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welcome to the video guys you guys. on
snapchat asked for a meal prepping video so here it is though I’m going to take you to
little with me right now and show you guys what I’m going to pick and they
want to come back here and show you how to season your food so it tastes really flavoursome and hopefully you guys will enjoy so thank you the video if you
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see you in just check alright guys so here is the food I’m about to meal prep
so I’ve got my asparagus my sweet potato with my lean chicken rice for muscle
food and also that scale here as well firstly what you can
do is preheat the oven so I’m going to put the oven on high cuz I’m going to
do is cook the sweet potato first but while I’m doing that I’m also going to turn
the panel as well as we’ll start cooking the chicken the thing that when I cook
last is the asparagus get a 5 minutes what i aim to do now is wash the actual sweet
potatoes like you need to wash them because you can’t it’s like cut them straight away
this could be anywhere so washing thoroughly got kind of scrubbing down
and a quick tip you guys the super tell we should try and get utilize the more
longer ones there’s pause where these that’s going
to sound kind of gay but the longer ones the easier because it’s easier to cook
you can have all this chop them into circles you don’t have to make fries
they the crucial step I a lot of people spend too much time to make super set
fries just chop them into circles what you would have been on that make so much
easier and quicker okay and here’s all the super tails all chopped up spirit
energy technically you don’t have to see them because they are naturally sweet I
like you know if it’s by alright so I’m going to do is spray down the pan a
little bit two three four five six seven usually I don’t really track the it so
minuscule what you can if you likes getting over there okay once this is a
pan cure your season I went with a BBQ
doesn’t have to be crazy amount just sprinkle enough on there then I’m also
going to use some mixed herbs and there and then what I’m going to do is kind of
mix it up a bit and also when you cut these be sure to
try and cut them the exact same kind of thickness because it means that the
potatoes will cook around at the same time as each other go put the super’
tails in there usually takes about 30 minutes to cook so I would say be sure
to check it every 10 minutes the whole thing takes around 30 minutes to cook so
every 10 minutes you kind of turn it over make sure it’s not burning can the
end of the day in on high and hopefully is the oil on top it will really help
crisp them up next up we are going to season the
chicken and make sure it tastes flavoursome a lot of people out there
just drop my little bit salt pepper on their chicken no we’re not going to do
that we’re going to the appropriate season so I’m going to show you some
taste flavors herbs and also be macro friendly as well like I usually don’t
track my seasons but try and keep like a nice level dull season and Donder season
so it tastes good I’ve also washed in me as well I know a lot of you people don’t
like washing of stuff for a lot of black and Asian people tend to like in our
culture wash to me so that’s what I’ve done and that also can affect the way of
the chicken and so when Wade out to me I personally would way at the very end
where it’s cooked because in all the water they would have been gone lots of
rock is kind of feel that if with water renovation appears heavier when it comes
to weigh in the meats personally of all means I would always kind of weigh them
when it’s actually completely cooked that way you know how much chicken you
garnish will plate rather than waiting when it’s raw because the waterways adds
a long way all right so what I’m going to do now is dice with the chicken
collects light meal see things I’m going to go for is jerk seasoning some cayenne
pepper mix herbs and a little bit of garlic now we’re kind of ready to add it into
the pan and if any of you try this recipe be
short hit me up for one of my social medias probably like Instagram and
snapchat but it’s boiling in this kitchen we’re going for a heatwave in
the UK and this heat in the kitchen is killing even so I’m supposed to be a
douchebag but I’m dying here and I should the windows so the audio doesn’t
get messed up by the cars driving by so bear with me anyway this could be food
right now I will be something everyday you should keep flipping it over at
first if I make you cook as much as it can because when you first put it in the
pan obviously if you preheat the pan it will start to cook pretty quick you want
to evenly turn it and then when it kind of like in this mid raw stage put the
lid on to the house wheel in the heat and cook through the meat thoroughly so
you’re not left with PBS on the inside PJ – I think it’s about time we checked
on the tail or the chips attacking or their mistake just like you’re making
sure you tell attending most a lot of that a good tip is that use u15 like a
dark orange so you know it’s like kind of cooked more I’ve just flipped on with
a chicken so most of it’s cooked I would say it’s got maybe maybe eight minutes
left so what I’m going to start doing now is making miscarriages of them.all
asparagus is needed all I’m going to do is take my toe pad click wash them and
chop off the ends of them because the bottom of asparagus is virtually like
water so you need to kind of chop those off and then really just right in the
pan all right I have washed the apart asparagus so now we need to do coffee
edges I’m this kind of size I’d say maybe half an inch up the edges America
should do sad you can see the end now is all green so that’s a good bit you’re
not going to be eating wood I usually just do a couple sprays of the olive oil
thing just so he doesn’t stick to the pan and burn and I wish you guys could
smell how good it smelling oh yeah you can always tell you made a good bit of
food and it starts getting really good another five minutes and that’s it
and with this one guys do the timers keep doing that all right I’m pretty
sure everything is cooked now the chicken is cooked I’ve tried it inside
white so that’s a good tip as well to make sure chickens cooked slice up with
some of the pieces and make sure that they’re not pink on the inside
try the bigger pieces first because that’s a good indication and for the
greens make sure that they are like bright green when the bright green that
means that they are more or less cooked as well and then the final thing is Reba
tails which has been cooked for like about five minutes so far our curiosity
I wanted to see how much all the chicken I cut came up to and in terms of
weighting came up to just over 750 grams so what I’m going to do is probably just
split out into three and do 250 grams of chicken breast in each portion and do
the same for these sear them all out next up I added 150 grams of sweet tails
in each portion just kind of add instant dare the despair again and voila here it
is we’ve got 60 grams of the asparagus with
150 of these sweet potatoes and we’ve got 250 of the chicken breast mints we
are good to go this is going to be three days worth of meals and if it was
correctly working out it roughly works out around three pound eighty per meal
yes this is three meals roughly comes out three Sunday’s cheaper and take away
so hopefully you enjoy it all right people walking to do right now is go to
the gym because I need to still make my games because it’s still a fitness type
of videos yeah the water feeling right now is astounded I used to be the star
walk down to but you love me lay the crowd of me
likes where the fuck were you were not only a family I don’t think sighs cannot
be fine em so bad sometimes accentuated his in
the fight with baseball bat with help Larry not just top of our long to show
luckylove don’t even know we say cantata harmony right sometimes it’s just my
wrist that’s it so let me handle my biz anyway let’s get home finish this video
off and hopefully you guys enjoying it if so please thumbs up and I’ll be sure
to get more of these videos out there for you guys peace out
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only hope so hopefully and interesting kind of funny video as well and I’ll
also be showing you my gym routine as well as various foods I cook in my
normal blogs anyways and I’ll see you next video which will be this will be
the next video in getting see which is already in people’s cases to the channel
to you know and videos drop anyway people peace out like calm scribe as I
said already

