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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re going to tread in dangerous waters,
here. We’re going to talk about diets. We’re going to talk about Keto dieting because
right now I get a lot of questions, and people want to know “What does Jeff think about Keto
dieting?” I always wonder whether it’s that they actually
care about what I think, or they’re just looking, and hoping that I’ll agree with Keto dieting. But you might be surprised by the end of the
video because I’m not going to come out here and all out rip Keto dieting because for me,
at the end of the day, if something works for somebody, and it helps them to get in
shape – long term, though. That’s my non-negotiable. It’s got to work for you long term. Then I’m happy. The point of this whole channel was to make
sure that you guys are getting information to help you get fit, to help you get healthier,
to help you get stronger. So when we talk about ketogenic dieting the
first thing I want to do is clarify what it is because some people don’t really know exactly
what it means. You’ve heard a lot about it, but you don’t
know exactly what it means. It means, basically, shifting around your
macronutrients pretty substantially. Pretty much, differently from the way a lot
of us eat. That is: going to a very high fat diet. About 80% of your total calories intake in
a day is coming from fat, and fat sources. Then really, really, really minimizing your
carbohydrate intake down to almost nothing. Less than 5% of your total daily calories
coming in from green, leafy vegetables. None of the more traditional rice, beans,
potatoes, fruits, breads, sweets, pasta; none of that stuff. That’s all out. Then, filling in the gap – about 15%-20%
of your diet – from protein. So what that leaves us is a diet that’s rich
in meat and fish, heavy creams, seeds, oils, nuts, eggs; that’s what you can eat. So whenever I talk about diets the one thing
I try to always do is never say “This is the only way to do it.” A lot of people right now that are espousing
the benefits of ketogenic dieting are saying “This is the only way to be, and this is the
healthies way to be, and this is the only thing.” That’s total bullshit because guys, I have
never done a day of ketogenic dieting in my entire life and I can stand up here every,
single day for you guys in the same condition, the same shape, and I’ve never done that. So to say that’s the ‘only’ way to do it is
not true. You guys know that. There are a lot of different ways that people
can lose weight, and lose body fat. So the first thing you have to consider is:
what is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Are you trying to do something short term? Because if you are, if you’re trying to get
some short term weight loss – not necessarily the fat loss – ketogenic dieting could be
your savior. If you’re trying to get ready for something,
some wedding, or you’ve got to go into a contest, or whatever you’re doing; it could be a savior
for you because it’s going to allow for rapid weight loss. I say ‘weight loss’, not fat loss, because
there’s a difference. When you lose weight via ketogenic dieting
in a very short period of time, you have to understand that what you’re doing is, you’re
depleting your body of its stored glycogen. Store glycogen is also store water. You will lose a lot of body water when you
go on a ketogenic diet, in a short period of time. So your weight loss can be substantial. A lot of weight in a short period of time. However, that has its downsides. When it comes to performance, your glycogen
is a source of fuel for your muscles and if you deplete all of your glycogen the intensity
levels of your workouts are going to suffer. Your cortisol ratios will also, likely, play
off that. If you try to attempt to workout hard when
the tank is pretty much depleted, your cortisol stress levels will go up, too. That’s not a good thing for long term muscle
gain. So people will talk about the inability to
gain a lot of muscle. I’m not just talking about preserving it either. I’m talking about, they want to gain muscle. Really what we’re talking about is ‘can you
even preserve your muscle on a ketogenic diet’. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of long term
research out there. I read one article that basically said there
are 11 studies done in a six month duration specifically on athletes, and their ability
to train – retain muscle, not even gain muscle – retain their muscle during that
period of time, and only three of them showed their ability to do so, while eight did not. So that’s still not even talking about longer
