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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What are you more hungry for? Is really the question, because it was always my question. Am I more hungry to be Mr. Olympia? Or am I more hungry to eat like everyone else out there and therefore look like everyone else. That was my question. To me I was more hungry and more interested about the fact of becoming a champion. And being ripped on stage, and being cut and winning the trophy and all of those kind of things. Because I knew that if I would just have a temporary joy here.. And eat and cheat .. .. I’m most likely not gonna make it. That someone else is gonna walk right by me. And someone else is gonna grab that title. Because many times those competitions were very very close. Any mistake could have cost me the title. So this is not a mistake that I want to make. I wanna be reponsible that I do EVERYTHING that I can to be a WINNER!! From then on.. If I lose, which I have.. I lost against Sergio, I lost against Frank Zane. Then it was not because I screwed up It was just because they were better. I need another year, or I need another two years. But the worse thing is that if you lose a competition or if you’re not quite reaching your goal because you didn’t do everything that you could do. And this is why I say to people, is think about that twice before you grab something else.. Stay on your diet, stay focused When you have that question and you’re about to eat and cheat.. Think about what your goal is. And this is gonna help you get to your goal. We had a habit after we trained at Gold’s Gym.. That we would go and all go and have lunch together. Celebrate the great workout that we had. But we would watch each other. Yes people would have steak and a hamburger and all this.. But if someone had the bread with the hamburger .. We would bust him right then and there. What is your goal? What is your vision? Where do you want to go? Does this screw up now, is this really a need to have some bad food? Is this gonna help me?


  1. ''What are you more hungry for is really the question.. Am I more hungry to be a champion or am I more hungry to eat like everyone else and therefore look like everyone else? To me I was more interested and excited about becoming a champion. I wanna be responsible that I do everything that I can to be a winner.''
    #StayDisciplined #DontBeLikeEveryoneElse

  2. atleast 8 meals a day for maximum muscle building in order to become a supermutant freak walking the streets

  3. My favorite part of the week is these vids. Every single one is good and helps me get closer to my goals!

  4. I was preparing a meal and what? … BOOM! Nicandro uploaded his new video. 😀 Watching food video, during eatting my own meal, it's something amazing. <3 Another good vid, bro. +1

  5. Every meal strengthens your body and mind, because you know that you come closer to achieving your goals.
    More of a philosophical discipline than a sport. The training takes one hour, SHAPING the body takes a life time.

  6. I really needed this. I fell off a bit and have been trying to get back on and this video definitely helped

  7. Nick use the 1980 mr olympia clip very intelligently to make the video more understandable.

  8. It’s not about eating enough. Most people eat enough. Most people’s problems are either eating wrong or eating TOO much.
    Cutting is painful.

  9. Watching bodybuilders eat is gross.Can't they fucking behave decently at the table?!
    They look like a bunch of Neanderthals feeding on mammoth meat after starving. Maniacally hunched over the food and rooting like pigs.
    Go see a fucking doctor.

  10. i love watching pro bodybuilders and i workout aswell, but this effort simply is too big for a massive physique. you work your ass off more than at any other sport just to look like ronnie coleman and others. i could never work so hard for something that would vanish THAT quickly if i just stopped working on it. we all know the big BB's with injuries. they look like shit compared to their prime only some months later without training.

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