17 thoughts on “The Complete Beginner’s Guide: How to Meal Prep! (Step by Step)

  1. You guys asked for a meal prep video so here it Is! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ stay tuned to the funny ending πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ. and be sure to LIKE the video and share out with your friends ☺✊

  2. How does the meal prep working with exercising as well? Do i eat breakfast, then snacks, then luch, then exeercise, then dinner?

  3. I dont have a food scale. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    Roughly how much cups is 150g of the sweet potato?

  4. Great Video for beginners, I never stepped foot in a gym/diet planned/prepped. I was a fairly chunky guy with a high body fat percentage. These videos alone have helped me massively I weighted 135kg and I’ve managed to cut to 95kg! TG you are a legend.. thank you.

  5. Man i just prepped this meal and omg its the best thing ever. I cooked my chicken in a medium wok , covered it , and let it cook in its own juices. When it was done i just added some curry and cayenne pepper to the excess water and made a curry gravy 😭 That stuff was the bombb broo !!!!

  6. I've never seen any of your videos before and I this is probably the best meal prep video I've seen. You explained everything well while keeping it simple and straight to the point. It wasn't complicated. My son turned 14 today and he is not comfortable in the kitchen at all. And I'm too high strung to teach him. He frustrates me in the kitchen but I think he could follow this easily with just supervision from me. We're really busy and eat way too much fast food. So I've been checking out meal prep videos to get ideas to prep and freeze dinners. And alot of them involve using prepackaged ingredients. I liked that yours didn't. Because the whole purpose for me to start meal prepping is to start eating real food again instead of take out or microwave stuff. And lastly I liked how you explained washing and seasoning your meat. I've never thought about it as a cultural practice but I guess it is. The way you said it was really nice. You said it much gentler than I ever have lol. Because I don't understand the practice of not washing meat. Not at all. And the fresh prince theme music was great too.

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