term than that. So back to your goals. If you are looking for something long term,
it had better be sustainable. I have a problem with macronutrient exclusion
diets. I don’t care if it’s fat exclusion. I don’t care if it’s carbohydrate exclusion. I don’t care what your tactic is. Exclusionary diets don’t really do so well
and they earn the word ‘diet’ because they do not become long term solutions. And I hear you. I know you’re going to write on the video
“I’ve been keto dieting for five years, for the last 14 months, I’ve been doing everything
I’m supposed to do and I still – no problems for me.” That’s good, and you are the exception to
the rule. As I said in the beginning of the video; that’s
a good thing. Ultimately, find what’s going to work for
you. But if you can’t stick to it then I have a
problem with it. If you can’t imagine a life where – I just
threw the word ‘five years’ out there – if you can’t imagine a life where five years
from now – don’t talked to me about even a year from now – we’re in a much longer
game here on this channel. I talk about a much longer term that we’re
looking for here. If you can think that five years from now
you’re still going to be able to do that, then go for it. Go for it! Because there are some benefits. There are definitely some benefits to that. The most importantly benefit is: it finally
worked for you. I will add another caveat here, too. People will sometimes say “I’ve never felt
better than when I was on a keto diet. So, Jeff, what you’re talking about in terms
of ‘declining energy levels’, and ‘not enough intensity in my workouts’; not true at all. I’ve got more.” Guys, think about where you’re usually coming
from if you’ve entered the phase where you already know that you need a diet. You’re probably dramatically overweight. You already have low energy because of your
weight issues. You need a solution. Anything you would have done at that point
– not necessarily keto – but anything you would have done to eat healthier would
have allowed you to start feeling better, to have more energy. So you can’t necessarily equate the two. Any type of diet, at that point, that helps
you to lose weight, you probably would have attached yourself to as “Hey, man! I feel so much better because I’m doing this.” But again, that doesn’t detract from keto. It doesn’t. It’s just that you’ve got to make sure you’re
keeping your eyes open that it could have been from the overall weight loss. At the end of the day, guys, I’m someone that
espouses eating all the nutrients. I think you should eat carbohydrates, I think
you should eat protein, I think you should eat fats, I don’t think you should exclude
any of them. I think this opens up a lot more possibilities
to the foods that you can eat. I think you should still make sure that you’re
getting enough fiber, because in a ketogenic diet you’re not getting enough fiber in your
diet, and that could lead to other issues. But it becomes, more importantly, more sustainable. The less that we, as humans, are restricted,
the more free we feel; the better we tend to do with things. Here, when it comes to our nutrition, I think
you need to start getting a better education in the long run about how to eat healthier. Yes, you can have all the macronutrients,
but choose the right ones. Choose the right versions of those. Make sure you’re eating healthier food options
and that’s going to help you sustain low body fat levels without having to cut out
anything. But if you can do it, and it’s working for
you guys; I truly, truly believe you should keep doing it. Keep doing it. There are other health benefits from it. Especially in neurological diseases. They’re finding, in some studies, that really
unlocks some potential there too, and that’s a great thing. All right, guys. Again, if you’re looking for our nutrition
plan – I literally put out the one that I follow, the one that I believe is sustainable
– I put it out step by step in our ATHLEANX training program. That’s over at, in our ATHLEANX
training systems. In the meantime, if you have other questions,
if you want me to cover other things make sure you leave your comments below. And always subscribe to the videos, guys. If you miss one you’re going to hate yourself. So you’re going to want to make sure you turn
on your notifications and also watch our latest video. We’re always trying to bring you the best
content we can here, and cover the things you want to see. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “The “KETO” Diet (GOOD OR BAD)

