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Good morning everyone it’s Nicholas and
you’re back on Awakendgainz and following the success of the cheapest home gym
series im doing one for every single sport and today we’re gonna do one on
how to build the cheapest soccer home gym possible and break your fitness
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series and let’s break your fitness limits awakenendgainz! my previous one I
released is about baseball boxing in an irregular one and my own workout home
gym so if you check out any of those and be graciously appreciate the links are
down below but for this one soccer is a little more difficult than
baseball because not directly in my wheeled house a couple different
research articles and I asked some friends who play soccer how to get the
best cheapest home gym workout possible through soccer one area that commonly
over apps is the ability to do speed drills and overall working on the leg
likes in the body but a lot of it is actually hand-eye coordination or a leg
ID coordination as I like to call in this video to get you better at kicking
in direction of a ball so today we’re gonna highlight those aspects just like
in the baseball home gym video a hex that you need to be a better baseball
player for many different positions in soccer we’re gonna focus on the overall
attacking positions of those one area this video does focus around is you’re
gonna have to be living near an area with a soccer net already at a local
park this is because the cost of having one in your backyard can be expensive if
you’re not a handy person and you don’t want to build one out of maybe bird’s
nest and PVC pipe oh well that could happen and it could save you a lot of
time going from place to place that could be looked on in the future maybe
have a bunch of that set up but today the but it’s gonna be under three to
four hundred dollars get a cheap ineffective workout but that’s gonna
happen only if you have a soccer net already avail the two objects that are
most commonly cited in videos like this and I want to get them out of the way
right now because they’re not really creative for me is the ladders anibus
and spans resistance bands resistance bands resistance bands they’re so
effective for many different exercises you can run hips your glutes you can
target calf muscles you can target your hamstrings and provide a great workout
overall you can even do pre rehab for rehab season after your main soccer
season they’re great tools get them there vary in aspects up and expect of
ten to fifteen dollars you get a great pair for agility ladder is the same
thing happens they’re great tool for a lot of footwork
driven sports like soccer just go with the ones that are good price don’t
overpay for him because really you could build them out of string if you wanted
to but if you got the budget go for one thing you could which maybe I’ll throw
in right now is like a fun one would be or it isn’t a spongy or a parachute
these guns can be essentially tied to your back to allow you to add more drag
when you’re running so that you can theoretically try to spread faster and
harder I’ve seen these come into effect with some university players who would
like to try them on maybe like their Sundays they like their off day for
training or maybe just like their fun day where they work on areas throughout
the week now one that’s kind of not really recommended is ankle weights
ankle weights can be very detrimental to your body especially if you sit for more
than up for a long period of time for short acute exercise if you’re just
trying to get used to it I guess but here’s the thing your joints aren’t
designed for a weight to be added in spots like that when it comes to
building muscle when it comes to actually adding weight to your body your
body’s more optimized for carrying those loads because it places them in specific
spots but with ankle weights it doesn’t place them in those specific
spots it places them and obviously spots that weren’t designed for that away
compared to the rest of your body so your ligaments and tendons aren’t strong
enough it can strengthen them but you shouldn’t practice on them you
shouldn’t really run with them you can maybe warm up and do walks around with
them just strengthen those objects but they add a lot of wear and tear to those
areas so do not try to do them with actual sports or actual sport activities
because you can injure those areas I know guys who wanted to build their
calves they walked around with ankle weights on for months it didn’t do
anything because those muscles weren’t designed they’re not gonna build it like
that they might help that joints and ligaments become a little stronger a
little more flexible but I don’t think they’re really worth it so scratch that
off your budget if you wanted it only aim for 20 bucks it’s not worth anything
more than 20 bucks so before I get to the soccer specific ones a half you for
your cheap home gym one obviously once you can add to your cheap home gym
aren’t dumbbells pick them up on Kijiji or Craigslist or your local listings
always be safe when you think up low used items but can be a great workout
because you can do how two different exercise it’s not just
your legs we can build cardio in your chest to help your better your lungs you
can build some muscle mass in your arms to be more aerodynamic on the field but
a lot of different things you can do with the pair of dumbbells and their
prey cheat so the last section for you guys is the soccer net addons I have to
get you better trained for your sport to build the cheapest home gym possible or
essentially the cheapest outdoor soccer homes remember to always clean up your
local parks though as someone who works in parks management please clean the
parks no it’s just it just helps everyone out so essentially you’re gonna
build actual structures on this parks always make sure to take them down
through bird netting on Amazon it’s a very cheap thing maybe combine the
mcenany and tire but bird netting is essentially a very
thin but not thick material that allows air to pass to it so that birds can’t go
through it or maybe bug netting but it can be used to put tie-up on to let’s
say a soccer net to give you an area to target when you’re doing your sports it
could be a corner net corner net acquirement or a corn net or even a
middle section or maybe you can add a big one you could put on to a soccer net
to be I want to hit in these specific areas you could do that just by time
velcro straps over the net to tie them together and hold it in place and sure
that you can take it down afterwards and this could probably be done for under 50
bucks if you get creative enough and find a good deal it’s to beat us
designed to any height of a soccer net because depending on the one on the your
local field you just have to cut it out to a specific measure maybe you just
want to do corner segments like for segments to practice shooting at the
four corners maybe you want to do one where it’s just focused on half of the
net so you put that one down tie they’ll go to strap through it and then over the
net and you could secure it that way you can also build cardboard cutouts of your
opponents to maybe give you an example you put a favorite celebrity on it I’m
sure you can find a cardboard cutout of them or it’s like a PNG off like Google
any feel of cardboard structures of them to practice around shooting people it
can be fun have fun of it it’s your cheap home gym but essentially you can
make targeted specific activities for improving your soccer coordination or
your leg coordination with your legs while you’re on the soccer field and
saving you a good amount of money you don’t need to buy those 200 all our
setups you can make them yourself out of velcro straps tied through bird netting
fit to your net so I hope it a great day in break, your fitness limits soccer’s a
great support tune in to and I hope you have a great home gym and a great
workout let’s break your fitness limits

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