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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger! I ate a lot of meat.
They show those commercials… Steak, that’s what a man eats. …selling that idea that
real men eat meat. Serious man food. But you gotta understand,
that’s marketing. That’s not based on reality. I’ve been teaching fighting techniques to
government agencies for more than 15 years. Then, I got injured. Unable to teach for at least six months,
I spent more than 1,000 hours studying science on
recovery and nutrition, and stumbled across a study
about the Roman gladiators. The gladiators were predominantly
vegetarian. How could the original professional fighters
be so powerful eating only plants? When I made the switch to a plant-based diet,
I qualified for my third Olympic team, I broke two American records. I was like, man, I should have
done this a long while ago. When I went plant-based,
I wasn’t sure if I was gonna survive. And I actually became like a machine. One of the biggest misconceptions in
sports nutrition is that we have to have animal protein to perform at a high level.
That’s just not true. Sometimes you have to do things that you
know your competitors aren’t doing. Today’s blood and yesterday’s blood. Damn. I think this is going to wake
a lot of people up. I was recovering better,
and not getting as sore. This was our best season
in the last 15 years and we had 14 guys
on plant-based diets. We all wanna feel great, have more energy. Cholesterol was 276, today 169. Whoa! Now you’re talking. Most guys my age
can’t keep up with their grandchildren, my grandchildren can’t keep up with me. It’s not one set of dietary guidelines for
improving your performance as an athlete, another one for reversing heart disease,
reversing diabetes— it’s the same for all of them. Someone asked me, “How could you get as
strong as an ox without eating any meat?” And my answer was,
“Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?”

99 thoughts on “The Game Changers | Official Trailer

  1. i can give 100 reason that everything they told about meat in this movies is a lie and i can mentioned millions of athletes who eats meat and in perfect health better that every single one in this film, fake ppropaganda using some famous people who got paid very well

  2. Crap. 80% left bullshit. They pretend its backed by science, but it is not. 10 minutes of Science. 60 minutes of narratives and anedoctes

  3. Finally watched it and while I did find the documentary well-done and entertaining, it's so one-sided and "all or nothing" that I feel like it could set people up for failure. I'm vegetarian and I've been there, once I'd seen all the facts I wanted to switch right away. But there's a learning curve, you can't just stop eating meat. You have to replace it correctly. I can imagine so many people watching this, completely switch their diet overnight and feel super drained after 2 weeks because they're not eating enough or they simply haven't researched what a healthy vegan diet looks like (not clearly shown in the film). You can call yourself a vegan and eat only Beyond burgers, vegan mac and cheese and other vegan processed foods. They also never really talked about what the athletes ate before they switched. Obviously if you're an athlete and you eat fried chicken or Mc Donalds all the time you won't perform as well as a vegan… plus diet plays a huge part in our health but it's not the ONLY factor to take into account. What about sleep, training, stress levels etc ? I feel like the point of this documentary should've been EAT MORE VEGGIES ! Unlike some of the "facts" shown in this film, this has been proven over and over again by actual registered dieticians (of which none are featured in the film by the way) to be beneficial for our health. As much as I wish the whole world could be vegan for the environment and the animals, we have to remember that we're all so different and we need to do what's right for us.

  4. All the people now rushing out to buy quorn products because it’s “plant based protein” yeah it also contains eggs lol 😂

  5. My parents grew up on a ranch in Mexico where just about everyone was healthy. I noticed family members from the ranch started to have health issues after living here in the US. So I asked my parents how often they ate meat on the ranch. My mom said, pork once a year when they killed a pig during the holidays, beef less frequently – when a cow would get injured and needed to be put out, chicken about 1-2x/ month. The rest of their food was plant based. No wonder.

  6. There’s nothing special about a plant based diet other than that you stop mixing fat and carbs to the same extent as before. Sure that will improve your health somewhat, but you’re still relying on carbs for energy, and have to eat three meals a day like a fucking dumbass. Humans were made to fast with ease. Put two and two together you weak morons

  7. This movie is eye opening! Needs more peope's attention for their sake, which is all linked to ours.
    We are all connected!
    Let's spread this precious truth to the world and hunt down the lies in people's heads!

  8. It's an inflammatory diet. The omega 3 to omega 6 ratio on a vegan diet is very poor. Paleo is much better as long as the meat is of quality i.e. grass fed meat and wild caught fish containing high amounts of omega 3.

  9. Despite the facts & testimony's the unawakened will deny,lie & slate this documentary…And when people do that,is usually because they know they're WRONG.

  10. Simple common sense is human can live better without meat, then why we killing those animals, its kind a like no diff between you and murderer.
    I have seen people they saves bird which was accidentally fall by some mean and after treating that bird, they made him fly, and feels good and after going home had a chicken dinner.

  11. I am vegetarian never ever tasted any meat. But I can't be vegan. I like curd, yogurt, cottage cheese made from cow milk and honey.

  12. I see the another fad is about to take off maybe worldwide…they gotta show us all the stuff to convince us to do this thing. I wonder how many years will go by before they say there was no real proof of these statements at all and then tell us another diet is the best diet.
    This has happened time and time again…oh the video that are really heart wrenching are the one showing animals being slaughtered….so one sided.

  13. "This is just marketing" says an athlete, who's entire career was built on meat and now acting in a show where they are advertising the Vegan diet.

  14. Silverback Gorillas one of the strongest animals alive is Vegetarian! LOL Imagine that…Panda bears too. They are super strong…

  15. This is more vegan propaganda. Every damn year. There is no science in this documentary just peoples perceptions. In the thing about the guys total cholesterol count it is totally bogus if his healthy cholesterol is also going down that’s bad men need cholesterol to produce testosterone so it’s very complicated not just the total number. I still think Paleo is the best diet if you can stick with it and have your macros in the right levels. There’s plenty of nuts and vegetables on that diet and good healthy meat. Please do some research that’s not biased about Protein and the amino acid profiles of meat versus vegetables. If you’re too lazy most quality meats are 10 times better bio availability And you either need to be massive quantities of certain vegetables To get the right ratios or simply eat 3 g of steak or chicken. If you do want a very good vegan protein try sun warrior.

  16. They forgot to mention that all of these people are genetically gifted. They could eat whatever they want and still perform.

  17. this is horseshit. the vegan community thrives off of confirmation bias. so much misinformation in this documentary. please don't believe it without doing the research yourself. I don't even know where to begin with the misinformation / exaggerated claims and cherry-picked evidence

  18. So glad so many going vegan more steak and eggs for me, eat meat every day 3 times a day, total cholesterol is 103, most people need to meat to thrive, not survive but thrive. My mom has serious iron deficiency from eating vegan, now the Dr.s are making her eat LIVER. Like lambs to the slaughter so easily lead are you sheeple.

  19. Yesterday a kid died from malnutrition since his parents were vegans and apparently he died out of it.
    I am not doing this shit. I don't like complotists theories but this just seems like a huge marketing move and that's pretty much it…

  20. This isn't science, it's anecdotal evidence of short term benefits of a crash diet. Balanced meals with healthy choices of carbs and proteins. Curing diabetes by changing your diet doesn't make you a athlete, just healthy enough. Pro China Jackie Chan produced this film? Fuck him free Hong Kong!

  21. gladiators were fattened up to have better protection against blows from battle. it was not a choice . This documentary is flawed from the start.

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