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  2. It has been a year and a half since this video posted. I have been on keto for two years now. I was at 220 and got down to 180 in six months. I was also working out three times a week and gaining muscle. I did not feel fatigued on the contrary I have plenty of energy. I do agree with what Jeff said about if something works for you then keep doing it. Keto might not be good for some but it could be great for others.

  3. Keto is a great way reset your metabolism, IBS, Inflammation, arthritis etc.
    Then after doing it for a certain period of time you can go back to normal diet but still stay away from those processed carbs and cooking oil etc. After doing reset you can have your carbs now and then who cares your body is out of ketosis if you feeling fine.
    In my case I recovered from years of IBS and inflammation.

  4. YES exactly the reality and the theory . Keto seems ok short term but longer term am not sure . Also it moves the emphasis away from working out , optimal fitness to obsession about food and diet which can be a way of getting attention or avoiding training or exercise or even just a more balanced life . But yes it does seem use full but obsessional keto umm.

  5. I'm right now at the time writing this over 4 months on keto and i would like to say these things. About sustainability, i find keto actualy very sustainable long term. Meals high in fat and just enogh protein are very satiating. On keto the metabolism literally switches in to a different mode and you stop to experiencing hunger the way you did before. For me the hunger is much more weaker and much less frequent. And the diet that's basically preventing you from being hungry is very easy to follow long term. I don't see any reasons why i couldn't folow it in the future.
    Another thing. It's incorrect to say you don't have enough fibre on keto. Fibre is a carbohydrate but it's a carb that doesn't count. On the contrary people are encouraged to eat lot's of leafy greens and vegetables on keto to make sure their mineral levels, especially potassium, are where they should be. It's one of the downsides of keto that you are loosing more water and with it the minerals as well. Therefore its crutial to eat the vegies.
    I want to say i never needed to lose weight. Keto isn't just for loosing weight. I started doing this because i simply find it a healthy lifestyle. There are many heath benefits of low carb or ketogenic diet. Do you have to do keto to have long and healhy life? Of course not. Is keto going to help you to have long and healthy life? I believe yes and thats why i do it.

  6. so you basically took all looks under the 'the diet is wrong for most people, and for everyone in the long term' glasses, using that premade conclusion as a directive in your analysis

  7. You are an ignorant, Sir. Keto targets fat cells because it lowers insulin so the body ain't burning sugar for fuel but fats.

  8. Thank you for the info…iam in a flexible keto diet, been on it for exactly 1 month and so far lost 16pounds.its the only diet that has worked for me,but I just started to work out in the gym,any advice on a workout @the gym for a keto diet,iam 39yrs old 5'10"

  9. As someone who weight trains and does keto, keto is not the diet if you're serious about bodybuilding. Fat is a slower fuel source and not having those big stores of glycogen in your muscles from a bunch of carbs will hurt your ability to train for as long and hard. But if you jog, bike or something endurance based, I think it will be just fine.

  10. Could you help me clarify something… Keto means essentially 5% carbs 20% protein and 75% fats, but I also hear you need 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh, so if I weigh 200 lb did I need 200 grams of protein and if that's 20% of my protein then 75% fats will be 750g and 5% carbs will equal 50 grams of carbs, does this sound accurate? Because I feel that is too much fat

  11. You can gain all your weight back plus some if you can’t control yourself and end up cheating a lot or ending the diet. That’s why it’s not good for long term but it is good for people who NEED to lose a LOT of weight for their health A.S.A.P.

  12. Yoo jeff is right, imagine an ectomorph do keto diet, after 1 year he would be thin like a twig, it simply doesn't work for ectomorphs, not dissing all the dietary doctors, it's just nowadays everyone grabs the "easiest problem" and carry on, what I want to say is , the dietary doctors onlt talk about fat peoole, overweight people, basically endomorph, they don't talk about how the ectomorph body works and what you should overcome the issue of not gain weight, they might tell you "oh ectomorph got a fast metabolism, you need to eat more carbs, more protein, and fats." And that's it not deep reasearches, nothing, because they know isn't easy as say you have to eat more. Sorry if someone feels ofended that wasn't my intention.

  13. I can't ever see myself doing this diet. I like carbs too much, and this makes it seem like you have to be really careful how much of a certain food group you eat. Plus I hate avocados and lettuce.

  14. How do you switch without serious weight gain. I've done low carb/keto for 6 months with great weight loss sucess but I don't feel keto is sustainable long term. I want to incorporate more carbs back in my diet but I don't want to gain weight. I went from 237 to 207 and my abs are starting to show. I want to continue shedding body fat and get in great shape.

