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My dream is to be another world champion. I wanna be Mr Olympia, that’s what I wanna do. I wanna train all year.. Give all I can.. All the dedication, all the time, all the ups and the downs.. That make it all worth it in the end when you sit there and you hold that trophy, you hold the gold medaillons.. And you’re declared Mr. Olympia The ambassador of the sport of bodybuilding There’s nothing better than that. I’ve been coming here getting second all these times since 2001.. It seems like everyone told me you’re wasting your time, you’re not gonna win.. I persevered and I trained harder Came back every year and came back stronger and here I am. This is the day that no one thought they would see. I broke the trend. That’s what it’s all about. They said the champ can’t be taken out, well you know what… The new champ is in town. I knew Dexter won. I knew Dexter won, I gave it to him. Dexter Jackson didn’t win the Olympia in 2008 I gave the title to him. Jay lost in 2008 to Dexter and it seemed it was over for Jay. He wasn’t get much better than he was the previous years so.. He was getting worse and worse. I said, well you know I think I can beat Jay. I just knew I could beat him that show, I knew he wasn’t gonna be on. You’re gonna have Jay making a comeback. And you best believe Jay CAN make a comeback. Condition is the key so I think I’m getting there. I’ve been there, I’ve fallen down and I’m coming back to once again stand there alone. And there is a lot of people right now that doubt that I’m gonna come back to do that. But there was a lot of people in the beginning that doubted me when I was placing second second second. That I would actually win and become the world champion.. And I did that. I’m gonna fight to be the best again. I feel like I give everything I can for this sport. And that’s you will see once again in 2009. I’m probably a whole different person coming into 2009 seasn than I’ve ever been. You don’t realize what you have untill it’s gone. Anything can happen in bodybuilding. Anyday anything can happen.. And I was proof of that. When I beat Coleman I was proof of that When I lost And I wanna be proof of that here in ’09 when I come back to win the title. Jay Cutler is back trying to do something no Mr. Olympia competitor has EVER done before. Lose the title COME BACK a year later And claim and win it back. He reinvented himself in 2009 When he walked out.. it was like WOW. He just rewrote the records book with that type of physique. This is better than when he beat Coleman in 2006. There it is your two time Mr. Olympia trying to take the title back! You can achieve anything you want and don’t let ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN’T

100 thoughts on “THE COMEBACK STORY

  1. 2009 version of Jay winning the olympia is the best physique that has ever walked on the olympia stage nothing comes close

  2. Jay Cutler (boy spoiled and arrogant) had to wait for the great myth, Mr. Ronnie Coleman to get old and sick to win Mr. Olympia only 4 times …..

    Long live our perpetual king Mr. Ronnie Coleman ………

  3. This motivates the shit out of me…. I grow up with Jay and Phil… The best bodybuilder on this planet in my opinion!!! I m so thankful that i saw this guys on stage ❀πŸ’ͺ

  4. Much respect for Jay. He never gave up and gave everything he had. To be the best you have to beat the best. And he did. πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

  5. Jay is fuckin awesome, that foot stomp showed everybody, I'm back and this is my house motherfuckers!

  6. Jay the heroric. I searched many pros for knowledge. Culters got it. For Results listen.. "Watch and Learn". Cutler had thei best body!!! Ever in history. Jays way. Trust me.

  7. He is the best ambassador of this sport in this era, he may not have a huge no. of titles but the sportsmanship in him is way above. Even if he wins or loses he always hugs his fellow mates and says encouraging words to them. Respect.

  8. I like him better than arnold, oliva, coleman, and all the other great names. He's actually the greatest. This is all a bodybuilder should look like.

  9. Jays physique in 2009 was off the chart perfectly proportioned nobody stood a chance and when he done that quad stomp wow .. 2009 best cutler Jay is defo one of the greatest of all time like no questions asked

  10. Craziest fucking part is that Jay Cutler wasn't bitter, angry, or even upset really with losing the Olympia in 2008. He was genuinely happy for Dexter. He knew he was the best. And he proved it two years in a row after losing in 2008. It's like he WANTED to lose so he could come back even better. Absolute monster. My inspiration. Love Jay Cutler!

  11. As a whole ,Jay Cutler is the best bodybuilder ever!
    He placed 2nd for 4 years straight,still didn't give hope, and won

  12. Horse power. You're are my Hero. You motivate me..someone should watch my my Videos here.and subcribe

  13. Favorite body builder not because of his physique but his mentality. To lose so many times , but to keep on coming back is something else .

  14. Was never a big fan of Jay Cutler but now have respect 4 losing and regain his crown Way to go champ


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  17. Cried after watching the Enthusiasm, SACRIFICE, PAIN N faith he had During his come back days was incredible…True Inspiration for All Gymholics…THE GR8 JAY CUTLER…thanks for Making this Motivational video…

  18. 4:13 even his hair was shredded, He looked like super saiyan, the best pose ever in history of bodybuilding.

  19. The lighting and background etc… they used in 2009 they should use every year because they all looked great on that stage.

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