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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Blessing Awodibu he’s been called
the funniest bodybuilder on Instagram perhaps you’ve seen his most popular
video in the shop from that time he became worldwide famous Blessing Awodibu is one of the brightest outrageous figures in the world of bodybuilding an
Irish psycho is famous for his funny videos on Instagram he started training
when he was 18 and in 25 he had already a PRO card with the 180 centimeter height
he often competes with the weights of 110 kilograms through the years blessing
achieved a huge success as a bodybuilder he’s grown into an ifbb pro with two
armored classic and four IFBB overall titles to his name in the process he’s
become known for his incredible genetics featuring small waist along with big and
round shoulders some people even went on to dub him a force of nature with his
outstanding physique and thirst to be the best there’s a lot more to hear and
see from Blessing Awodibu. Blessing grew up as a thin child who couldn’t
seem to gain weight he remembers being afraid to take his shirt off on the
beach because he felt others would judge him for his skinny looks in a search for
a way to improve his size blessing decided to try weightlifting since he
couldn’t afford himself a gym membership at the time Blessing improvised by
building a makeshift gym in his garden shed blessings soon saw great results on
his disease from working out however despite this he’s still considered
working out a hobby not something he’d concern himself with too much
blessings main priority of the time was pursuing academia his plan was to
graduate from high school with top grades so he could enter a reputable
college however his priorities quickly changed once he discovered he couldn’t
join a college he wanted in the words of blessing the gym was by only hobby until
unfortunately things didn’t work out in my dreams of college rent – I couldn’t
get a job I didn’t know what to do with myself with his dreams and academia
shattered Blessing only knew of one place that will help him vent his
frustrations the weight room from that moment on he decided to take
the bodybuilding lifestyle more seriously and even tried to pursue it as
his career that the right opportunities would arise by the age of 18 his
physique started looking muscular and strong thrilled with his own progress
Blessing decided to test his improved physique by competing in a bodybuilding
contest training hard day in and day out along with practicing the traditional
bodybuilders pogies Blessing ultimately ended up in the fourth place in the
contest he said I came in fourth and later discovered I should have been in
the Junior category I received positive feedback from the judges and talked to
tony freeman about improvements now he trains two times a day for six days in a
week during each workout he focuses on one muscle group with maximum intensity
he starts each workout with a warm-up sets followed by 15 minutes of intense
ab exercises he trains only once on Saturday and takes Sundays off
in total that’s 11 workouts per week for Blessing cardio isn’t part of my regimen
because I have an active lifestyle sleep is very important but I don’t get much
because of my work schedule blessing eats a lot of lean proteins and complex
cars these include tuna duck eggs lean beef
and oats he also makes sure to drink enough water to keep his muscles
hydrated and energized there’s also time and place for cheat meals and Blessings
diet regimen he’ll usually have something from the
Chinese cuisine once or twice per week Blessing isn’t a big believer in
supplements for him whole food is more important when it comes to building
muscle and blessing a lotta booze biggest influence in bodybuilding is Kai
Green here’s blessing talking about his idol Kai my all-time favorite is Kai
Green he’s very inspiring it’s great that he likes to teach others as well
when I need inspiration i watch videos of Kai Green or replay of my favorite
movie of all time Pumping Iron the main lesson we can learn from
Blessing Awodibu is that everyone starts somewhere every professional
bodybuilder was once an amateur Pope his career would be long and successful wish
him all the best and waiting for his new funny posts it was a channel Aesthetics

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