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Sergio is one of the most gifted genetic bodybuilderes there ever was. He was so far advanced over the rest of us.. Everybody else could have just posed their ass off and Sergio could have stood there and he walked away with the contest. No matter what I will be forever THE MYTH. Though Sergio Oliva was in the best shape of his life in the early 70’s.. He was succeeded handily by Arnold. As one titan faded and a new one rose into the spotlight. And he competed one to one against Sergio several times. The problem with Sergio.. Is that he was dealing with Arnold. Who is just the smartest bodybuilder on stage ever. I basically had a goal.. I wanted to make the most of my physique. And go to the top, win Mr. Olympia. However long it took. I knew that to get to the top I had to have impeccable conditions for training.. Everything had to be perfect. And it was. Frank basically was very dominant in the late 70’s. 1982 saw Chris Dickerson become the first African-American to win the Mr. Olympia. After more than a decade of competing. The following year, Samir Bannout. The lion of lebanon. I did my homework. I even was more focused.. Because I wanted this thing SO BAD. He came out and he had a christmas tree back like nobody has ever seen before. Massive arms.. And he won the contest. As I prepared for that competition I prepared like never before. ALL Of that came together at that 1984 Mr. Olympia. When they raised my arms in victory man, I felt like I was on top of the world then. Lee Haney was just at that time was a FREAK Real wide clavicles, little waist, you know HUGE back, THICK chest. I talked to my wife and said I’ve done 7 Olympia’s in a row.. No one has ever done 7 in a row. And I said to her well, what do you think about that being it? She looked at me and said ”IT?” what do you mean ”IT?” She said YOU GOTTA DO 8.. What are you talking about. And so that gave me the fire to go on to do that 8th Olympia. Today is the day… THAT EVERYTHING CHANGES. When Dorian walked on the stage we never saw.. What the hell is this? We never saw that kind of MASS and kind of SIZE. I would one day become Mr. Olympia Unfortunately for me I didn’t see The Shadow coming. The evolution of bodybuilding changed when Dorian came into the scene. I was the first guy to compete at the Mr. Olympia in condition over 250 pounds. I had this drive and this system of high intensity heavy training.. Which has gotten me from a backstreet basement gym in Birmingham to be Mr. Olympia. The torch was passed to another born champion who changed bodybuilding for good. Ronnie Coleman. Me Kevin and Flex have seen Ronnie Coleman, a guy that we used not even pay attention to… Leap frog over all of us. This is the most musclear man the world has ever seen. Ronnie Coleman reigns supreme until 2005.. Turning Lee Haney’s 8 Mr. Olympia wins. Coleman even won 4 Mr. Olympia contests over the man who would in time come to eclipse him. JAY CUTLER. We all have dreams when we’re kids.. You know for me I wanted to be a bodybuilder. I wanted to be the top guy in the sport that I thought was gonna be my future. I never listened to what people said ”Oh Ronnie Coleman is the greatest” you know.. ”You’re never gonna beat this guy.” I really thought truly I was gonna win. I really just wanted to win the Mr. Olympia.. That’s what I trained my whole life for. Ofcourse my dream was only the be the best I could be and now I’m standing on top of the world as the best bodybuilder on the planet. So NEVER GIVE UP. I said well you know I think I can beat Jay. We put our heads together, came up with a game plan. And we went into the Olympia, first thing I just knew I could beat him that show.. I knew he wasn’t gonna be on. It was the battle between me and Jay. And then he reinvented himself in 2009.. When he walked out it was like WOW. For six years he tried to wrestle the title away from Ronnie Coleman till he claimed the first one in ’06.. Won it again in ’07 and watched Dexter Jackson take it back. He has reclaimed the Olympia title, one of bodybuildings most historical moments. He has done something no champion has EVER done. See that’s the cool thing about Jay. Is that at some point in time pretty much everyone has asked for advice from Jay. Whether they wanna admit it or no.. They all come run into Jay like he’s GOD. Because we know he’s done it RIGHT.. And he’s done it with CLASS. I truly feel that my type of physique is gonna recharge the sport a little bit. I think my physique is still growing. So who knows how big I may get.. It was about being more aesthetic but yet having the muscles round like very cartoonish And having sharp conditioning to make those muscles stand out even larger than life. You know I was very confident. Because I just knew in my heart that.. I’M GONNA SHOCK THE WORLD. I just remember Jay shaking my hand and saying ”You’re the king now.” Everything.. he ties it all in together. I think the day where we are right now You know he’s certainly a good champion. Where we are here today in the evolution I think bodybuilding it’s position right now is as strong as it’s ever been in the history.

