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Hey guys, Paul from Ultimate Fat
here, and today I`m going to talk to you about the main glutamine
bodybuilding myth that I`ve encountered, and it`s one that you abolutely should know about. More details in
just a couple of seconds, stick around, I`ll be right back. Hey! You`re still here! Cool! Ok before I get into this glutamine bodybuiding
myth, one quick point – I`ve included links to the clincial
studies that support my argument in the description field under this video. Of course, those are there so you know I`m
not just making this stuff up as I go along, and so that you can check my work, so to speak. So please be sure to check them out if you
like. OK, so with that said, what’s the L glutamine bodybuilding myth that I`m talking about? Well, in my opinion – and this based on 6
years of owning a supplement store and almost 20 years of running
a supplement review site – it`s that glutamine builds muscle – that makes you stronger and improves training and bodybuilding performance. Much as I’d love to tell you otherwise, it doesn’t appear to do so. Now if you just bought a big jug of glutamine, don’t freak out – this is still a great supplement – one of my favorites, actually – and it’s
well worth taking, even if it doesn’t contribute directly to improved athletic performance. It offers a ton of benefits – and I’ll include
a link to a video I’ve done on them at the end of the video, so stick around for that
– and it does have some practical applications from a bodybuilding perspective and basically sports performance perspective, and that is that it improves glucose regulation, immune function, protein synthesis and promotes a positive nitrogen balance So it`s still very much worth taking, even
if it doesn`t work directly to make you stronger. And that, my friends is the glutamine bodybuilding
myth. Alright that’s a wrap, thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this video, if you
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  1. the mythbuster, nice vĂ­deo with no BS, keep It Up.
    can you make a review on GNC amp creatine pills, or maybe tell me your thoughts about creatine on powder vs cratine on pills?. thanks in advance

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