  15. As we evolved it is recognized that we would get into ketosis every night if we ate in a traditional manner- big bfast+lunch and a light early dinner would allow us to get into a level of keto every night and of course whenever there wasnt food to eat, and the eskimos are actually the only group of humans to eat a ketogenic diet on record eating strictly blubber and protein

  16. Keto with Casey been on keto for over 5 yrs. Dr. Berg has too. Dr. Ken Berry. ..there are alot of people who are flourishing on this diet and have been for years. Some people can't handle having so many options. They do better on a structured diet. Some people do better with less temptations. Just my opinion.

  17. Idk if any of yall can help me. But I was on keto for a few months, and I lost 30 pounds. But I wanted to stick to something more sustainable. So I started doing intermittent fasting and eating carbs and lower fat meats like chicken. But every time I would eat oatmeal, I would feel very sleepy so idk if I should go back on keto or what bc I need to lose more fat. I'm 5"11' 260 right now.

  18. Like with most things in this dynamic world, Keto seems to be a fashion. It's a fad. If it was sustainable you would have stories of people doing it for years before any of us were born. Eat smart. Balanced diet. Work out hard, lose weight. More intensity, build muscle. Black and white. Yawn.

  19. I dont know but for me keto is easier because i was tracking all my calories and macros. But i wasnt getting enough of calories. I was full after eating carbs veggies and a lot of protein and my fats werent that high. I was on a waay too big calorie deficit when tryin to lose weight and building muscle as a BEGINNER. I do hate the word diet😅 i think ill be going back to carbs after about of 6weeks of keto. To build more muscle

  20. Keto reverses hypoglycemia and diabetes. Just saying. Healthy fats guys. Processed carbs are not good. Specially for insulin sensitivity

  21. Thats an awesome video. Personally I used this 28 day keto program and I achieved amazing results and so Im sharing it with you : @t good luck!

  22. Erm the macro ratios allow for a lot of protein and your energy source becomes fat, to say the intensity in working out is lost is stupid.

  23. I dont know about you guys but recently I have been eating less carbs then usual and my strenght is absolutely shit compared to before. Gonna eat some more carbs now and see how it goes.

  24. My parents did Keto they’ve struggled with their weight for years, it’s working with them, especially my dad, he lost this huge food belly , you know a lot of fat, and he definitely probably lost muscle too, hes got some major chicken legs now and that makes me look good cause my legs are bigger than his now LoL

  25. Jeff I’ve been on keto for 4 weeks and I don’t feel better as you mentioned my workout is struggling I can’t lose the extra fat not weight. I’ve lost weight but I don’t care for it I want fat lose

  26. The keto diet is ridiculous. Carbs are good for your body. Carbs boost Brian functions and also help store water and other nutrients in your muscles.

  27. When jeff lifted his shirt at 2:11 i weeped softly looking at my gut lol shit is taking its time to go awaaaay

  28. I have a high carb diet as I do powerlifting and heavy workouts. I am a bodybuilder (main goal is to be muscular without being too fat). I still do hypertrophy workouts multiple times a week, basically combining heavy strength workouts and pure muscle building workouts. Back in the day I didn’t eat much, and I had no energy during workouts. I hated working out cuz I’d literally die the first 30 mins. Ever since I’ve been on a high carb diet I have so much energy. I can workout for 2 hours and I’ll have so much energy left still. Cutting carbs might help with losing weight, but let me tell you that a high carb diet will give you so much power, energy and strength to lift more weight in the gym. It’s awesome. More gains for me!

  29. Yes according to one of the studies, you lose muscle for the first 2 weeks

    After that there was no difference in muscle retention and growth.

    Your body requires time to become fat adapted

  30. I have been eating a Keto diet with veggies for 6 months and I have lost 60 pounds of which 54 pounds is fat. I have 30 pounds to go. I have increased my protein intake and started lifting weights to maintain lean body mass. The down side with a Keto diet is if you switch back you are going to regain your weight. The change needs to be a long term lifestyle not a short term diet. Keto has reversed my type 2 diabetes and drastically improved my blood lipids profile. I have another 30 pounds to loose then can start adding back small amounts of carbs from time to time but will never go back to a standard American diet with a huge reliance on carbs for energy.

