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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I have a dying passion for bodybuilding and lifting weights. From the first time I picked up when I was 13 years old.. It’s been something that I’ve always enjoyed.. It’s always been a passion of mine and that’s what kept me going all through these years. What I used to win, is what I used to win every year. I got a saying ”If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” My thing is to every show to be better. I can be bigger, there is no limitations on me. If you got a dream, something that you really enjoy doing .. .. Always stick with it. Because you never know when it’s gonna be god’s will for you to be the best in the whole world at whatever it is that you do in life. I ain’t never scared. CAN’t be scared. Gotta be TOUGH. IT’S ON NOW!! I’ve always been the real very focused type person. I’ve always trained hard and set my sights on being the best I could be. We work extremely hard to get where we are. The longer you been in this sport, the more you learn. If you don’t have your nutrition right you can’t win, if you don’t have your training right you can’t win. So it’s almost like equal. It’s just gonna take some time for people to realize how hard we work and how much we put into this. HARD EARNED Mr. Olympia’s. Nothing easy about those .. But had a lot of fun getting them tho.

100 thoughts on “THE G.O.A.T MOTIVATION

  1. Ronnie was a true MR Olympia and a definition of a hard worker, blue collar work ethics, you will never see today's mr Olympias squatting 800, or lifting heavy ass weights ., respect

  2. Pra mim o maior bodybuilder que subiu no palco do Olímpia pode até algum dia algum subir no palco com um shap desse mas vai demorar pois já faz anos e nada de alguém como Ronnie muito volumoso rasgado simétrico um verdadeiro mostro do Olímpia

  3. Espectacular. No me canso de verlo, una y mil veces y cada vez que lo veo nuevamente siento la misma emoción que la primera vez. Es uno de los mejores videos que has hecho bro. Sublime, soberbio, inspirador, emocional. 👊👊👊😎💪💪💪😢

  4. Markus Rühl is a Monster and when you look the Video, Markus Rühl vs. Ronnie Coleman vs. Jay Cutler you see Ronnie and Jay are Schoolboys!

  5. A good public servant becomes a drug induced gigantic mass of muscle followed by becoming a cripple WELL before his old age. Not necessarily what I'd call a motivational story.

  6. only champion in body building i would believe was natural because he said it and he is respected clues is his post injuries he did not shrink right after he retired like all others and had kids even till his late years of body building and is not fucking dead after many years of bodybuilding also was a slow climb to the top respect for this champion even if he eventually did use steroids it wasnt all his life and aside from that the weights he lifts still out classes dudes who are on tunz of roids he was on a class of his own

  7. Ну что можно сказать? На лекарства и врачебные услуги он себе заработал!

  8. Por qué en press con barra no llega hasta el final que es donde hay que llegar y apretar los pectorales??

    Después en biceps con mancuernas no deja de balancearse 🤔🤔🤔

  9. "AINT NUFFIN BUT A PEANUT:…….. G.O.A.T – On the 6th day God created Man in his Likeness. God is Legend.

  10. Hypocritical Ronnie Coleman. The cop who used illegal drugs lol. I’m not taking away from what he achieved but people shouldn’t look past it.

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