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Are you looking for a gym quality work out
at home? Then check out the Marcy MD-9010G Smith Cage Combo. Strength training not only
builds lean and powerful muscles, it also increases your metabolic rate allowing you
to burn more calories, and loose unwanted fat. This unique setup delivers limitless
strength training possibilities, giving you the advantage to choose between smith machine,
and free weight style lifting, or cable exercises. The Marcy MD-9010G is equipped with a dual
cable crossover system, that allows you a wider range of exercises usually only found
on commercial type gym equipment. The smith type press bar features sealed linear bearings,
and bar catches for smooth and secure feel. The unit also features a pec-deck for isolated
chest exercises. The multi-function bench is equipped with a total leg developer, a
preacher curl pad with bicep handle, and a multi- position back pad, for various pressing
exercises. Extras include 6 weight plate storage posts, to keep your weights organized, and
an array of training accessories. Don’t limit yourself at home, start training with Marcy’s
Marcy MD-9010G and get the body you’ve always wanted, and it comes with Marcy’s 2 year limited

22 thoughts on “The Marcy MD-9010G Smith Cage Combo

  1. Can you tell me if those hook looking attachments on the front of the machine could be used for a free bar bench press? Ex. Move the bench out a little and don't use the smith bar, rather a different bar to do bench press then that bar can be placed on those hooks. I am not sure what weight limit they can handle.

  2. I have been using mine for a while now in my garage. It is very nice as long as you are motivated. Has held up with no signs of wear.

  3. What's the difference between the 9010 and 9010G?.. I have also seen different versions of this and I'm getting a little confused.. There's a video on YouTube of a model that has 1inch storage bars on the side too?! Have you got a list of all the models you do?

  4. Is there a video on assembly? I've read on various sites that the assembly instructions included are horrible. I'm thinking of buying it this week

  5. can this do everything the marcy 1972 circuit machine used by bruce lee can? this are the exercises i want to do in a circuit
    overhand pullup
    seated leg press
    bilateral alternate knee/hip extension
    shoulder press
    standing calf raise on shoulder press unit
    alternating cable curl
    standing unilateral horizontal arm abduction
    bench press
    kneeling pull down behind neck
    triceps push down

    I want to do these with very minimal breaks in between to move equipment

  6. We are looking at this model (MD-9010G) and the less frill model (SM-4008) and have not found a very good side-by-side comparison matrix or video yet. Any recommendations?

  7. Just want to say do not buy this thing. I bought this equipment yesterday. 2 people have worked other 5 hours to put this thing together and we aren't even close to getting it done. pieces don't fit together or you have to take it apart 6 times to get each piece to fit, the instructions are terrible. All around bad experience a waste of 700 dollars for something I will never get together

  8. We love the Marcy MD-9010G. It's #1 in our best home gym's list. Our Editor and resident personal trainer Luke Keating wrote a full review. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

  9. One of the best machines i have ever had if any one has made any modifications let me know im about to make a chin bar tht attaches to the center bar between the pulleys

  10. Cant find this no where in UK? Could you buy a long bar, attach to the cables and perform lat pull down because if not thinking of getting sm 4000

  11. How does this cage hold up to strength training? Of course it’s gonna be fine if you’re a pussy like this guy who’s only lifting with 5s and 10s, but what about 400-1000 pounds?

  12. I was able to assemble complete gym together in almost 7 hours with 2 helpers…. there is no way you can assemble this gym alone……assembling this gym was also a workout 😃

    The tricky part for me was setup the pulleys system together..

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