    If you want to be lean eat protein and restrict energy from carbs and fat!

  31. Jeff! did you try a Keto diet? If yes, how long? Because Im really confused over what to eat now.
    I was just about to give Keto a shoot. I feel that that it did make sense. But I do want something long term at the same time…
    Not to bash you.But I cannot take your words for it if you havent tried it, right?

  32. Keto doesn't have to be for life to have benefits, a few months of keto will turn one fat-adapted for a very long time.

  33. I see Thomas Delauer promote it and he is fit but Jeff is buff as all get out too. Keto just looks so boring.

  34. I believe in cycling what you eat. I don’t agree with eating all types of food all the time , you should bounce in and out of keto. Our bodies where designed to sustain life by confusing our bodies. Just like working out , muscle confusion. Well apply the same principles to life! Don’t let your body get into a metabolic habit.

  35. Well, the SAD diet is a high carb diet. Look around, 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. That's a problem and not really healthy.

  36. Hey sir jeff im a beginner at building muscles and i see your vids useful at best (but i didnt get to watch others much) but is Low carb diet can still be helpful for me to build muscles?? Or should i go to a normal diet ??

  37. I done keto lost 3 2/1 stone ' then tried to stay on it and build muscle ' I couldn't ' had to go on the carbs and protein ' to stack up ' ' keto worked to lose my body fat ' it done nothing to build muscle

  38. I've been watching Jeff for a long time. I follow his training program. I have mad respect for him. His views on KETO long term are a little off. There are body builders making great gains on KETO. It's an easy diet because you can have all the fat you want. Once your body adapts to high fat and low carbs your energy levels are way higher. Humans aren't meant to eat a lot of carbs. We burn fat much easier than we do carbs. Our brains work better with a high fat diet. Cholesterol is lower on a high fat diet. Carbs are needed to clog arteries. Without carbs we burn fat and cholesterol won't collect in the arteries. It's not a fad diet. It's a better diet.

  39. People from countries that consume a lot of fats and low carbs have less risk of heart disease. They also live longer than most Americans and they look younger longer. Cant argue with proven results. And you can build muscle on KETO if you eat the right fats and get adequate protein. The more protein you eat the more fat you need. Simple.

  40. I did a modified Keto,,,results? My BP dropped from 145/90 to 110/70…..I lost 12 pounds around my middle…..My fasting glucose dropped from 95 to 70. Basically it took me out of metabolic syndrome. Right now I’m 5’10” 195 and lean….it works. Btw…your body does not need carbs or sugars….Your body creates it’s own in a process called gluconeogenesis.

  41. Been doing keto for 1 month and 2 weeks. I've lost 20 lbs. The first two weeks is very difficult when working out but after the third week, the feeling is phenomenal.

  42. Keto is good on short term
    Long term is beneficial for health but not for multi functional bio mechanics of a human body.
    However if you supercompensate
    By filling in with carbs every 1 or 2 weeks you can make tons of progress

  43. Thanks for giving second opinion about keto, I'm about to convert but hesitate because of the food selections. It's hard to stick to that for long term.
    So far I've been doing caloric deficit 1500 calories a day and I like it, feel so MUCH better than when I eat as I please. I just feel bad for the chicken that I eat 150-200gr a day.

  44. Check out the most effective and easy keto plans for extreme weight loss

  45. There are studies that price muscle gain on Leto diet , also BHB is the best muscle keeper, I am a pro athlete and I have never lost any strength while Keto,in fact , I have never felt better ! I can easily work out fasted with no cravings while Leto versus low carb or carb diet I can barely fast and I suffer , I have been a pro Athlete for over 30 years !! I have done Alonso’s everything !!! Anyways , I do love your channel specially because I do have an MD in kinesiology and you are one of the few Chanels if not the only one that really explain kinesiology , exercise mechanics etc. Your channel is great !!!!! Keep it up , you are , to me, amazing !!!!

  46. Hi Jeff, I think it's not about diet, it's about cancer, people with cancer are trying to cut carbs, sugar intake. Thanks for the video.