100 thoughts on “The Evolution Of Mr. Olympia – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. Here it is the longest vid I ever made.. The evolution of bodybuilding 1965 – 2017.
    Who do you think had the best physique out of all 13 winners?

  2. I think Jay is the best he dont give up after that all those 2. place and he win and he lost again but he have that champion mindset to take the title back and the most important one he help to Phil to get a sponsor he is my hero my idol 👍

  3. Arnold didn’t have those crazy muscles but still looks so majestic in his prime than none of today bodybuilding cant beat.

  4. все равно Арнольд лучше всех,не сравните его с другими

  5. From 5:00 every "bodybuilder" should be fucking ashamed for ruining this amazing sport. I swear to god when a bodybuilder comes on the olympia one of these days and does a vacuum the judges will go crazy and i hope the golden era days will be how bodybuilding will become once again and stay like that so when someone sees a bodybuilder they'll think: WOW, I want a body like that, NOT what it is now. People are disgusted with bodybuilders and wouldn't want to look even remotely close to bodybuilders now.

  6. Sergio was ahead of his time…
    I love Lou, he was sooooo huge but never ever had a bubble gut, even when he wasn't properly conditioned

  7. If i have achoice i will chose jay cutler. Ronnie coliman . Dexter jackson . And arnold . And phil heath. All of them best body builder ever.

  8. For me Frank zane had the best physique of all time: equality of aesthetic, size and dry. Not ugly mass body, just an aesthetics equilibrated body, thats the culturismo bases, proportions and aesthetic, not mass mass and more mass. It's funny that Frank zane would be little for the present mens physique. So sad nowadays culturism

  9. This video only celebrates the winner of the competition, but not the best Bodybuilder.., and thats the fault.
    So many great Bodybuilder never won that competition, and they were even robbed of the title.
    If anything is a motivation for bodybuilding, it is not the history of Mr. Olympia…
    The only thing you can learn from this Mr. Olympia – competition is not to try to win at all, but just do your own thing and celebrate yourself and that sport.
    I don't know any other sport where the chance of winning the most important competition is so low, even though you deserve the win more than any other competitor.

  10. Ronnie coleman is the single worst thing to happen to Bodybuilding in history, bloated stomach, Gyno, oversized quads and glutes weird abs. Vomit inducing

  11. everyone bitching about the golden era is better. fuck off man. Today's bodybuilding is the exact representation of evolution. The level has been amped up. A breed of super physiques that seem unattainable. Thats the whole point it. The sport grows because the current bodybuilders make it a spectacle

  12. tell me whatever you want but phil heath in 2008 is the most unreal physique to have ever stepped on a stage

  13. Arnold was the best ambassador of the sport, and arguably the most aesthetic physique but talking about bodybuilding no body is beating Ronnie at his best ever.

  14. arnold schwarznegar phil heath and jay cutler most muscularity mass bodybuilder and legend…..

  15. Listen to this "i think my physic is still growing" hell yah.. We can see that in his abdominal sector… Keep growing 😂😂😂

  16. The guts started at Dorian Yates! And the guts have grown since then. But I think the gut era is about to take a back seat!

  17. i think larry scott is one of the most underrated mr olympias…
    he has the 2nd best physique in olympia in my opinion

  18. For those that say Dorian started the bubble gut they are so so wrong. No one on stage up to 98 had the bubble gut , it actually came in around 2002. Dorian brought mass and changed the game more than most will ever know.

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