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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to give you the master tip. The one that applies to your chest workouts
that will make every, single exercise you do better. That’s why we call it the ‘master tip’. It’s actually really, really easy to do. You just have to be conscious of it and that
is the big problem. We’re not. Let’s start with a little test. Just take your arm, raise it all the way up
over your head as high as you can go, and then look at how you look. Do you look like me right now? Does this look like what you’re doing? If it is you’re probably really in need of
what I’m going to show you here, today. This isn’t right. I didn’t just raise my arm up over my head. I actually shrugged my shoulder at the same
time. You see, if I were to just take my shoulder
out of the shrug position that’s how it would look. I still raised my arm as high as I could in
the shoulder joint, but I also shrugged. That’s not what we want to do and the reason
why that happens is because we are way too overactive in our upper traps because everything
we do in a day – whether it’s typing, whether it’s driving, whether it’s texting – we’re
always shrugging. It could even be related to stress, too. But if you want to get the most out of your
chest workouts, and every chest exercise you do, you’ve got to stop shrugging. You’ve got to get that shrug out of the exercise. If you try this next test you’ll see why. Take your hand and put it on your chest, and
then on that same side, shrug your shoulder up. Now in that position bring your arm up, across
your chest as if you just finished a dumbbell bench press, and squeeze as hard as you can. Now without doing anything, stay in that contracted
state and then depress your shoulder. Get out of that shrug. Feel the increased strength of contraction
that you get just from getting out of that shrug. Why is that? Because the pec major actually assists in
shoulder depression, pulling this down. The lower traps are going to do that, but
the pec major wants to do that, too. In order to be fully contracted you have to
get your pecs in that position. We could do that across all the exercises. Let me show you. If you go to the bench press here, one of
the most classic exercises – again, if we don’t look at what we’re doing and focus
on it we almost always perform this exercise from a shrugged position, as you’re doing
here. You might not even recognize that if I’d never
told you in the beginning what we’re trying to focus on. But as we go here, we know we can make this
better and stronger, if we get out of that position. So as I make this one little change, I pull
those shoulders down, and when I do, now I press. When people give you that cue of down and
back, down and back a lot of people think it’s one cue. So they just pull back. But the down portion is actually pulling your
shoulders down toward your feet. That will give you that depression. That gives you the increased strength of contraction
and a better exercise here when doing it this way. Now we can take this to other exercises. Like I said, the master tip. If you go to a pushup the same thing applies. Just because it’s bodyweight doesn’t mean
the same thing isn’t working. When we do the pushup here, again, the natural
tendency is to do them with our shoulders shrugged up. But if we want to turn that off we’ve got
to activate the lower traps and then pull them down and when we do the pushup now, the
contraction, you’ll feel it instantly. It will be a lot stronger. You might even fatigue faster doing pushups
this way, but who cares? The goal is to work your chest and to work
it maximally, and you’re going to do that this way. Now we take it over to the dip and it becomes
even more challenging. Why? Because now we’ve got the force of gravity
acting down on our bodies that’s going to make this even harder because if we have to
get our shoulders down that’s going to be tough because we all want to fall this way,
right? The weight of our body is going to drive our
shoulders up. You have to fight it. This is a little more difficult for somebody
to do, but you can still do it. You press down through here, and now the dip
will become better. So look at the difference. You can instantly see that exercise becomes,
not only more intense, but in the long run better, and the side effect of all these positions
here is that we’re getting ourselves into a safer position. When we don’t drive our shoulders up this
way and try to move our arms no matter what exercise we’re doing, we create more space
inside the shoulder joint, leading to the less likelihood of impingement. So we have a safer position. If you have shoulder issues and troubles do
this, and I guarantee you’re going to be able to press more safely, or do any of these exercises
more safely. Then finally, we can even do this on a cable
crossover. Again, the tendency is, as we pull, to want
to pull with everything. Here, the likelihood is even higher because
we like to cheat and pull that way. Well, we don’t want to pull with the shoulder
up. If we’re doing it that way, again, we’re missing
out on a major opportunity to make this exercise better. Here you can actually see the difference as
the chest contracts before, with the shrug up, and now without. But the fact is this, guys; there’s better
ways to do the exercises you’re doing if you know how to do them right. With one tip sometimes, just one, that’s all
it takes, it’s easy for you to visualize, finally. The light clicks, you start doing it, and
it becomes automatic from there on out. You’re going to get much more out of it. That’s what we call a master tip. I think you guys are going to find this helpful. Again, you can apply this to any single exercise
you do for your chest. It underscores what I always say here, on
this channel. It’s not what you do. It’s how you do what you do, and why you do
what you do that helps you to understand it, that empowers you to be able to get a lot
more out of your training. That’s what this channel has always stood
for. That’s what it’s always going to stand for,
and that’s what all the programs I’ve put together are about. So it’s not just about telling you what to
do. It’s about why you do it, and how you do it
the best way to get the most out of it. If you’re looking for a pogrom that does that,
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leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what you want me to cover in future
videos and I’ll do my best to do that for you. All right, guys. See you soon.

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