  47. Apparantly the stick to what you know formula got broken here and we got a barrage of bullshit ending with trying to sell his own plan.

  48. It's almost as if the word "diet" means everything that is not fast food. Sure doesn't sound sustainable. Fuck diets.

  49. Great video, I like to say lifestyle change than diet….fruits, veggies, good healthy fats and good protein along with a good workout program of weights, cardio & hiit has worked for me.

  50. I've been cutting carbs and sugar while burning around 300-500 calories during daily workouts, I lost around 18 Kg in 8 months.
    Didn't reach ketosis, but cutting the carbs definitely helped.
    The trick is also to stop and switch on/off of the diet periodically.
    Like 2-3 months of keto and 2-3 months easing and balancing your food.

  51. I think you missed the entire point of the Keto diet, it's not necessarily to look ripped but more as a lifestyle to combat degenerative diseases, diabetes, heart disease, live longer and stronger. I'm 57, I look like you physically, but I don't take PED's to gain Youtube subscriptions. I take Keto.

  52. I find a more balanced Keto with Intermittent Fasting works for me. The Keto he is talking about is for epileptics. The one for most people is 50% fat 30 – 40% protein 10 – 20 % carbs is good. More very low carb not pure keto.

  53. Keytones are like E85, glycogen is like regular 91 octane fuel. Once you are adapted to it you can train even harder but it takes time to adapt, that's why people say they can't train with intensity on Keto

  54. Dear Jeff, I use to be 280 pounds and drop alot of weight with clean eating. The idea of Keto has alot of my friends confused and you published incredible points here. Would you mind if I used some of your points in an upcoming video about KETO? I also read Ketosis can produce Acetones which cause bad breath and make your urine smell. To me it's all about calories in vs calories out, but you've made excellent points.

  55. I like Jeff but he is kind of attacking a strawman here….

    Everyone that knocks keto completely ignores the heaps of vegetables that keto advocates say you must consume. The diet is not all bacon and steak drenched in butter and oil as many people think.

  56. 1.2K dislikes from Keto dieters..who don’t like to hear opinion from others that aren’t fully on board the Keto train???

  57. Intermittent fasting worked for me ketos a step to far, although my diet now consists of allot more veg Almond milk and Almond flour etc stevia instead of sugar and only good carbs, NO potatoes or bread. i just found i wasn't energized enough on keto to work out hard.

  58. Hey Jeff! What about Paleo? It really seems to work for me and has helped me get and feel healthy..Your thoughts.

  59. I think this is a more complex issue than one might believe, the problem stems from the education given in the past when the knowledge of various researches still could not support certain results.
    the most serious problem is that people always think about diets not about healthy lifestyle so look for faster and easier solutions without too much effort, this is the ketogenic one. I am a martial arts instructor and it works like that in that area, people think of becoming bruce lee in short courses working less _O_o

    I have had my experience on the ketogenic diet, I try to briefly explain how I know about it.

    years ago I worked for a company that dealt with pest control and I traveled a lot, since I was a sportsman I tried to follow the correct diet, but that job without fixed hours, heavy driving hours without even finding restaurants open for lunch or dinner they had changed my whole lifestyle.
    I began to have a lot of stress pathologies, swollen belly, hemorrhoids, a drastic increase in weight from a 67kg ectomorph to reach 85kg in 2 years is serious and I had never stopped training, I felt I was sick, I woke up tired, pissed off !! I had never had any problems with any food in the past.
    he begins to have problems with neck pain, but the problem was not the pain in his head, but what caused me … I was delirious, I swear it led me to rave and if it happened to me in the car I would go back to work, from 1 day a week to 5! I wanted to kill myself.
    I changed a lot of physicians who were osteopaths and all argued that it was my martial arts training and driving in the car that brought me into that situation, it was only taking painkillers or cortisone stings that I never did.

