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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

To make fun ofyou?
Whydo we do this to ourselves? Evey time we get depressed,
we eat and eat and eat. You go to the store and
buy those little candy bars
in the bag, and beforeyou know it,
the whole bag is empty. Then at the end,
you feel just like that bag.
Empty inside. Don’t you?
[ Woman Sobbing ] lt’s okay.
It’s all right. Just get it all out.
[ Sobbing Continues ] Say,”Yes, t can.”
Saythat. [ Sobbing Continues ] [ Sobbing ]
Yes, we can. – [ Sobbing ]
– Can we go to commercial? l want him prepped
and ready immediately. Call Dr. Matthews.
l’m going to need
a lot ofhelp on this one. Let’s move it.
You know the routine. Get that crash cart here stat! [ Man ]
We need that l.V. rig in now! Give me four c.c# s
ofAmbethol. We need the E.K.G. cart
in here now. Blood pressure: 1 80 over 1 1 O
and still climbing. – What’s the status?
– He’s getting fatter.
We can’t stop it. – Damn!
– Blood pressure: 200 over 1 40! – Oh, my God!
– He’s gonna explode!
– l’m getting out ofhere! [Woman Screams ]
Nurse! Wait!Wait! [ Rumbling, Thunderclap ] Aaah! [ Crowd Screaming ] – What’s goin’ on?
– [ Crowd Screaming ] Oh, my God! Get outta here!
Get outta here! Hey, eveyone, run for
the hills! It’s fat-zilla! He look like
King Kong with titties. Sherman! l brought you some
nice fried chicken, Sherman. [ Mama ]
Oh, you look fabulous!
[ Laughing ] [ Gasps ] [ Glass Breaking ] [ Screams ] [ Professor Burping ] [ Burping Continues ] [ Moaning ] He’s gonna blow! [ Farting ] – [ Screaming ]
– Way to go, son! That’s my boy! No! [ Gasps, Pants ] Huh?

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  1. I said I'd never get that fat when I was a kid now I'm 16 and 250 lb life just said really and bent me over a barrel and sewed me

  2. Never eat sugar before bed, nightmare can happen I had 1 marshmallow and I had a nightmare I woke up as a man,

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