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[music] Hey, What’s up? This is your boy, Terry Crews,
and I am sitting here with UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture,
and also with the living legend, Dolph Lundgren, and we are here
to promote and tell you about the biggest action movie of the
summer, coming to you August 17th, 2012, in theaters, and we
will also let you know how we got ready and how we prepared
for the biggest action movie of the summer, the sequel,
“Expendables 2.” Here we go. [music] Hey, I’m Dolph Lundgren. I play Gunner Jensen, who is a
Swedish drunk who kills people for a living, and he managed to
sort of become part of the team in this picture, instead of
being this kind of offbeat character in the first one. So it’s a lot of fun for me. Have the biggest knife of
everybody, I think, and I’m the craziest. Well, you know, I am Terry Crews and I play Hale Caesar, who is the weapons
specialist in the group. In the group, all of us, we all
have our own specialty, and with me, one of the unsung characters
in the movie is my AA12 shotgun, which is one of the best guns
ever created of all time. I’m Randy Couture. I play Toll Road
in “Expendables 2.” Toll Road is kind of a
college-educated misfit, demolitions expert, and I think
in a lot of ways, these crazy guys are his family, so he kind
of sticks up for the guys, kind of pulls the unit
together a lot. “Expendables 2” is lot different
than “Expendables 1” in that everybody knows and is waiting
for what’s coming, you know? Everybody’s waiting to see,
you know, how much bigger and better, and the way it’s
different is that it is bigger and better. We added Chuck Norris
to the cast. We added Jean-Claude Van Damme
to the cast. We actually shot in Europe and
basically blew up Bulgaria in many, many ways. That country will
never be the same. [explosion blast] On the last picture, I was kind
of the odd one out, you know, the crazy Swede who
kind of ran off. I was with the good
guys, with the bad guys. And on this one, I stuck with
the group a lot more, so I got to know these two clowns–no,
I’m just kidding, these two friends here. I got to know these two guys
very well, and, you know, I know Sly from other movies. You know, you have to kind of
keep joking and keep it light, because, you know, the
conditions are very harsh. I mean, you’re in some little
town with the Bulgarians, you know, 30 degrees, and you’re
up at 5:00, you know, and so I really enjoyed the camaraderie. Well, that’s the cool thing
about “Expendables,” that you have guys who are actually
proficient in something real. They’re not only actors
pretending to be somebody, but they’ve actually done things in
real life for real, and I think that’s why the film
is special, you know? And these two guys that other
men, and women, I hope, look up to in real life,
not just on screen. That’s becoming more unusual
these days in movies. I think that’s why I’m really
glad to be part of and I feel, you know, really proud
to be part of it. When you see “Expendables 2,”
and it’s one of those things when you see all your heroes,
everybody that you’ve ever believed in when you’ve watched
a movie, all in one movie. The power of that is
just too incredible. It becomes more than just a
flick, and I think on August 17th, it’s gonna be literally
like a mass for everybody to come and really see
what this is all about. What you believe in your whole
life, and what you always thought you would never see
with all these names and faces together, and it
actually happened. [music] You know, but I was gonna say,
like, as far as training goes, what I learned and what you
learn on movies is how to simplify your regime and how
to make it more efficient. You know, when you do 4 months
on a picture like we did, you become used to it, and it
becomes part of your arsenal, you know, training. So any time I go away now,
say, like to do another film or publicity, you kind of know
how to simplify your workout. Keep it efficient, right? Break it down to the bare bones
and the absolute essential things you have to get in. You don’t have a lot of
extravagant equipment or workout partners or things that
you’re used to having. You gotta just break it down,
right down to the root of what you need to get done to
maintain and stay in shape. No, I kept my training the same
as what I would use to get in great shape for a fight. Obviously, it’s a little
different, a little less intense, a little less
sparring-oriented, a little more strength and
conditioning-oriented going into the film. But making a movie is a grind,
just like a training camp for a fight. It’s a long process, long hours,
long days, and so you gotta not only physically but mentally
be prepared for that, and I definitely think that
approaching it like a fighter helped me out a bunch. I’m usually in pretty good
shape, so I didn’t train much different. I knew I had to stand next to
this guy over here and this fool over here, so I had to build
up a little more muscle. You know, like if you hit the
bag and do a lot of sparring, as I usually do, you get kind of
thin, you know, wiry, but, you know, in the film you want to
look a little more muscular, so I think I probably–I was about
10 pounds heavier than I am now when I did the film. A lot more shoulders and arms,
because that’s what you see when you wearing the cut-off
T-shirts and stuff like that. So that’s kind of how
my program changed. [music] Because we’re all kind of
on different schedules and different things you’re dealing
with, you can’t rely on being free at the same time to work
out together, so you have to kind of individualize your
routine so you can bang it out, when you have the time to bang
it out, and not be reliant on somebody else to make sure
that you get your workout in. I think the most important thing
to remember is, you know, you’re talking about a guy who’s
proficient in martial arts, ex-NFL player, a UFC champion,
but we’re all actors now, you know what I mean? You’re an actor. And the big thing is who cares
how big the guns are, if you can’t act and you can’t emote,
if you can’t project that emotion and people can’t
identify with you on screen, you might as well just
be in the background. You might as well be nothing. You can’t really compare
yourself to another person and do that kind of challenge,
because your greatest enemy is yourself. It’s the lines. It’s getting your character,
being the best character you can be and knowing your place in
this whole scheme and script. It’s not about the
physical stuff. I think all three of us here,
the physical stuff is the part we find easy. That’s the easy part, that’s the
fun part, that’s the part that we get to play those action
scenes and actually throw guys and shoot stuff. That’s the part that makes you
smile, but actually kind of finding the root of your
character, tapping into your stream of experience to be able
in some way represent that guy and tell the truth, that’s
the more difficult part. That’s the part that takes some
time and energy to develop. And also, when you talk about
the long hours, we weren’t near a gym, so we had to ask if the
hotel would extend their hours for us. And thank God, they did, because
we were all panicking at first, like, you know, “How are we
gonna get our workouts in?” It’s not like in the States when
you have a 24-hour place over here. It was very, very limited. Sly himself went down and made
the arrangements with the owner, and they extended the hours
early and later, so whatever we needed we were given, and
I’m truly thankful for that. Actually, it was a
really nice hotel. We had a great, great hotel. Really nice hotel, the gym
was more than adequate. It had everything you needed. When we invaded that hotel and
we invaded that place, you know, it changed the dynamic. I don’t think it’ll be the same
because everybody saw, you know, how committed we were
to health and fitness. I think in Europe,
it’s almost a given. You think in Europe that
they’re all, you know, European bodybuilding and that whole
thing, but it’s just not as big as it is in the States. It was a hard shoot, man. I ain’t gonna lie. We’re in, you know,
Eastern Europe, and we were literally–we made sure we had
our chicken breasts, we had our vegetables, but there wasn’t
a lot of beef over there in Bulgaria. Beef was not a big deal, so
we kind of had to–I had to improvise a lot, you
know, lots of protein. Culturally, the food in Bulgaria
was a little more akin to Greek food. All the vegetables were organic. They were grown right there. There was no crazy, big
supermarkets like we’re used to seeing. It was a little bit different,
and I kind of liked it. It was a change of pace. Good Italian food. They were bringing the
pasta right in from Italy. It was fresh. That was too good. [explosion] What’s the plan? Track ’em, find ’em, kill ’em. [music] Here we go. Be sure to check out
“Expendables 2” when it hits theaters August 17th. For more content like this– make sure you check out [explosions] Whoo.

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