    fate wanted me to lose my job, the contract was over and there was no renewal, from the next day I started studying every book on science, biology, fitness books, many videos and I already had a good knowledge of the body human
    but I was not organized as a bodibuldier, so I began to regulate my diet, caloric deficit / integral carbohydrates and no longer refined / via added sugars and via sweet.
    my diet was targeted at 40/40/20 calories if I'm not mistaken
    I did cardio and weight training every other day and in 3 months I lost
    I felt better, I don't deny it very strongly, lightly, but every now and then I felt pain and I thought it was a food to cause it, I discarded it but it came back … 5 times a week I returned 1 every 2 months. already a nice profit !!!!
    I began to notice that in the days that I ate pchi carbohydrates (yazio use on the iphone) and fatter I was lighter and stronger .. I did not mind but he recapitulated several times and also added a sweet taste to my solitary O_O but if I didn't eat no sweet as it was possible? I thought it was the toothpaste so for a day I didn't brush my teeth and didn't change!
    discover the ketogenic from then on !! I was afraid, I had tried it and I had 10 days of mental and physical oddities but then it passed.

    honestly I can't say if I am in ketogenic or not, but I still eat more fat, but I did not completely eliminate carbohydrates, I eat a fruit if I don't have stevia I use brown sugar in coffee
    sometimes 1/2 a week mango basmati rice, but since when high fat proteins and medium carbohydrates are around 50 / 100g I have no problems .. I train 3/4 times a week and I don't know if I am in ketogenic
    I can only say that I'm used to it. I try to play with macronutrients without wrapping my brain too much, if I get up the fats I keep the carbos low (budget)

    a healthy person who has always had a specific diet cannot think of changing it after 30/40.
    he will only be able to make adjustments, but the body needs adaptation.
    then it also depends on how much you were addicted to sugar, and alcohol, for example, I didn't eat so many desserts but refined foods like pizza, pasta and bread (I'm Italian)
    those who switch to a ketogenic just to lose weight is stupid
    especially if you have had a life based on these junk foods.

    I strongly believe that every person must have a non-sedentary lifestyle, but that he is always on the move and that he has muscular activity, if this is lacking the diet based on refined carbohydrates etc. is suidicio
    glycogen reserves will always be full and always a strong production of insulin in the body

    which is different for those who train.
    so people just have to think about lifestyle, that diet actually means this. don't look for loopholes.

  60. Nothing but truth being spoken here. The only thing I cannot fully agree with is an insistence of having fibre in the diet. They have their benefits as well as their downsides. Fibers in fruit, for instance, appear be related to a low GI despite relatively high GL. On the other hand, excluding fibre from an otherwise high quality diet will not get you into trouble. Most carnivores can vouch for this. From what I've learned, high fibre (low quality) diets can actually damage the microbiome in the long run. Personally I love having an apple 30 minutes before a heavy lifting sesh and my workouts have improved greatly since no longer being afraid of carbs. Get some.

  61. Keto is about more than just loosing weight and getting gains though. There are people curing diabetes and halting heart disease with keto. It is vital to do the keto diet if you have any form of metabolic disease which a staggering 47 million Americans have! Granted, Probably not many Athlean-X subscribers, but almost everyone else.

  62. keto powerlifter here, been struggling with binge and was obese, now im literally shredded to shits, veins on abs, cuts and striations on chest, gaining strenght. already a year in and never going back. i just love the keto life style.
    Will prep for a bodybuilsing/physique show aswell

  63. A trainer told me instead of grabbing sugar when you feel sluggish, salt your food with Himalayan salt and consume 5 to 7 grams a day in salt capsules along with potassium and magnesium.

  64. Done low carb / keto for years. plenty of muscle to prove. it does work. but I prefer low carb with short term keto now and then for metabolic reasons.

  65. Oh gosh, true keto is LOADED with fiber, tons of veg. Pre-diabetic, insulin resistant, energy slumps, all alleviated with minimal protein, on the ketogenic diet. This channel is definitely more for athletes and heavy lifters as oppose to middle aged women with health issues. BUT, I whole heartedly agree that consistency is key and what works for one, might not work for another. Carbs are totally utilized and sucked up with the kinds of exercise you guys do (use to in my younger days). However, someone who is sidelined from health issues, definitely can benefit from keto.

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