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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “The Main MUSCLE For Super Human STRENGTH

  1. Why is everyone acting like these are not possible? All of them should be possible to you except for the muscle ups and the superman plank

  2. Thank you Chris, you give inspiration as well as education in how to train healthy, it is very important. I'm 30, very very thin, and started recently to watch your videos and doing bodyweight workout at home

  3. i bet you secretly do hardcore parkour recon missions at night for Chinese intelligence agencies. and if not, it would be a lot cooler if you did.

  4. Very hard work that certainly has the best results for normal athletic people .nice job
    But i have aquestion ,is it possible for people with certain degrees of disability to train for these routeines like for example someone with footdrop?thanx.

  5. Excessive calisthenics can make u look more cooler… but excessive body building can make u look more and more dumber!!☺

  6. Watching you Chris has made me get back into training but this time around try to mix weights with calisthenics. Even when I started lifting weights I never wanted to be all big just wanted to slim tight body and this type of exercise I believe is much better.

  7. I would try workouts on the internet. Try Unflexal Workouts . This website seems like you would have luck getting some potential. Good luck on your bodybuilding.

  8. Intro had me like 😧 that’s some crazy grip then the camera turned and I was like oooooo that makes a little more sense 😂

  9. The knowledge this man drops is unreal. I’ve only been working out for a month but I’m feeling strong and down 30lbs. This man is impressive.

  10. 2 Questions:
    1. Should I limit the rotation of my upper body when I’m doing Windshield Wiper?
    I think it could use the abdominal obliques more, and shoulder rotator cuff less……or it doesn’t matter?

    2. Should I make myself steadily hanging in the “neutral position” instead of swinging when I’m doing toe-to-bars? To train the core endurance, or similarly, it doesn’t matter?

  11. Bro you solved my issue I’ve been training and wondering why I ain’t getting stronger faster! I’m going to train my core all the time thanks! 🙏🏽

  12. I'm not sure it's so wise to teach us about super human strength then telling us to smash that "like" button. Who's gonna pay for my new phone?

  13. Hi How are you doing I am very impressed with your skill I want to communicate with you personally through Facebook or other accounts if possible and thank you

  14. 5:30 is it possible for somebody to have short arms and not be able to do these? As hard as I tried I cant get my ass off the floor. I'm 5' 4"

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