a little extra what the quarterback might
need as well to begin with the most expensive thing with finding a cheap
home gym is likely going to be the barbell right behind he’s not a
green-screen the barbell and too heavy 45 pound plates I think if the player
can more or less handle that amount of weight very easily and there’s a reason
why we’re going to have this barbell and 45 pound plates in the build reason for
finding these cheap are including them at all this is because no players need
to keep both up strength and endurance in a lot of movements so heavy and high
rep exercises are going to be crucial Plus with the barbell and dumbbells
athlete can do power cleans which are amazing a movement for this explosive
athletes oh how are you going to find the best deals on barbells and dumbbells
weights well the easiest way to buy them is from a store that has a local option
around you that you can talk with the home owner and see if there’s any price
price agreement you can have or maybe paying plans if you’re into that I got
to pick cash directly but you can negotiate with them a little bit likely
where I bought my stuff was from a local wholesaler that did a lot of stuff in
the area they were able to work with me to get a deal on 300 pounds for him you
know 300 pounds of weight and a barbell included actually about 275 275 for 305
pounds of weight and a 500 pound rated barbell included in the plan that’s
great for me they probably made margin on the weights and threw in the bar
because that was that cost if you’re in the States you can have suppliers like
Titan fitness but offer free shipping and Amazon probably isn’t the best place
to go because of shipping and they might add extra to that and the quality isn’t
as great but again Titan finished has had some pretty bad reviews so they’re
just there to give you a good idea what you need to work out look for a local
place you can see the product in place and buy it there on the spot you can you
too dumbbells are really easy to get because
every wants to throw them away the sand dumbbells want to feel the sand they’re
probably ones they’d get for dirt cheap because they’re older and people think
they just don’t work as well but if they still weigh relatively same amount of
weight you know it’s weighing my scale I think you’d be pretty effective for your
workout because people are willing to give those away free or rush the old
barbells or dumbbells because you can just put them from wd40 move the rust
and they’re great for you know flooring if you want to do deadlifts with your
barbell you can set up a barbell or a deadlift flat form with rubber flooring
and a wooden plate in the middle or a wooden structure in the middle I built
one using Allen thralls guide here and you can do the same thing it’ll cost a
little bit more but maybe you can just have the rubber flooring and be done
with it which makes the cost this build somewhere around 350 to 400 AD and it
can be done better in America because usually the Americans have better
pricing on pretty much everything for some reason but but for this you’ve
gotten a barbell to do a lot of different exercising on mostly power
cleans really power cleans are one of those exercises that I’ve seen a lot of
high athlete coaches recommend football players so those items offered you’d 80%
of the benefit of getting a home gym that’s we need to get a great effective
workout and that is it you could stop the video right here these last items
offer you cost eighty percent and give you maybe 20 percent of the results
you’re looking for but here are the items you can have for
your cheap football home gym taping ropes parachutes and ladders ladders are
probably the more effective one football players because you always see those
videos all those add-ons are for you to get a better cardio workout or build
endurance somewhere they are great tools if you’re a high level athlete or you
have an advanced training system in place but you’re a beginner parachutes
they’re not gonna be very effective and a cost probably more than what a
dumbbell might cost you if you’re looking at a skipping rope skipping
ropes just focus on running most the sport is running so or biking even would
be pipe better than skipping ropes by they can help you control your super
response which beer Firefly response to that cardio by being calm and that
activity I’ll actually that parachute that’s cool but it could cost as much as
what a dumbbell could or maybe half the cost of a barbell or half the cost of a
plate so they’re not really effective and they’re just there if you want to
build one so this is more of a buying guide because well it money cost money
you know if you want to get a good workout in you can always go to good
life in this for ten bucks but you’re here trying to figure out how to get the
cheapest home gym done okay you’re trying to work out a home and save some
time while you’re in school or doing other things to get a more effective
workout but the last two items that you could consider for your home gym is
maybe a front rack if you’re not gonna do a heavy amount of weight and battle
ropes those two give you a great workout when it comes to the squat rack you can
get man this is gonna cost more than really the barbell the dumbbells and the
rubber tires and the plates you probably cost sure to get locally squat racks
welcome chief because they offer so much utility you can do chin-ups
everything else but you can get a frontside which is removed that back to
right there rack for a lot cheaper just you can’t use a lot of weight on them
make sure they have a long base you will need more rubber tires here so it’s a
more expensive thing to do so you might not want to do it a good really good
workout would be dumbbells the barbells so power cleans overhead carries farmers
walks push ups etc bodyweight movements to really build a good base and then
when you’re in your high school you’re in your grade school whatever a
university use their gym to use the big weights and get a great workout there
because you have to go there for their workouts
anyways and they’re probably gonna put you through Baker cups anyway so you’re
only trying to get the try to get a benefit we aren’t trying to do a huge
investment money huge investment in time those are things you really need to
build a great workout you don’t need much it’s just working out because
you’re already the athlete you need to be and you have that on field time
anyway so I hope you had a great break your fitness limits Awakendgainz!

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    Wanna build the gym mentioned above?

    Barbell –

    Dumbells – best to find them locally

    45lb plates – best to find them locally

    Skipping rope –

    Rubber flooring –

    Parachute for running –

    Ladders for agility –

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